• The freshmen’s penises were caught in their ear holes.

    They just didn’t play with each other very well. They have to play with themselves better. It’s how you play with yourself that determines how you play with each other.

    Sheahan Zenger hired me to be the third straight coat of stripper to take this program all the way to bare metal. Cut me some slack. I am doing my job faster than Gill or Weis, and for less money.

    Call me the third phase of Zenger’s Hat Trick of Despair.

    I keep telling the kids that there is more to football than Onanism, but they’re just not listening yet.

    If you don’t score in football, you are always playing for ties. But a tie is like auto eroticism with barbed wire.

    Look, I was only hired, because Mangino needed another year of weight loss before coming back.

    Zenger makes us wear these bird helmets. How can anyone coach and look at those things at the same time?

    Even nymphomaniacs aren’t attracted to us right now.

    jaybate 1.0 gives us less support than a jock made of bungee cord.

    Kansas just ain’t Alta Texas. We aren’t even Baja North Dakota.

    Even Elon Musk couldn’t turn this program around.

    Even GM and a Federal Bailout couldn’t turn this program around.

    Even Sergei Brin and Larry Page gave up searching for a solution to our problems.

    At least the eyes of Texas aren’t upon us.

    I’m waiting for DOT.COM BUBBLE 2.0 to burst before making our move.

    Think of me as theme and variation on futility. Kind of a fugue in D Minor at Memorial Stadium in autumn. Taps at Dawn.

    We didn’t block, or tackle, aggressively. We didn’t even masturbate aggressively. But I’ve seen them do all three in practice, so I know there is hope.

    I resent our team being called Beaty’s Beat Offs. We’re better than that.

    (Note: all fiction and frustration. No malice.)

  • This mess is the result of the previous coaches/current AD. I believe in Beaty, it may be 3-4 years for the wins to follow, but the on feild product is actually better than in years past.

    If we could have this years’s offense with last years defense we might be bowling (really makes you miss Ben flying around and a secondary that was above average)

  • Speaking of Mangino - did you hear about the time he was on a recruiting trip in Topeka? He got lost and went into a 7-11 and asked the clerk " How do I get to 470?" The clerk answered “Eat a salad once in a while.”

    And yes, I kinda wish he was still here.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    There really is just one excuse for this team… ZERO defense!

    Hopefully, they’ll figure it out a little bit better during the year. I hate to think of a team like OU crushing us by 150 points!

    What is the D1 record for worst loss?

    I think if this coach can’t make us respectable we should junk football. If we need to leave the B12 to do so, then fine. Let’s be an independent. I’m sick of this bad joke.

    We could put an inflatable dome over Memorial Stadium and start hosting regional NCAA March Madness.

    One of the few things I still remember from my college classes came from an entrepreneurship class. Our guest speaker said, “focus on what you are good at.”

  • @drgnslayr We have to be paitent, even though we have the last 7 years. This mess will take 3-4 years to get out of, there is no quick fix and we play in a tough conference. Please dont talk about getting rid of the football team, even in jest it hurts to read. We will get better, hopefully we can pull off an upset or two this year, but really we are in rebuilding mode. We probably should have won week one, but the team is about what it should be with all the players we lost, lost off a 3-9 team.

  • The only thing that gives me hope for our football team is the fact that TCU, KSU and Baylor used to suck at least as bad as we do. For a long, long, time.

    So I guess we need to study what they’ve been doing.

  • @clevelandjayhawk

    I’ve had plenty of patience, but it is running thin. Seems we get a new coach every few years and have to rob our entire athletic program to pay off the old coaches’ contracts. Football isn’t a feasible sport at Kansas… unless they can start winning.

    I still don’t see anything compelling to explain WHY we will improve? I remember all the dream reasons people had when we brought in Charley. We need some kind of monumental change to make Kansas competitive in the B12. I now look back at Mangino and our Orange Bowl year and see it as a fluke and nothing he could continue to keep going. I see “fools gold.”

    What should be our goal? To win a couple of pre-conference games and then tank the conference schedule? I don’t really see what we can achieve playing football in the B12 except to be every other teams’ automatic win on their schedules. How do we get top recruits away from other teams in the B12?

    The whole topic drives me crazy. I always keep watch on KU football, and when possible, I attend games. Always will… because it matches one of my favorite sports to my favorite university! But there is only so much I can take. We are draining most of our resources from our basketball program to keep football alive… and for what?

