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  • Ok guys, I know this might not be the norm here but, thought I would put it out see if anyone might know or heard anything at anytime. Just curious to what ever happened to some of previous KU players. As we all know some are still seen a lot prominent in or around the area but there is some just kinda poof, have quite a few that I’ve thought of so here goes: Dale Greenlee, Dave Robisch, the Kivisto brothers, Bob, Tom, Ken Koeings, Greg Dreiling, Darnell Valentine , Cedric Hunter, T.J. Pugh, Clint Normore, Victor Mitchell, Tommy Smith, Danny & Kelly Knight, Rick Suttle, Calvin Thompson, & I believe and this is bad not 100% sure but I think Rodger Bohensteil , Aubrey Nash. Well that’s some that I remember not all big time players, but still part of the Jayhawk family crazy right? Anyone remember any of these guys? anyone know where they have gone? thanks guys. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • T.J. Pugh, the reason I am a Jayhawk fan! I’m pretty sure he is a doctor now. No basketball post graduate from KU from what I can tell.

    He may not have been a super star but to a young kid he seemed every bit of it. T.J. Played on an awesome Creighton Prep (Omaha NE) basketball team and after following that team as a young kid I transitioned to KU basketball right with him.


  • @jayballer54

    The BIA is using all these former players as assets out in the field operating with legends provided by the BIA.

    Dale Greenlee–Dale works as a hairy leg model for a depilatory company in Russia. Greenlee has been Sasha Kaun’s undercover connection for smuggling out information about Russian basketball prospects.

    Dave Robisch–aka Robo, is embedded as a spinal curvature expert at a leading research facility in Shanghai China. Robo has undergone plastic surgery and now passes for Chinese, while supplying the BIA information on Chinese athletes capable of pitching baseball and shooting the base line turnaround in basketball.

    Kivisto brothers, Bob, Tom–aka plural Kivisti, are posing as restauranteurs running a small restaurant in Bologna, Italy, specializing in a roast horse dish called Trigger Bolognese. They are secretly running book on Italian professional basketball, so that the BIA can keep tabs foreign basketball intelligence programs using gambling on Italian professional basketball for laundering black monies.

    Ken Koeings–aka Crazy Fro aka Dr. Pitch Fork has given up a promising career in medicine and become the first 6-10 member of the Bolshoi Ballet. Ken now provides the BIA with a steady stream of cell phone and internet surfing records on Dale Greenlee and Sasha Kaun.

    Greg Dreiling–Greg is running a BIA front operation called The Institute for Retired NBA Journeyman that Became Too Muscle Bound to Transition Smoothly to Life After Basketball. Greg supplies the BIA with intelligence about the children of former NBA journeyman that may be recruited in the future by KU.

    Darnell Valentine–Darnell is another field agent running a front organization. Darnell is the Founder/CEO of the not for profit organization called “Center for the Advanced Study of Thunder Thighs.” Darnell is providing the BIA with regular reports on young prospects with thighs of sufficient strength and mass that DARPA wants to do tissue grafts of their fast twitch muscles on the next generation T-3 terminator chassis.

    Cedric Hunter–Cedric has pursued an acting career under the stage name Patrick McGoohan 2.0. The BIA has given Cedric a number and taken way his name.

    T.J. Pugh–T.J. is running the T.J. Pugh Charitable Trust for Slow Feet. This is a BIA front organization used to attract DARPA research dollars for research aimed at speeding the footwork of high school recruits that are a step slow.

    Clint Normore–assignment status classified For BIA Director’s Eyes Only.

    Victor Mitchell–Victor is a BIA field agent running a hair club for men in Tibet. He is also running a radical new Buddhist Monastery where all Buddhist Priests wear hair plugs and eat high protein and high fat diets aimed at helping Buddhist priests get wide in the lane in the Yin and Yang Monastery Professional Basketball League of Tibet. It almost, but not quite, goes without saying that Victor supplies the BIA with recruiting info on Buddhist Priests that can go hard to iron.

    Tommy Smith–assignment status classified above top secret.

    Danny & Kelly Knight–running a tea kiosk across the street from MI-5 in London, England and supplying disinformation to MI-5 eavesdroppers on the offense Bill Self intends to run this season, if Diallo were ineligible.

    BIA employs many more of the old Jayhawks, but the others are involved in such sensitive basketball espionage that all I am permitted to divulge is that not a single thing World Wide Wes does is unknown to BIA.

