Ku mascot being violated.

  • Just a loaded question for an impartial group. I’m assuming everyone has seen the KSU marching band making the Jayhawk eat a d++k. After KSU had their students sign a sportsmanship pledge, the wonderful band dirrector had them pull this stunt. So my question is: Would the KU band instructor still have a job today if he pulled the same stunt.

    I’ve also noticed that KSU fans are so classy that they are all ashamed and none are defending their irrational actions… hahaha alternate dimension.

  • @dylans

    Its a university that lists “animal husbandry” as their specialty. Molesting a Jayhawk bird is what they do, along with sheep, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, etc. Think of them as an X-rated version of a 4H club.

  • @dylans I dunno man. I have various thoughts on this.

    I dont really care. The whole thing is just idiotic and I don’t want to spend much time on it.

    It is kind of funny that it made front page news on yahoo.

    The design really did look like the Enterprise but, the wide open mouth on the Jayhawk and the position of said starship really did make it look rather phallic.

    Why would you do something like that on national tv? Especially considering the current issues with civil rights and the LGBT community.

    I dont know, maybe it was just a stupid mistake and who ever put that together had no malicious intent in mind. But still, someone probly needs to get punished for that one.

    Thats all I have to say on this and Im not going to waste much time caring about it.

    KU fans > KSU fans, KU > KSU and they always will be.

  • @drgnslayr Funny! My real issue with this is I live in Kansas and this is how we are being portrayed? I don’t care to be associated with this junk period.

  • @dylans

    Ha… I’m in Kansas, too, but was never accused of molesting animals. I think it is just a purple kitty perception that they bring on to themselves.

    The super strange aspect of it all is they really don’t care when you mention this, almost taking pride in it.

  • They picked a bad year in their basketball program to let this happen. image.jpg

  • I only thought Misery would stoop this low. At KU we’re surrounded by collegiate lowlifes!

  • @dylans My thought exactly. So much for their sportsmanship pledge.

  • @Lulufulu they weren’t on tv. They also holler fu KU regularly while on national tv and that doesn’t bother them. Attacking KU players doesn’t bother them or their administration. Appears signing a sportsmanship promise doesn’t work either. Now they are accusing KU of having dirty minds. I would hope if our band instructor did that, but they wouldn’t, they would be looking for a job. I also heard KU athletics weren’t going to say anything about it. It’s a dead issue. I was hoping at least the big 12 would get involved considering how upset they were w/ksu about the court storming. Guess not. We move on. I can not wait til we play them in bb!! And some day… In fb!

  • While I don’t really care for K-state’s inferiority complex with us, I really hope the team would have a chip on their shoulder because of it.

  • @dylans

    I haven’t seen this issue you refer to and I can’t answer your hypothetical about a KU band director.

    But, assuming for a moment that what you say were true, I can wonder if the the KSU band director might be projecting a desire onto the Jayhawk that the KSU band director may secretly be wishing to live out in the privacy of his/her bedroom.

    I always knew being a KSU fan “sucked.”

    But it never occurred to me that being a KSU band director probably “ate.”

    Rock Chalk!

  • @Lulufulu

    It made the front page of just about every sports site and most non-sports sites as well.

    A couple of issues:

    The drawing that was submitted as a lame excuse is not what was presented in the live version.

    They say it follows the Start Trek theme but as several articles amply demonstrated, it does not come even close to the Star Trek concept.

    What does Jayhawk have to do with a Star Trek themed day at K-State?

    Having read at least dozen write ups on the subject, I believe it was at least partly premeditated and they knew what they were doing. they just did not anticipate the back lash that resulted from the presentation. At any other school the band director would be gone. A really black eye for the State as a whole. Frankly, this more of thing I would expect the antlers at MU would do, but I just did not expect something like this from KSU; I imagine Bill Snyder is not happy.

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:

    hat does Jayhawk have to do with a Star Trek themed day at K-State?

    Having read at least dozen write ups on the subject, I believe it was at least partly premeditated and they knew what they were doing. they just did not anticipate the back lash that resulted from the presentation. At any other school the band director would be gone. A really black eye for the State as a whole. Frankly, this more of thing I would expect the antlers at MU would do, but I just did not expect something like this from KSU; I imagine Bill Snyder is not happy.

    lol…everyone on here needs to chill. All year long we berate KSU jerks and finally, when they do what they are expected to do, we get mad? seriously you guys…we’re surrounded by KSU, MU, ISU, WSU - WHAT THE F DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

  • 8745653_G.jpg

    When your opposition spends all their time thinking about you and you spend almost no time thinking about them… who is the big winner? Right… we are!