    Self spends a bunch of time raising money for KU football. That is time and energy away from Kansas basketball. And let’s not forget MONEY!

  • Sometimes, because life is too short, you just have to give up on a team and not even care. That’s me at this point. That’s me at this point for the Bears too. I doubt I’ll watch a game this year. But if that day comes for KU basketball, then we are to be pitied as fans. Saturdays in the fall are usually spectacularly beautiful days. We get outside before the onset of winter and enjoy. Of course, it’s easy to enjoy those days in Memorial Stadium, but you get the point. Not having a game to watch Saturdays because you don’t really care just frees you up to do other things.

  • @drgnslayr It’s taken 5.5 years for KU football to get where they’re at now and it won’t get fixed overnight. We saw what happened when you try to quick fix a dumpster fire with what Weis did and that burned the program to the ground. It will take 3-4 recruiting classes just to get scholarship numbers back to FBS numbers. A QB is the only thing that can boost the speed of the turnaround and that’s only good for 2-3 wins per year. If Ryan Willis or Carter Stanley pan out, KU’s going to be in better shape quicker.

    For those wishing Mangino was still here, I was a senior at KU that year and friends with a couple of the football players and I can you with 100% certainty there was going to be a player revolt of some kind against Mangino that was going to crater the program. The Arist Wright incident was the final straw for a lot of the players on Mangino and there were a lot of players considering transferring out after 2009. Lew Perkins completely botched the investigation and subsequent coaching search and that sped up the decline. All the reports I’ve read about Gill is that he was a good coach in the wrong job at the wrong time. He was all about personal accountability with his players and coaches which was a complete 180 from Mangino and players and coaches took advantage of that. I personally do believe the Jim Harbaugh story because that’s the only logical explanation for giving Gill a fully guaranteed $2 million per year deal.

    Charlie Weis was a mistake from the get go. He never intended to be at KU long term and his recruiting strategy reflected his intention to use KU as a springboard if possible or leave after his 5 years.

    David Beaty is a good hire. His salary matcges his accomplishments (unlike the last 2 hires) and his ties to KU mean he’s not using KU as a springboard. He also hired a pretty young staff by offering them promotions up from their previous school or conference. They’re going to go through some growing pains as they learn their new roles and they’ll get better. Their recruiting strategy is what KU needs (3/4 HS and 1/4 JuCo) to rebuild their depth. A lot of young players are also getting valuable experience right now that will pay off in 3-4 years.

    This is a good hire and will pay off if Beaty is allowed the time to get through a full recruiting cycle.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I just don’t see Kansas football turning around. Yes, it COULD happen, COULD.

    For me, it is largely about the money and the drain our football program is having on our entire athletic department.

    Put Kansas football on shark tank and watch them get laughed off of TV. It just isn’t a good investment. We are throwing away valuable resources on a COULD.

    I won’t change my attitude until I hear a COMPELLING reason WHY Kansas football will turn around? WHY will we start stealing top recruits away from OU, UT, KSU… etc.

    The only thing I would support now is if we can find a situation that gives us an opportunity to build something like KSU did, from their horrid past into what they are today. Where is our version of Snyder?

    “Coulda, woulda, shoulda” is a bad investment strategy.

    Perhaps we need to keep football around because the B12 might collapse. Or is it better to scrap it to remove a negative?

  • @drgnslayr I was under the understanding that the football team actually made money. Around 14 mil a year?

    If, big if, we can turn the ship and just get a couple wins this year or next year and compete in 60% of the games come year three, the stands will fill up slightly. We go bowling, the stands will hit that 40k-45k number.

    I really hope you are all joking about cutting a program. I know its in the basement, well, burried benath where a basement should be, but…I think we are going to get out of this hole. This is the move for a head coach we should have made in 09, now the rebuild is tougher and will take longer (Charlie/Gill).

    I guess I also dont see how the basketball team is so negativly hurt? new dorms, highest travel budget for recurits in the nation, new rules building, etc

  • @clevelandjayhawk

    The dorms came through private funding, not directly through the AD. I’m thinking the new rules building is also privately funded.

    I attended one of the many AD fundraisers last year and spoke both with Self and Zenger directly. Zenger spoke about his concerns about Kansas football, and the financial hardship it creates for the rest of Kansas sports. This was a fundraiser that used Self to get a crowd, but the money was needed mostly for football.

