Goodbye, Chocolate Thunder!

  • Goodbye, Chocolate Thunder, you will be missed!

    I loved the intensity you brought to the rim… and, of course, the backboards!


    Legendary dunker Darryl Dawkins dies

  • Chocolate Thunder Flying, Robinzine crying

    Teeth shaking, Glass breaking

    Rump roasting, Bun Toasting

    Wham Bam, Glassbreaker

    I am Jam


  • oh man that’s sad. had no idea tell just read here. I used to love this guy, he always took the ball to the hole sooo hard. wish we had a couple of players that was like that but not mentioning who, i’m talking about the ones who want to finger roll it it lay it soft or whatever, you figure it out won’t be to hard. you know thew ones i’m talking about soft at the rim. Thunder always said when he went up, that was his play time, and no one better get in his way, vicious dunks. R.I.P Thunder

  • @jayballer54

    Excellent point.

    And it doesn’t take long before players like Darryl earn a reputation for being aggressive at the rim and defenders start backing off and not challenging the dunk. We invite defenders to smoke our post players and possibly earn a spot on SportsCenter’s Top 10 list.

  • 28dawkins-4-obit-blog427.jpg

    [ ring, ring, ring…]

    “Hello Darryl, this is Drgnslayr, your biggest fan.”

    “Hey, D.”

    “Can you do me a favor? While you are up there slammin’ and jammin’ on those pearly gates… can you keep an eye on our Jayhawk boys?”

    “Sure thing.”

    “And when they bring their boy’s game to this men’s game… can you drop a small piece of backboard glass on top of their heads every time they use a punk as$ finger roll at the rim?”

    “No prob… consider it done!”

    “Thanks Double-D! You are the greatest!”

  • @drgnslayr Did he ever play with or against Wilt?

  • They just missed each other by a couple of years.

    I was lucky enough to get a front-row seat to watch Dawkins and the Sixers play the Seattle Supersonics at the Kingdome back in the early 80s. What an array of stars…Philly also had Doctor J., Doug Collins and Mo Cheeks, versus the Sonics’ Dennis Johnson, Gus Williams, Jack Sikma and Downtown Freddie Brown. An epic battle that went into OT, with the Sixers finally winning.

    RIP Darryl (and the Sonics).

  • Daryl Dawkins, what impressed me the most was that he was a big man that had a really nice jump shot. He was a joy to watch. The 1976-1977 Philadelphia 76ers, even though they didn’t win it all, may have been one of the most talented teams ever assembled.

  • Yep - I loved the guy - he was in essence a big kid having he was in essence big kid having fun - he was always smiling and had such great enthusiasm - he was a bit weird and different and seemed to understand that the NBA is really entertainment at its core.

    Someone here posted some Darrell dunk highlights like two or three weeks ago… They are absolutely ferocious dunks … The guy was A behemoth with athleticism

    This is a story I heard from a friend of mine who was a Sixers fan… Not sure if I remembered it right, but Darrell had been complaining that his shoulder really hurt - but his doctor couldn’t find anything - One day his doctor happen to see darryl near the stadium with a boombox on his shoulder The size of a small sofa that must’ve weighed 70 pounds - he called Darryl and said " I think I’ve diagnosed your shoulder pain …"

    He was a original, and put a smile on my face many times

    RIP mr Thunder

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