    Respectfully submitted,

    jaybate 1.0,Director BIA

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Are you gonna make us play bad ball, again this year in our BIA rec league?!?!

  • @VailHawk

    No, this year its THE WUG OFFENSE!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    And we are going to rule the BIA Rec League!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Hooray FREEDOM!!!

  • @VailHawk


  • @jaybate-1.0

    So you’re gonna let Ron Kellog (who may or may not be @VailHawk) shoot as many 3’s as he/I like?

  • @VailHawk

    He will benched if he does NOT shoot a trey.

    This is the season we try initiating EVERY possession with a trey.

    The only twos taken will be on second shots.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Jayhawks to lead nation, 3 pt. attempts. One trey per 12 seconds!

  • @jaybate-1.0


    Are you talking Business Impact Analysis or Bureau of Indian Affairs?

  • @REHawk

    Yesssssss!!! Music to my stochastic ears!!!

    1 trey every 12 seconds. No one would have a chance against us.

    Work with me on this, coach.

    Bill might listen to another coach.

    Maybe ask Bill James to run some numbers on this, too. Do a basketball abstract.

    And Joe Dooley. Self would trust his stats. Maybe you know someone that knows Joe Do. Get him to run the numbers on shooting a trey every 12 seconds!!!

    We have to couch this in language Bill understands and respects.

    Talk about the ball not sticking!!!

    Talk about emphasizing defense.

    Offense? We don’t need no stinking offense.

    We just take a trey within 12 seconds of inbounding, rebound like men, and get back like men, and guard like men.

    This leads to MORE possessions and time for playing Self Defense and getting STOPS!

    A KU team can literally shoot its way out of a slump in one half with this many three point attempts.

    Women will find all KU men more attractive!!!


    Bill Ball = coin of the realm.

    Everything has changed but the way we think.

  • @drgnslayr

    BIA = Basketball Intelligence Agency.

    It is an off the shelf, 501.c3 black agency run entirely on black monies laundered through betting on 10 Euro maximum bets through Italian professional basketball books via fast fiber exploits between the NYSE and the Bologna Stock Exchange.

    It has no bricks and mortar facilities. It is a virtual entity. It pays no salaries. @jaybate 1.0 is the director and janitor. @VailHawk and @Crimsonorblue22 are case officers running agency operations in the field. BIA doesn’t pay bigger salaries than any other basketball intel operation in the world. If you agree to come to work for BIA, I am authorized not to pay you more than any other basketball intelligence agency out there. Our main activity is collecting basketball intelligence intended to give KU basketball an unfair advantage over all other programs-- especially UK.

    We are an equal opportunity employer.

  • @CaptnMo

    No basketball post graduate from KU from what I can tell.

    From Wikipedia. Christian Moody graduated in 2013 with a medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and is currently an orthopedic surgery intern. Tyrell Reed began classes in the summer of 2012 and is on course to graduate with his fellow students in May 2015 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas.

    Many other players with graduate degrees including Lawrence attorney Al Lopez who played in the team that lost to UTEP.

  • @REHawk

    The BIA also is looking for field agents with coaching backgrounds that are retired in order to develop connections with retired coaches around the country. The BIA believes retired coaches represent a largely untapped source of intelligence about recruiting. We believe what they know is currently going down the memory hole and not being exploited. I am authorized to double whatever your are not making right now, and promise COLA increases on it.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I know you will probably deflect any and all praise but I want you to know how much an honor it is to not get paid to work for the BIA!!!

    I feel like my whole life has been a preparation for this role. Our work will impact the world positively for generations.

    I’d like to think if JFK were alive today he would be our Director Emeritas. “Ask not what the BIA can do for you but what you can do for the BIA!!!”

  • @jaybate-1.0 Okay, here’s my counter: Triple the money, guarantee the Colas and, oh yeah, stipulate a Max contract, five years. I’ll sign on the dotted line…or an undotted line or a bold red line or whatever. I possess a wealth of bountiful connections. I know a former legend named Bliss, and my nephew dates a gal who used to sell neckties and matching dress socks to Bruce Weber before he moved up the employment ladder to K State from Illinois. I can read Rorschacks and will pledge to increase the Agency’s efficiency 3.4 pts. on the Richter. And, I almost forgot, before he ran short of wind my neighbor clocked substantial tips and saw every state in the union, following Coach Brown from job to job, shining Larry’s brogans. So…

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