    I don’t see anyway possible the football program could be anywhere near profitability. I’d like to know exactly how many millions it loses every year. It must be huge.

    Now… if someone can show me concrete proof that the football program makes money, I’ll back down and we’ll “take the check” in silence.

    Kansas has so many great sports that could use a financial stimulus shot. Track and field, baseball, volleyball… golf and swimming. We have all kinds of potential in these areas to really build success.

  • @drgnslayr If you my honest opinion right now, here it is. Defeatist attitudes like yours are exactly what’s wrong with Kansas football right now. David Beaty has coached 2 damn games here and people are already calling for his head or completely giving up on the program despite everyone knowing ahead of time this was a year where 2 wins would’ve been considered a great season. Anybody who thought this was a quick fix doesn’t know a damn thing about football. Is Kansas football the easiest job in the world? Absolutely not and people like you who take the attitude you’re taking right now are why KU is one of the worst programs in the country. I obviously don’t have enough money to make significant changes to the football program, but whenever I do donate, it is specifically for the football program because that’s where the most help is needed, yet KU donors have their heads too far up their own asses trying to make a name for themselves with KU basketball to realize that KU football is what’s going to determine which conference KU basketball plays in 10 years from now. People at KU care so little for football that the football program couldn’t even raise the money to build the suites on the east side of the stadium in 2008 right after they won the damn Orange Bowl.

    So if you wanna bail on KU football, you go right on ahead an do so. Just don’t be one of the ones bitching about KU basketball not being in a major conference 10 years from now.

  • @drgnslayr even more reason for my dislike for SZ! He should be worried about fb, he’s part of the problem. Seems a lil strange at a fb fundraiser he’s telling you he’s worried about it. I’m sure that would generate a lot of funds! (puke)

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I really haven’t heard of anyone calling for Beaty’s head so far, but maybe I’m not listening closely enough.

    I am in agreement with @drgnslayr in that I’m sick of being associated with a losing football program. I’m surrounded by 90% K-Staters and I get to listen to a LOT of BS during football season. Fortunately, the crap subsides when basketball is under way.

    I wish I knew what was wrong with the football program. I desperately want them to excel. And by excel, I mean win 4 or 5 games. Talk about your lowered expectations. I DO know that “defeatist” fans are not the problem. We’re more defeated than defeatist.

    The fact that we’re changing coaches every two years is not helping. Having said that, I personally wish we would have stayed with Bowen. While we weren’t winning games, I felt like the tide had turned a little in their effort and execution.

    I"m going to keep watching and listening. I’ll surely complain some, but that’s more because I am competitive and hate losing. But I’m always going to be glad when the first tip-off is here.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I’ve attended Jayhawk football games for about 48 years. I hardly give up quickly on football. I definitely will not be one of the early ones to come down on Beaty.

    I want to believe… I still believe in tooth fairies and Santa Claus. But I want someone to give me hard facts on WHY Kansas football should still exist? It’s a piss poor investment where those funds could help all other remaining sports. Football is a big drain, especially when your program is considered about the worst in D1.

    I take plenty of pride… but not in that. It is easy to blame coaches… but at our level it clearly goes way, way, way beyond coaching.

    I’d like nothing better than to continue football and have it grow into a respectable program. I just don’t see how that is possible without cheating and ending up on probation.

    I want to know how we can compete with the big boys. Not the “ifs”… I’m sick and tired of the “ifs.” Why would a 5-star recruit come to Kansas to play football? And then how do we convince 30 or so to come to Kansas?

    I say either DITCH football, or go ALL IN, and spend whatever it takes to guarantee it will turn around. It will take more than buying a big name coach. There is nothing in between. We’ve played that suckers bet for way too long. It just takes a toll on all other sports and football has become a real downer for the students and diehards that remain.

    BTW: Over those 48 years (or so) when attendance was so low you could take the entire crowd out for free beer afterwards and not break the bank, I was one of those in attendance. I’ve heard all the promises a million times.

  • @drgnslayr

    Believe it or not, the football program is profitable to the tune of $5M-$6M per year, plus it provides employment for number of professional and support staff, it is a boost to local businesses and more importantly…it allows 80+ kids to get a degree at no cost.

    So the answer is no, KU cannot do away with the football program because even when it is losing on the field, it provide a big benefit to a lot of people off the field.