    I believe this was a retaliation from within Purple Pussycat country. The fan base is totally torqued over the recent sportsmanship pledge. Simply (because simple is the only way to think about simpletons), no one is going to tell them to “grow up”… especially formalizing it in writing.

    If we were of like-mind, we would jump the fence at Snyder Stadium and spread a few tons of kitty liter on their playing field as a retaliation. That is the way we used to react. But now, we finally figured out that the best way to retaliate against the kitties is to NOT acknowledge their childish behavior. We will be the adults and they will be the children, screaming for attention and never getting it.

    Poor, poor kitties… they appear to have watched “Animal House” reruns a few too many times.

  • @elpoyo

    lol…everyone on here needs to chill.

    Isn’t it what this Forum is for…unwind ,comment and chill?

    You are comparing apples and oranges. The court storming, while boorish and dangerous, was an unplanned reaction for well earned win over a rival and one done by students. The band presentation was a premeditated act orchestrated by university employees. There is no question in my mind that the person(s) responsible for this fiasco knew in advance what was going to happen; they just did not anticipate the backlash. While formations are being implemented in practice, they are observed bay band personnel from several high locations at the stadium to make sure the design looks correct…even my grandson’s HS band does this. Now, do you really think that with all the people and resources they have no one saw this coming? If they wanted to “kill” the Jayhawk. why no shoot the proverbial and fictional “photon torpedo” to the heart of the Jayhawk, like the Enterprise would do, instead of flying into the mouth? I just don’t buy their lame excuse. Just my opinion and others, like you, might disagree.

  • this is where I come to bitch about our opponents. In my professional and personal life I listen to the non-stop degrading of KU. I don’t say a word. One ksu grad who is an ast girls coach would not go to Lawrence when they took the girls to a team camp. He actually told me he is happier when KU loses than when ksu wins. It’s nice to come here-home, w/our KU family and talk.

  • Having known several band directors and had quite a few friends that were drum majors in high school and college, I have trouble believing KSU’s band director.

    Once formation drawings are complete, they are generally passed out among a group - band director, section leaders, drum majors, etc. and everyone looks at the formations really quickly to see

    1. if their members are in the correct places from formation to formation - you don’t want some random trumpet player having to run 20 yards from one formation to the next.

    2. if the movements cause any confusing crossings - you don’t want a tuba player tripping over a trombonist

    3. if the pictures look weird or inappropriate when rotated - remember, the image is meant to be viewed from one side, but the stadium goes all around. You don’t want the people looking from either end or from the opposite side to see something crazy.

    Once that is done, the band starts working on the actual formations to see if they can execute them while playing. At this point, if they couldn’t get the ship to look right, they can still scrap it or change it in some way.

    I am not mad about it, to be honest. It’s a juvenile prank. But if you’re going to do something like that when you should know it could be misinterpreted, you should own it instead of acting like you had no idea.

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:

    While formations are being implemented in practice, they are observed bay band personnel from several high locations at the stadium to make sure the design looks correct…even my grandson’s HS band does this.

    It’s worse than that. Even a modestly well off HS band director is going to have access to software that they can use to simulate how things will work in real time. This guy knew what he was going for long before he got his band on the field. He either didn’t care or thought he could get away with it as long as it was done with just enough of a wink and a nod.

    Now do I really care? No. Hell, I’ll cop to sophomoric side of me finding it somewhat funny. But at the same time it is completely unprofessional and really has no place in what I would hope KSU school administrators would want to be a family friendly environment.

    The only thing that really irks me about the situation is all of the playing dumb or “You’ve just got a dirty mind” responses by KSU fans. When I first saw a video clip, I couldn’t tell what the formation was exactly, but what it was doing was unambiguous. Seeing it later with the context of what it was supposed to be, as you pointed out, it still makes no sense without the double entendre. If KSU really isn’t above doing something like this, fine, but own up to it.

  • What do you think would happen to the band director at KU if he did the same?

  • @konkeyDong @justanotherfan

    Absolutely agree. The explanation defies common sense; they knew what they were doing they just did not anticipate the backlash and bad press they got.

