Art Briles job in jeopardy?


    Sam Ukwuachu was a DE at Baylor that was just convicted this week for raping a Baylor women’s soccer player in 2013. He was a transfer from Boise St. who was dismissed from there because he was accused of physically abusing his then girlfriend and having severe anger problems.

    The issue that could cost Briles his job is that Briles claimed he and Baylor were unaware of Ukwuachu’s violent past. Current Washington and then Boise St. coach Chris Petersen said that he personally called Art Briles to inform Briles of why exactly Ukwuachu was dismissed from Boise St. and that the BSU athletic department was not in favor of any waivers to help Ukwuachu get back on the field. This is only 12 years after the Dave Bliss, Patrick Dennehy, Carlton Dotson saga that crippled the Baylor basketball program for quite awhile.

    Baylor has to fire Briles for this because of their fairly recent history with the situation in the basketball program.

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    610 AM in KC discussed this topic most of the afternoon,. The consensus was that at least Briles and the AD will lose their jobs over it. They not only tried to cover the incident at Baylor but the victim was treated horribly by the the school and a law suit is likely in the future.

  • @JayHawkFanToo this makes me (puke)!!!

  • I’ve only read the three previous posts and this is the first I’ve read of the story but he needs to be fired.

    Penn State looked the other way and kids lives were changed forever.

    If Briles lied then he must be fired.

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    IMHO the buck stops with former special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who is reputedly now President of Failor.

    Its time for Kenneth to man-up here.

  • Not sure Briles loses his job because there are conflicting reports out of Boise State about what was and was not said when the transfer happened.

    Depending on what Briles knew and what he covered up, he may get fired, but Baylor suspended Ukwuachu once he got into trouble there, so Baylor did not cover up his deeds while in their program.

    But the thing is, here is Boise State’s statement about Ukwuachu . That’s from last week. Boise is saying they didn’t know about it, so Petersen saying he told Briles is inconsistent with what Boise says they even knew at the time Ukwuachu was dismissed. There is more truth to be uncovered out there, and that truth could cost lots of people at Baylor, Boise and maybe even Washington their jobs.

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