  • @drgnslayr and @nuleafjhawk Obviously there’s no guarantee Beaty is the man to fix KU football. What I can tell both you with 100% is that apathy and quitting on supporting the program is surest way to guarantee that KU is always a bottom feeding doormat.

    @drgnslayr If you’ve really been a fan that long, then you know damn well firing a coach every 3-4 years hasn’t worked. The coaches that have actually made in roads on turning around KU football are the ones who have gotten the time to bring in their players and develop their culture. Do you really think any coach is going to be successful at a place like KU knowing they have 2-3 years otherwise they’re gone? It’s just not going to happen and everybody knows it’s not going to happen, yet people preach patience and then don’t follow through on giving that coach the time they need to develop the program.

    I was one of the ones freezing their asses off in Memorial against TCU last year and ever since Weis was fired, there’s been a different attitude on KU’s sidelines that has carried over to this year and that’s more than enough for me to support Beaty and staff in their entirety. If I had the resources, I’d personally donate the money to renovate Memorial and make it a top class facility.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Really liked your last post. Right… it does take time to turn a program around. I just want to know we aren’t being hoodwinked again.


    Is there somewhere we can see the bottom line on football? I’d feel a bit more relaxed if it is actually making money. I’d like to know that things like the fundraiser I went to (which was Self and ALL basketball in attendance) isn’t putting all that money into football to help build that $5 of $6 million.

    There is specific opportunities for the AD to raise money that only comes through football sources. But my thoughts have been that Self and Company has been pulling a big chunk of the football revenue through their efforts.

  • @drgnslayr

    @clevelandjayhawk posted this link earlier that outlines how much KU football makes; KSU makes twice as much…

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I bailed on KU football too, so don’t just pile on @drgnslayr I wrote my feelings a few posts above his.
    But people crack me up when they blame a fan for bringing down a team. If we just cheer louder the team will do better I guess. We’re not supposed to have a defeatist attitude after getting beat by SD State and Memphis by about 40 points?

    Congrats to my friends here who support the KU football team. No one stopping you. But goodness, it’s a game. If we don’t want to get behind a team that is an embarrassment then let us.

  • @wissoxfan83 so how about the TCU bb game a few years back? That was embarrassing! I’m a KU fan, not a fair weather fan. Just the way I am. Each to his own I guess. I also believe we need to support those fb athletes. If they didn’t work hard I would feel different. We’ve had some pretty decent guys that are playing on Sundays, glad I got to see them play in college, losing team or not.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I don’t think Slayr is calling for Beaty’s head, and I know I’m not. It’s more like Beaty’s head has already been handed to us. We don’t want it, but there it is. The question is: what to do at a beheading?

    I decided to make some jokes.

    I wish Coach Beaty well. It took courage to take the job. I would even be willing to sew his head back, if he would like.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That game wasn’t embarrassing for me. I didn’t lose that game. No one the next day mocked me or yelled at me or kicked me. Sure, I was sad and depressed a little, but to compare a bad loss for our hoops team to season on season of crappy play just doesn’t make sense.

    Is it possible to be a fair weather KU football fan while being a hoops fanatic?

  • I’m suddenly feeling better about Kansas football… if it is true they are actually in the black. Zenger didn’t indicate that to me, but then, he was out to raise more money at the time.

    For me, this does get into politics. I’m a fiscal conservative and I don’t like to see anything in the red!

    Thanks to everyone for trying to uplift me on this.


    “Is it possible to be a fair weather KU football fan while being a hoops fanatic?”

    For sure. I was a fair weather Royals fan until last year while being a hoops nut. Now I’m a Royals nut and a Jayhawks basketball nut. I could easily be converted back into a Jayhawks football fan… but I’ve put them on “if” status at the moment. I want to see their “ifs” come true first and then I’ll return to my old football nut self again!

    I appreciated your post above. Thanks for covering my tail but also your point is correct.

    At a certain point, fans continuing to show support for a 0-100 program are just being enablers and helping them stay without a win. Sometimes it takes a real earthshaking move to get the REAL CHANGE needed. I know it would temporarily be a bad thing… but if Kansas fans boycotted the remainder of the season after we go to 0-5, the message will be sent… the message is: “MAKE THE BIG CHANGES NECESSARY TO MAKE FOOTBALL A SUCCESS!”

    Maybe we need a beautiful new football stadium that holds more fans than the other stadiums in the B12. Why? Because it is the first part of the message about turning things around.

