Jason King B/R story on JoEL Embiid

  • Here is the link. Its a great story!

    And, I purposely spell Joel’s name like that, its a Superman reference of course, The guy is a stud! Just imagine if he sticks around for one more year? I mean really, it could happen. If we don’t win a title this year and if JoEL thinks he can learn more and get better at KU. Then the likelihood that we win the title in '15 is greatly enhanced. With what we will have returning and coming in, we could be even better next year. Pre season #1 type stuff.

  • @Lulufulu85 , thanks, man. What a read!

  • @ParisHawk Absolutely. And that Joel shark quote on the home page? Hilarious

  • @Lulufulu85-Great story. He has the most prolific big man skillset I’ve seen in decades. Like a Walton, a Jabaar, or… Akeem!

  • Awesome read! Love his competitiveness and how far he has come along. Boy, Coach Self doesn’t hold back with his players. You have to be tough to respond back positively when he challenges your manhood. If Wiggins and Embiid play up to my hopes, they may be the 1 and 2 picks in the draft, after winning an NC of course.

  • @farsidehawk and not in that particular order. If you were a GM would you pick wigs over embiid? Hard decision!

  • @Lulufulu85 - the shark quote is funny. It would have been MORE funny had we showed up to play in the Bahamas.

  • @approxinfinity It would be a very tough decision. History shows, GMs going after skilled size, because that is rarer, but history has also shown that it is very risky.

    If Wiggins and Embiid continue to develop at this same rate, and there are no injury red flags with Embiid, I would bet on Embiid as the #1 pick.

  • The lobo’s big men were pump-faking the hell out of JoJo and he never left his feet. That is a tough thing to learn unless you are JoJo and haven’t developed too many bad habits in only 3 years of playing BBall.

  • @approxinfinity-You just never know when a young kid like Wigs, or Rush, or a Jordan will morph into manhood & develop the physical skills of a Kobe & be a dominator at the next level. I am really happy that X Henry is getting some pt in LA & is showing what he has developed in this light. What Joel is now is obvious & a much safer & high valued pick than a Randle or Parker unless they end up with the stats & prowess of say, a Durant IMO. Yes difficult, but to GM’s Embid is likely at this point a higher pick than Wigs, injuries aside. Even UK’s N Noel was way up there after not playing most of his OAD year when he blew out a knee.

  • Had season tix from last years of Ted to 10 years ago, wasn’t able to keep them. See a game at home once in while and was just given 4 for this Saturday. Really pumped, from the video to the chant, what a day. It is reality that they don’t stay a few years like the old days, times are a changing and that’s okay. Glad MU and Wichita are doing well and hope it continues so we can meet them both in March on our way up the ladder to Jones stadium.

  • JoJo’s story is amazing and matches just how amazing he is becoming. His background seems to be perfect for setting him up to be one of the game’s best. I think it is a plus for him to have limited experience because kids who grow up playing tend to develop some horrible habits that are hard to break later. And his background in volleyball and soccer seem to be perfect developmental compliments to basketball. I question if there has ever been a big man with the nimble feet equaling JoJo’s? We haven’t even scratched the surface on his upside.

    JoJo is a blank slate to build on, so his development should go quicker than anyone else’s on this team, especially when you pair that with his quality attitude and effort.

    It is going to be hard to let him go after just one year, but the opportunity will come knocking for him. My biggest concern is about maintaining his health. He’ll be pushed much harder at the next level, and I’m not sure his body is ready for that. Especially when considering how many inches he has grown over the past few years.

    I like how the article mentioned a bit about his eating habits. I’d like to know more about how his habits have changed and know what he is being advised of to help strengthen his bones and joints.

    He should be getting plenty of sun, and he should be eating a steady diet of mushrooms which have been zapped with sunlight prior to consumption. In recent years studies have shown these irradiated mushrooms to be highly concentrated in the hormone vitamin D2 (if given sunlight before consumption), which is converted and used by the body to strengthen bones and help with several areas of development. He should also be consuming a super diet specifically designed for his situation, including plenty of plant proteins, and he should avoid an acidic diet. That means avoiding processed foods, sodas, candy, and too much meat (especially if it is hormone and antibiotics fed). If he plays by these rules, his joints will thank him!