    I expect this from a fraternity or a student group but not from the school band, directed by KSU employees while officially representing the school. I have to believe that Bill Snyder is not happy and when Bill Snyder is not happy…well…KSU will have to do something.

    On the other hand, the KSU band now and forever will be known as the Marching D!cks…:D

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I would certainly expect at the very least a suspension…and a remedial class in “Band Formations.”

  • @JayHawkFanToo but then again, we have SZ!

  • image.jpg

    Big 12 sanctions

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Good point…maybe he suggested the formation to KSU?..after all he has been screwing the Jayhawk fan base for a while now… 😃

  • @JayHawkFanToo ha ha! Think there were more balls in ksu’s formation than SZ has! Sorry! Pretty rude. It’s not the Jayhawk way-(puke)

  • @Crimsonorblue22 All the people I work with are purple possessed pussy-cats, including the owner.

    I usually don’t say too much, but once in a while I’ll tell a “cute” K-State joke, like “How can you tell the bride at a KSU wedding? She’s the one with the white cut-off overalls”. Or I might give a nice K-State alum a compliment like " You don’t sweat much for a fat girl ".

    So I try to get along…

  • @nuleafjhawk perfect!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Wow! I didnt think anything would be done about that at all! Its good to see there are people with brains in their heads in office at the Big 12.

  • @nuleafjhawk Rolling!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Good take; makes some of the same point I did. I did not see the post with the sanctions until after I posted my previous post. Interesting that the Conference felt it had to act since the KSU administration apparently was not doing anything.

  • The Austin paper had the sanctions imposed by the Big XII headline on their website! It was talked about on sports radio here today, because no one wanted to talk about how bad UT played vs Notre Dame Sat. on national TV. 🙂

  • If I’m not mistaken, the KSU band committed a State crime by depicting oral sex, especially with an animal and a non-human object. I believe this is still considered a sex crime in Kansas. And that looked like the mini-Jay. Anyone know his age? This could be a depiction of child pornography and with the wide distribution now falls into the federal crime book.

    And as we all get a laugh and think I’m being sarcastic… just take my advice and don’t consider peeing in public… unless you want to be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of your life!

    For those who still haven’t seen the live version -

    Kansas State Marching Band Made A Giant 50-Yard Penis

    BTW: be prepared for this to be aired during our game(s) with KSU football… also KSU basketball!

  • @drgnslayr we are at home for fb, right?

  • My son, a professor of music, points out a major irony in this current KSU marching band calamity. Last season KSU was recognized by some publication or other as the #1 collegiate marching band in the nation. Now this!

  • The clip made the tonight show with the crowd roaring.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yep… our last game of the year… November 28th!

    Yes… crowdfunding is legal. I didn’t know this:

    “The money will go directly to the band and its scholarship fund since the fine will be paid by the Office of the President.”

    So the KSU Big Chief supports this type of behavior by paying the fine? I thought that was levied against the band director?

  • @wrwlumpy

    I saw that, a gigantic black eye for the state of Kansas.

    What amazes me is that all overs social media, most KSU fans are in complete denial and defend the actions of the band and claim that it is all in the minds of Jayhawk fans…unbelievable.

  • @drgnslayr all I see is that this incident ended up benefitting the band. I’d really like to see KU administration tell the ksu band to stay home for our game.

  • KU had nothing to do with these actions. If Jimmy Fallon wants to show the clip and make jokes in his monologue, if all local TV news show want to show the clip and make comments, if all of social media has picked it up, why is KSU ramping up this hatred of KU? By the way, this is the most asinine of all of these attack from a Salina Congressman. Read his middle tweet. He’s lucky that he is gerrymandered in his district.


  • @wrwlumpy I also read this. Maybe @nuleafjhawk could speak more on this guy from Salina. Last I knew he lived in an apt on mass street. Haven’t heard lately but he had a live in gal that was engaged to a friend of my sons. She was enrolled at KU but didn’t attend classes. That was awhile back. Not the brightest! I did read he was on a list who missed a lot of sessions.

  • Unbelievable that anyone is really offended or really cares. It was simply funny. You know, college humor?

    But ooooohhh, evil KSU. Along the way, let’s demean ourselves by our indignant overreaction. Everyone has to be offended about something.