    How about we build luxury dorms for our football team? I know those dorms are going to be great for the basketball team and a few others. But doesn’t it also infer how inferior our football program is to our basketball program?

    If we decide we aren’t going to be a losing program any longer, then making investments will pay off. If we invest in things just to keep the blame associated with losing moving onto someone else…

    The fans are surely the last ones to blame in all of this. We’ve tolerated stuff for most of our lives and we are still calling ourselves Kansas football fans… barely!

  • I’ve got nothing for the fb program. I waited on ManG and he turned the program around. I gave Gill a chance and he failed. I thought maybe Weiss might do something. I can give Beaty some time. Why not? We have nothing to lose at this point.

    However, since Perkins is gone, can we just go back to ManG and throw Perkins under the bus at some point? IF Beaty fails after 3-4 years, let’s hope SZ can swallow his pride and pony up money that should’ve been given for ManG’s return. You can say what you want about ManG, but he had us in the W column and extremely competitive.

    I doubt ManG will give KU a sniff at this point. Thanks LP.

  • @truehawk93 I’ve heard plenty of first hand accounts from football players on 2009 team (not naming names for privacy reasons, but a couple were prominent figures on that 2009 team) and it wasn’t a pretty picture. Mangino lost the support of the locker room after the Arist Wright incident and that team quit on Mangino.

    @drgnslayr @wissoxfan83 Quitting on the football program is the absolute last thing they need right now. Thet need as many people as possible to go to the games and to put money in the football program’s bank account. It’s absolutely pathetic how bad the support from the football team is on the part of the donors. When you can’t get people to invest in the program after a 12-1 season with a BCS bowl win, that’s even more embarrassing to me than the team potentially going 0-12 this year.

    BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE PROGRAM. If yall want change in the program, support financially as much as you can and convince others to do so as well. It’s a much better feeling when the team finally breaks through when you were there suffering through the darkest hours than to ignore them until they do something. The only money the basketball program has ever gotten out of me is individual ticket purchases if I can make it to Lawrence during basketball season and apparel purchases. I have far more money supporting the football program because that’s the area where it will make the most difference for the better. They were able to pry $500k to get the track removed which was a start, and hopefully there will be another anonymous donor to supply a big chunk of other funds required for futher renovations to the stadium.

  • I don’t follow KU Football even a smidge as much as I do Basketball as I like a different football team. I have watched the games this year & over the past few years and the options they have at QB are just not going to cut it.

    Even last year it was no better. Cozart isn’t the option, he’s not going to win KU football games this year unless they have some sort of miracle. Cummings was hit or miss but at the end of the day I doubt he’s the type of play caller Beatty needs in his new system. If the staff has any belief in the other young QB’s they have then they should just play them. See what they got, see if any of them can be the future. If the program is really 3-4 years away from even respectable football then it makes no difference to watch Cozart & Cummings (if he comes back from injury) do the same things week in and week out. Beatty’s most important job on the recruiting front besides getting the #'s back up again will be to find his QB. Having a good QB can change so much in a hurry.

  • @BeddieKU23 Just because I’m feeling ornery this morning, I’ll go ahead and say it. Apparently, even a couple of 5 star QB’s don’t make any difference in this program.

    OK - take it away folks…

  • @nuleafjhawk

    My only rebuttal to that, is I believe those Qb’s were transfers right that didn’t pan out?? With all the coaching & roster turmoil its hard to expect any QB to be successful in this program until stability & development are in place.

  • @BeddieKU23 They were transfers, but…so? If they were 5 star somewhere else, shouldn’t they have been here too?

    I’m not really disagreeing with you. I don’t know WHAT the heck the problem is. It’s not any one position. It’s not the fans. It’s the whole program - the whole attitude about football at KU. MAYBE a top-notch dynamic coach would make a difference. Maybe not.

    Maybe that’s why no BIG TIME coaches want to come here. They know it’s a losing proposition. It would be like Bill Self going to K-State and losing 25 games per season.

    I’d like to think things could change, but it’s going to take a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of change. I don’t know if KU is willing to invest any of those.

  • @BeddieKU23 so what fb team do you follow?

  • @BeddieKU23

    “With all the coaching & roster turmoil its hard to expect any QB to be successful in this program until stability & development are in place.”

    This is a big part of why I have my doubts about Kansas football.

