hey guys got a question

  • hey guys sorry, I have a question. Could someone please help me and tell me AGAIN when the early signing period is. I apologize in advance someone was good enough some time back and told me on here when it was, and I wrote it down and I"ll be dam if I didn’t misplace it. I love this site because seems everyone is so informative, knowligible, helpful, and even constructive in their criticism when they are trying to bring out points. I believe the the late signing is in the middle of March but probably too, but if there is someone who could help me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, have a great day. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY. oh ya kind of off topic for this room but its Football this Saturday so come on guys lets get behind Coach Beaty and pull for success for our other beloved Jayhawks. THANKS AGAIN GUYS

  • @jayballer54

    November 11-18th for the Early period. Spring goes from April 13 to May 18th this year.

    Football team will be lucky to get a W this year. I see the new coach as the 1st positive step in yrs but this team is so depleted of talent to compete in the Big 12 that its going to be a rough season.

  • I like all those willing to take on seemingly impossible odds to achieve worthwhile goals, because they have plan to work harder and achieve unfair advantage on vile opponents. Coach Beatty appears such a man.

    Go Coach Beatty, go!!!

  • @BeddieKU23 Thanks for the info bud, I knew someone would come through for ol dummy me. don’t know what the heck I did with the information from before, getting really old, really forgetful lol. As far as the football team I agree, I feel its going to be a l- - -ong year, feel like our best chance for a W is our 1st game. But like you I feel like THIS is the right guy, I like the connections he has, I know its a minor thing, BUT we are at least getting sniffs, looks and some visits from higher profile recruits that in the past we would of been laughed at for to even try to get their consideration. ONE is the kid right here in Kansas pretty high profile he narrowed list and we still there, true may just be courtesy, but then again who knows. another is getting again YES its a transfer but the kid From Miami and others like him. I fully believe is that WE as fans, and especially the ALUMI the boosters, have JUST GOT to be patient, as you say as depleted as we are its going to take time. definitely NOT this year, NOT next year, its about slowly improving, working at getter the better talent, building the numbers. I feel this guy definitely has the right plan, he has the backing of the players. he saturated the State of Kansas I believe they said hitting all the high schools making their presence known to the athletes something previous didn’t try or at least not very hard to do. 1st step is we have to compete SHOW we have and do want the in state talent from our own state WHEN ITS THERE. we can’t just give our old buddies down the pike a free pass to any talent they want within the state. Then he is building the walk on program which I heard was very successful, get some grey shirts find that diamond. Again the key is PATIENCE, you can’t keep turning over every 2 to 3 years and get any continuity, yes I realize the last 2 coaches were NOT GOOD AT ALL. but it is going to take time we are rock bottom I mean rock, rock bottom, but like you I feel we have the right guy. thanks for your help and cheer the boys. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BeddieKU23

    The parting gift from Weis dismissing many of Gill’s recruits in favor of his juco guys is that we have very little upperclassmen talent. It will take at least two years of hard recruiting just to get back to below average from a talent standpoint because Weis absolutely gutted the program.

    Beaty deserves a mulligan on this season and next season from a wins and losses perspective. He may not win 2 games in his first two seasons.

  • @justanotherfan

    I agree that Weis decimated the future of the team for the next few years. The off-season dismal’s certainly didn’t help at Wr & RB but I have a feeling they were probably for the good of the team going forward. He does deserve at least 2 years until expectations should be placed on him. Recruiting & player development with what he has is paramount. I think if he a creates a competitive nature & finds ways to be competitive in the games without the players he needs that will go a long way to telling what they have with him at coach.

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