    Sometimes you have to laugh at your self a bit.

    Really, they should have turned that Jayhawk around and rammed that Starship Enterprise right where the sun don’t shine – that’s a more appropriate demonstration during football season for the old Jayhawks of late.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I’m offended and here’s why. I was raised with an ethic that didn’t tolerate crude, sexually explicit, or innuendo material. Dad would shut the TV off if the word sex was mentioned. Now this was the 60’s and 70’s so it wasn’t like every minute like it is today.

    IF KSU’s explanation was that it was the star trek thing and non of them had any intention of communicating a sexual message, then fine, it was funny. But IF it was as many/most saw it, then it’s highly offensive. How many children were at that game that knew nothing of oral sex and whose parents didn’t think they wanted to explain it to their 7 or 8 year old?

    You call it college humor. Does college humor mean it has to be crude? I have college kids and I wouldn’t brush it off if one of them made a similar joke as ‘college humor’.

    I know we’re never going back to puritan Victorian values in this country and probably shouldn’t. But I don’t want to see a rated R half time show on the football field either.

  • @HighEliteMajor I am offended, who uses the 1920’s version of the Jayhawk anyways? That was unbelievable!

    And if the situation were reversed it would be the end of the world for little brother out west…that’s just it, no one from KU hates k-state, they are like a little sister, we hate those to the east, we don’t like kentucky, etc…But they hate us, they have to do stuff like this to try and make a rival. I think that’s why you can write this off, because ksu is our little sister, we let it go.

    What would your stance be if missery had done this? I think a majority (myself included) would go from a “that’s just hicks being dumb” to “I’m irate!”

  • @wissoxfan83 Well I can’t disagree there. Our society has gone down the tubes. The liberals have won. More sex, more pushing the limit, more moral equivalency. I wasn’t looking at it from that perspective. I was looking at from us being offended as Jayhawk fans. Good point.

  • For me, it’s the non-apology apology that really looks bad. Just own it and admit you were trying to be clever not realizing the backlash would be so embarrassing to the university. And where is Bill Snyder. How could he not know about the negative pub this brings to a program he’s nurtured for several decades? I’ve always had a lot of respect for Snyder but unless he’s too old or has been completely kept in the dark about the half time show, one would think that he’d have something to say considering they named the football stadium in his honor. Thought he had grandkids…

  • I got a chuckle out of all this… and I wasted no time throwing some sarcasm at it to milk the moment for everything.

    However, I do respect that not everyone has my loose sense of decorum boundaries. And for that reason, I find it to have been totally inappropriate.

    But hey… let’s enjoy watching KSU defend themselves and just be silent observers without a reaction. The real cold “slap in the face” we give it is to not acknowledge it. Kind of like how we don’t acknowledge the Tig trash from Missouri since they left the B12. So they want to kick up the border war again? What border war?

    Why give a-holes any attention? I like to focus my attention on quality. People stepping up and contributing to our world.

    I have a feeling that the band director is actually a very cool dude. He feel victim to his own naivety and perhaps not micro-managing their formations. Bet he won’t let that happen again! And now he is covering up for someone else… the designer of the scheme and the one who intentionally made it “sexual.” I have no doubt that the person who came up with all of this wasn’t naive, and there was intent.

    BTW: this will be a theme returning to our consciousness every time sports media discusses KU and KSU in the same breath. After football season, it will pop up again in basketball season. And the purple kitties will, once again, have to deal with their actions.

    All we have to do is not react negatively, or even at all. Just kick back and enjoy the ride!

    Wow… what a reaction to their own “sportsmanship pledge!” This is what this is all about… a retaliation against themselves! Kansas never really made a big deal about Jamari getting bumped. This all generates from the league and from within KSU. It’s their reputation… so let’s kick back, chomp some popcorn, and watch the show of KSU building a d-bag reputation! Goooooo, WIldcats!!! 😉

  • The KSU troll is being fed right now, and all this attention is exactly what they wanted out of this.

    My cousins (all KSU grads) have been trying to rile me up with this and all I’ve responded to them with their band did a good job on that Jayhawk without acknowledging the Enterprise.

    I do have a suggestion though to troll them back. If by some miracle KU beats KSU in football this year, our band should play the Star Trek theme while KSU leaves the field and our pep band should play it frequently during the basketball game when we’re wiping the court with them.

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