    I know we need a coach around long enough to get their system going and have their own recruits. But why wouldn’t a star recruit look at our track record and see we typically go through changes every few years and there will be a great chance his college days will end up under another coach and another “rebuild.” Why would even a 4-star recruit put himself through this?

    I think we are all living in a pipe dream. Our “Orange Bowl year” was a fluke, a fluke that even Mangino would likely not reproduce. We had everything go our way that year… like, if I’m not mistaken, did we even play OU that year? I think we had an easier schedule because we couldn’t play everyone when we had more teams in our league.

    It may seem like I’m “giving up on football.” But the truth is that I’m not just floating along with another false dream. I’m not throwing my support blindly into thinking our new coach will fix what our past coaches did. I think Beaty has an impossible task.

    I want to be DEMANDING OF RESULTS. I want to know the details on HOW we are going to turn this program around. So far, I just see blowing a lot more money and getting the same result.

    Maybe, in reality, I’m the one who hasn’t “given up on football” and other supporters have. Which fans have given up? The ones who just idly let the future happen in the same losing pattern? Or the ones who DEMAND a REAL PLAN to make us respectable… and it has a REAL CHANCE to work… not just hiring a new coach.

    I am starting to think the Orange Bowl year is doing us more harm than good. It has put out real “fools gold” making us think a new coach can get us back there. I see it like the chance of that happening being even more of a fluke than our Orange Bowl year. We have to have the perfect scheduling, have to recruit in enough talent that can even compete, have to have the right coaching and game plans, get plenty of luck concerning lack of injuries and TOs going our way at key times. And with all of that… it only gets us to the Orange Bowl ONCE again! It doesn’t mean our program is turned around and we’ll be making regular appearances to major bowls (like some of the B12 teams do on a regular basis).

    Think of me as your banker. The guy you have to go to and ask for yet MORE money to finance your losing business. Why will loaning you more money fix your business? It didn’t seem to work last time, or the time before that, etc… I’m willing to bet still that football really isn’t in the black. It just gets earmarked fundraising capital to put it there… money that could go to other programs. I’d like to see the real numbers on football; gate receipts, vending, TV contracts, licensing revenue… all those sources that are specific just to football… and match that up with the expenses. And some of those expenses would still exist even if we did ditch football, like stadium maintenance. It might be more of a financial disaster to STOP football!

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Your right all on accounts.

    Jake Heap was forced out of his BYU job, he had what 1 semi good year before leaving. Writing was on the wall with that kid. He tried to salvage his career here and he was pitiful under a coach who crippled the immediate future of the program.

    There’s so many things you can point your fingers too that are wrong. A big time coach is out of the question, so if this school/fanbase/AD can’t show patience with this new coach who’s trying like heck to restore everything then the school doesn’t deserve to have football team. I think its that simple, maybe I’m wrong I’m often that.

    Give the guy at least 5 years, it’s going to take a few years just to establish 2 deep depth with his own players.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Florida State actually. A storied program that at the end of the Bowden days had real concerns about ever getting back to the glory days. I think Jimbo has silenced that fear & brought the product & performance back to its peak. But FSU is a football school first unlike KU which is always going to the be the issue.

  • @BeddieKU23 when my boys were younger they too followed Florida state. I have cups and other fsu memorabilia. Are you a KU alum?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I am not, I was accepted to both KU and FSU but I decided to stay closer to home for College ( a decision I always think about from time to time).

    I became a fan of KU b-ball in 1995, when we beat Uconn in Kemper who had Ray Allen, Ollie, Marshall on the squad. The gold helmets for FSU with the stickers is what drew me to them at a young age…

  • @BeddieKU23 Do you ever wonder how many young kids are drawn to KU because of our helmets?


    I was going to stop there, but I never know when to shut my mouth. Or fingers, in this case. Am I the only one here that remembers when K-State SUCKED ? I mean, sucked bath water. They sucked like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Big time, Major League, All-Star Suckage.

    Then they hired this crazy man named Bill Snyder who changed the face of the football team, the University and the City of Manhattan. One of the first things he did was ditch the idiotic Willie the Wildcat cartoon and came up with the PowerCat.

    I’m not a KSU fan by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s not many people that I have more respect for than Bill Snyder. He literally changed that whole town, the whole culture of Manhattan, and the PowerCat Logo didn’t hurt anything.

