Svina Coladas or Graham Crackers?

  • Here’s the situation.

    You become stranded on an island after a plane crash in April. Luckily the crash left you with a few things. You have:

    • A couple of posts that are very solid (Diallo and Perry. I’m assuming Diallo gets cleared after his summer classes).

    • A peice of fabric that you saved for a while because you knew at some point it would it would actually become useful (Selden).

    • And a bottle of Rum (Mason. You’ll see why).

    You also spot a couple of things out in the distance. There is a crate full of Graham Crackers and another box filled with Svina Colada mix. The problem is, you only have time to save ONE of these items.

    You have to decide what you want to do. And it all depends on how you want to live life on the island. You can use you posts and fabric for a couple of different things. They can be made into a hammock, which a Svina Colada would be a very refreshing addition. And White Rum is a crucial part of that. OR they could be used to make a tent, in which you are clearly someone who prefers the safer route. This situation would probably mean that you went with the Graham crackers, as they are a little bit more nourishing and used the Rum as a disinfectant and a way to stop any bleeding.

    There are obviously Pros and Cons to each one of these decisions.

    Svina Colada.

    It can be refreshing. Im sorry, but no matter what you put on that Graham Cracker it won’t make my mouth water like a Svina Colada. I mean, what fun is it to be on an island and not have a drink? It sounds much more fun to me. The only problem, sometimes clouds your judgement. And what looks like a 9 at the bar can turn out to be a 3 in March, and the plane that came to save you crashes and you are stuck on another island for another year. Except, the next island you won’t have all of these same items… And you are pretty lucky to have most of these random things.

    Graham Crackers.

    They are a safer choice. I hear living off of only coconuts takes a toll on your bowels… So Graham crackers would sound pretty good after a while. Graham Crackers will definitely provide the nourishment to allow you to survive until March when another plane comes to save you. They definitely don’t promise you getting home, but they definitely will get you to someplace you would be happy to live. Maybe like Germany or something.

    So I ask you guys, do you like Graham Crackers or Svina Coladas and getting caught in Ukraine?

  • Interesting take on Graham or Svi. I am truly on the Svi side of the fence specifically based on potential? IF Svi is truly worthy of a top 15 pick in next years draft then he should have a McLemore type season at the 2 and IF he produces anything close to McLemore’s numbers we will have a shot at winning it all.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I’m 100%… taking the rum! Nothing else will matter after a few shots.

  • I really want to say Svina Colada because I think he’ll be the more productive player overall, and is probably the bigger individual talent. But individual talent only gets you so far. A lot has been made of the shift of Selden from the 2 to the 3 spot, but I find the idea that he played better at the WUG games because he was (nominally) the small forward funny because the truth of the matter is, in Self’s offense, there is no distinction between the wings. They run the same cuts, they get the same plays, they have the responsibilities. I think the difference, though, is that when you have a better ball handler than Selden to compliment Mason (and contrary to what some have argued, Selden isn’t terrible, just not as good as some other options), the offense flows better. So unless Svi is truly enough of a better secondary handler than Selden, I think things will work better with Graham in the rotation than Svi.

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