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  • dam guys, I know this i’m sure not getting a good feel as I once had on Bolden, talking up to much about Kentucky & Duke both same ol story about how they get their bigs in the pro’s, talking about a January decision I dunno just not getting a good feel now, just like Fergurson at one time looked solid KU I STILL don’t understand what it is, someone is NOT getting the job done, not selling the school hard core enough, we shouldn’t have to see our program, this program should speak well enough for it’s self now Jackson on the other hand getting a better feel for, looks like we have as good a chance as landing him as anyone, ya Michigan State making some push but Arizona is not near as solid as they were, I saw where he says 2 schools for sure he wants to visit official KU & Arizona i’m not a person who just wants to grab a body , but like some have said I’ve watched last year and now this year and other elite schools are getting their commits eary and I challenge anyone to say we are below anyone, I think we stand right there with ANYBODY so what is it? I still say they have some dead weight on the recruiting front just frustrating we shall see. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY


  • @blackmild33

    What a pity?

    Having his Twitter account surveilled by Coach K who has told reporters he maintains a Twitter account under a false identity to eavesdrop on his players tweets.

    Coach K = total information awareness?

  • @jayballer54

    We are not seriously in it for Jackson. Unless he decides to wait until spring and see if either (Selden or Svi make the jump) we have no shot.

    The Michigan St hype is real, he’s from Michigan his friend Bridges just committed & Winston the PG is also a friend of his. Now its hard to imagine with Langford another 5* in the fold that 3 guys can play 2 positions. They have all the momentum on their side.

    Zona is in great position, they will get a visit & they made him their top priority. Zona has always been the team to beat, now Izzo has moved in. We are a distant 3rd no matter what way you slice it.

  • Recruits? We don’t need no stinking recruits!

  • @BeddieKU23 No I don’t believe that at all, as far as that goes I know its not that one sided, he was very solid with us for quite some time, and its NOT just Arizona he is visiting, he has listed 2 schools Ku & Arizona was quoted saying these are the 2 schools he really wants to visit. Ya much more concerned about Mich State then Arizona he has cooled on them ya still interested but the lead for him has closed considerably , Now do I think he will end up here? probably not, but have to strongly disagree we are a distant 3rd

  • @jayballer54

    Sure we will get a visit, but with 3 guys still on the roster & maybe still on the roster next year that play his position we are not a serious contender if he can’t walk into a starting spot. This isn’t Wiggins or Oubre who walked in with practically nobody in their way.

    That’s why I said if he holds out to spring which is probably the intent, he will get to see who goes and who stays. Arizona has a couple freshman who could sway Jackson’s decision, most notably Trier & Smith. If Trier has a great freshman year and goes pro that’s likely to help Zona out. If Selden or Svi go pro, that’s also likely to help us.

    But to think we are not a distant 3rd after the Michigan St momentum where 2 of his friends have now committed is just putting on the KU blinders.

  • @BeddieKU23 maybe, but I have no doubt Wayne is gone after this year, whether its oversea’s or in the N.B.A and not to sure about SVI again this is not coming from me, but coach self saying as far as N.B.A. potential that’s him SVI and seeing where they have him projected and they draft a lot on potential, so that’s 2 of the 3 we are talking about, and he could walk right in and take that spot, much more talented were talking about from whats being said arguably from scouts the nu 1 player in the nation, scoring machine, very solid defender all the talent in the world I have no reason to believe that he can’t walk right in and take over, and with Wayne switching positions now then for sure, we shall see

  • Just a thought.

    What if, God forbid, we get no real big name recruits this season?

    Would it really be that bad?

    I am thinking it really wouldn’t be. If we miss out and have a true “down season” next year, it would give HCBS a chance to have a “reload” similar to when he first arrived here.

    Here is why:

    • It would allow us to guarantee some of these OAD top guys 30 minutes a game like they are looking for.
    • A “down year” might light a new fire under Self. We are a little bit complacent at the moment. There is no threat to Bill’s job. No REAL question whether or not he can get the job done. A down year could put Bill under some actual scrutiny. Sometimes people need that pressure to truly thrive.
    • We would have roster spots for some of these “package deals” that have become such a major trend.
    • We could still be plenty competitive with next years squad. We would still be solid at the 1-2. And we would have a post presence in Bragg and hopefully a solid guy in Coleby. As well as a serviceable big in Lando to rotate. Is it a beautiful squad? No. But serviceable? Absolutely.

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