    I love our basketball court. We don’t NEED anything fierce on the court - our players and coaches take care of that. I’m not a fan AT ALL of our football uniforms. Replace the giant Jayhawk on the helmet with dang near anything - even the letters KU. Or make them plain Crimson or plain Blue. Anything.

    My personal opinion…

  • Here’s an analogy for everyone. Imagine you’re a teacher and there are these two kids in your class. One makes straight A’s and comes from a well off family and has access to top tutors outside of school and will not remember you when he reaches his career peak because you were only one of hundreds of people who helped him. The other one struggles and makes D’s and F’s, doesn’t have the internet at home, and tutors don’t want to help him because they think he’s hopeless. He will however be very grateful and publicly thank you and reward you for helping him because you were one of a handful of people that believed in him when he was still at the bottom.

    Are yall going to take the easy road or the hard road?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I think @wissoxfan83 does the 2nd choice for a living.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Does the one that makes straight A’s become a successful businessperson and make 6 or 7 figures per year - and does the D’s and F’s student live under a bridge and sell plasma to buy meth?

    That will determine with road I take.

    Just messin…

  • @nuleafjhawk my kids don’t like the helmets either, they want KU on them.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You have brought your children up well.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Right on about Snyder. I’m not fond of the purple kittens but I have the utmost respect for Snyder and what he did.

    Put that on our “KU Football Bucket List” - Hire the next Snyder! Get the one that knows it isn’t just about recruiting a few star kids or running a fancy play here and there. It is about changing the tone; get administration, fans and supporters on board; make all kinds of positive changes that separate your current program from the past program… etc. etc. etc.

  • @drgnslayr said:

    Put that on our “KU Football Bucket List” - Hire the next Snyder! Get the one that knows it isn’t just about recruiting a few star kids or running a fancy play here and there. It is about changing the tone; get administration, fans and supporters on board; make all kinds of positive changes that separate your current program from the past program… etc. etc. etc.

    Beaty is doing that now. He’s targeting players who fit the air raid offense and players who cand defend the spread on defense. Beaty already has a kid committed in 2017 class, when was the last time KU had a commitment in football that far in advance?

    As far as fan involvement, attendance actually went up for the Memphis game from the SDSU game. Beaty also visited alumns outside of the state this summer which is not something Gill or Weis ever did. Beaty visited Houston, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, and I think another couple of cities that have strong alumni numbers to share his vision for KU football. This is Beaty’s 3rd tenure at KU, this is a man that genuinely cares about KU to keep coming back and is doing everything in his power to turn KU football around and won’t bail just because a better job comes available. Charlie Weis absolutely gutted this program and Beaty’s job will not bear much fruit on the field until year 3 at the earliest (4 or 5 years in reality) when the roster numbers start getting back to FBS numbers and the majority of players on the field were receuited specifically for Beaty’s system.

    You want the next Bill Snyder at KU, just remember that Snyder won 1 game his first year at KSU and had a losing season 3 of his first 4 years in Manhattan. Even Snyder did not turn around KSU overnight, it took him until year 5 when the roster was completely his players for that hire finally payoff. KU could’ve hired Nick Saban last year and it would still take him 4-5 years to turn KU around.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 great pts! I heard the alum would not let SZ find a coach! Not sure how it works, but I believe it!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Very well said. But the last sentence - “Nick Saban” or anyone like him would never take a job here in the first place. That’s one of our problems.

  • @nuleafjhawk Sad but true. KU Basketball is a once in a life time job, a destination job. Bluest of the blue blood programs. KU Football? Tragically the opposite. Im not a football fan but I would like to see KU Football climb the ranks. Easier said than done.

  • @nuleafjhawk Then you completely missed the point of me saying that. People here are way too damn impatient when it comes to rebuilding a football program that’s a perennial door mat. My point was that even someone who is considered one of the top coaches in the profession (is there anybody who doesn’t think Saban is one of the best?) wouldn’t be able to make KU a winner overnight given the current state of the program and that’s my point. David Beaty isn’t going to turn around Kansas football overnight because not even the greatest coach alive today could do that. David Beaty has laid out his plan for Kansas football and is recruiting and making personnel decisions (both players and coaches) to fulfill that plan. He needs the full 5 years to wipe Charlie’s impact from the program and all firing Beaty before 5 years is up is going to do is reset the clock on the turnaround hopes unless a coach who runs the same system is brought which historically doesn’t happen.

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