WOW. how dum am I?

  • jumpin - gee- hoosa - fats. Just goes to show how much I know, just got through reading the zags blog article. Fox, has cut his list to 7 schools, and to my shock TEXAS is not 1 of the 7. every thing I had heard I thought that Texas was heavy in the mix for him, with Smart huh- - -guess not. his 7 are Arizona, Kentucky, Louis, L.S.U., N.C.State, North Carolina, and KU. he says he DEFINETELY wants to visit Kentucky, & KU for sure he said those are for sure the 2, that just stunned me, what did I miss? I swore Texas was in on him big but sucks for them and hell ya for us. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • just goes to show you, how up and on things some of these services are. just checked out 247 & in Fox’s latest crystal ball as of today it had Kentucky way in front BUT, it was like Kentucky 53 % the they had Tex at 40% and they aren’t even one of his 7 schools left then they had KU at 7. well here is a news flash SOMEONE has to take that 40 % Texas had and I feel a big chunk of that is KU seeing as how he said he definitely wanted to visit Kentucky & KU

  • @jayballer54 DeAaron Fox is going to end up at Kentucky replacing Isaiah Briscoe. He may visit KU, but with Mason and Graham returning in 2016-17 (I don’t see a realistic scenario in which either one leaves), it doesn’t seem very likely that Fox is going to come to KU when there’s a not a starting position or a ton of minutes available.

  • agree 100% I realize not holding my breath on him at all, just shocked me cause all I had been reading, hearing was TEXAS, TEXAS, TEXAS. & your right he states he is looking for a school where has playing time

  • He said something like that Coach Self has told him that he will turn over the keys to him. It would appear that Self has a feeling that Mason will leave after this year.

  • wake me up in april when he decides…

  • @BeddieKU23 or narrow-it down to 5 by then

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    half the schools were not even recruiting him but he’s got 7 on his list. Cut the crap these pre-madonna’s. All UK does is extend an offer and now they are the favorite, great they can have him

  • Here is a link to a summary of what he thinks about each program…

  • If something changes of us getting MORE VOTE then most likely he’s heading to Kentucky

  • Ok that made no sense.

    But the 2015 class was all headed to UK too and they ended up missing on a lot

  • @BeddieKU23 said:

    Ok that made no sense.

    But the 2015 class was all headed to UK too and they ended up missing on a lot I was saying if ku doesn’t get any more votes he’s more likely heading to Kentucky that’s what I was saying

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