    I’ve undergone these changes in my life. Pretty much had to because of arthritis and joint swelling from playing heavy amounts of competitive basketball for 35 years. At one point I couldn’t open a jar without my wife’s help. Every night was a living hell; sleepless and in pain. Every morning I could barely lift myself out of bed. The additional pain set in from the stiffness created a life of dread for me and completely dumped my positive attitude because of the constant pain. I never accepted the life of pain killers and muscle relaxers. I watched that lifestyle kill several of my friends and former teammates.

    My life has been saved and turned into pure joy again. Strictly because of my diet. I can do everything I did as a boy. I can squeeze my fingers together as tight as I could at age 10, and there is no pain whatsoever! I sleep right through the night, and I bounce out of bed every morning! My pleasant moods have returned, and my friends and wife definitely appreciate that!

    All of these sports guys will face this at some point in their lives. You can’t have years of pounding a 250 lb frame on a hard surface without paying the price someday. The price is higher for those who suffer major injuries during their playing years (like I did). I’ll never think an athlete earns too much money… because so many die young and/or suffer so much in their lifetimes.

    For most, it doesn’t have to be that way. I hope JoJo and the rest of the team receives some advice for developing a healthy lifestyle. It makes all the difference in the world, when you can maintain an alkaline body void of systemic inflammation. Inflammation is a natural process for treating local trauma. When we have systemic inflammation it points to systemic issues of our health. Most often it points to diet and proper hydration.

    Sorry for being long winded. But I am living proof these changes make a difference. And if these guys can grasp the importance diet makes now, they will totally enhance their lives and playing careers. I only wish I had known what I know now back in my days on the hardwood.

  • @drgnslayr - That was very uplifting and enlightening. I’ve thought for years that diet and exercise could either prevent and/or cure just about anything, but I’ve thankfully never had to put it to the test as you have. It seems to be that you’ve been blessed above and beyond diet and exercise though!

  • @nuleafjhawk - Thanks for your support! I wake up every morning appreciating where I’m at today, and feel like it has saved my life, marriage and friendships!

    My future will soon involve returning to the hardwoods, to show my son a few tricks I’ve picked up over the years! I hope he doesn’t beat me down with his youth! 😉

    It’s good to be alive, and it’s great to be a Jayhawk!

  • @drgnslayr . I enjoyed your post because I can relate to it big time.

    On a related note, I cringe every time I see or read of parents having their young kids, many times well under ten years old, training for long distance running by running miles on end on hard surfaces such as city streets. Even with the advances in running gear, by the time those kids are in their twenties, their knees and hips will be shot from the pounding the undeveloped joints will have taken.

  • @Lulufulu85 Thanks for the link.

    There is a lot of background info in this article. Jason King did a great job writing the story.

    I hope Embiid decides to come back for a second serving next year. It will be turkey and gravy, and all the treats one can imagine. 6’9" at 16, 7’0" at 18. With more balance nutrition and training, we might just have Wilt coming back to us one more time. I know I’m dreaming. 🙂

    But more seriously, the other day, I posted in another thread the glorious career Hakeem Olajuwon had over his 18 years NBA career. I don’t believe he missed anything by staying in school until he is absolutely ready for the next level. I know it’s a different era, but not everyone is the same. And I hope JoJo chooses to be different, and I know if he does, he will have cemented his own legacy and forever be remembered like Danny who came back for his senior year.

    I have a DREAM!

  • Fascinating story, especially about his interactions with Head Coach Bill Self. Dude can be harsh. That’s probably good, especially when the player responds appropriately like JoEl.

  • Charles Barkley was on PTI a few weeks ago and said something along the lines of “just because a kid can declare for the draft, doesn’t mean he should”. He was absolutley crushing the quality of basketball being played in the NBA this year, and blaming a lot of it on kids leaving college early and GMs drafting on potential instead of actual. I know it’s tough for a kid to turn down big money (and fame, girls, cars,lifestyle), but you have to wonder how good some of the dudes who left early could have been if they stayed. Julian Wright springs to mind. That being said, no way Joel is back for a soph seaon.

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