• Talk about guts, Talk about Determination. This team on tired legs did it all and won in Double OT. Selden, Mason what can you say and Moore with clutch plays in 2nd OT.

    Summer Gold never felt so goood

  • Great Win!!! Gold Medal victory! Enjoying every minute of the ride!!

  • Holy damn, what a wild ride! Had to watch it on my phone while driving, so I’m glad I didn’t wreck. A totally gutty performance down the stretch. Despite being held to under 33% field goal shooting, they found the will to win. If you can do that in July, you can do anything come March/April. Self is going to be able to go to the well with this game when the going gets tough. Love love love my team. Love love love my country. America is proud today! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, go World Champs!

  • @konkeyDong oh geez, 🚙

  • If Selden or Ellis could throw a rock in the ocean, Kansas would have won by 20. Can’t complain, though, win’s a win.

    Rock Chalk

  • HUGE win, you could see just exhausted no lift in their shots, and of course me being skeptical Jane cursing ranting hollering at TV saying to myself Wayne has disappeared and then BAM huge 3 pt shot. Going into 2nd overtime told my wife says maybe the team is missing my good luck kiss from you and lo and behold it helped lmao… Seriously really a bad shooting day but they gutted it out ROCK CHALK/U.S.A we were able to do what no others from the U.S.A has done in 10 yrs GOLD BABY. YES Nic Moore a defensive liability a lot in the tourney because of his size, post him up low, or just mis match on switches getting hung up in BUT what a huge huge steal like the announcers said maybe not the steal of the game but of the tourney. So proud of everybody, makes me proud ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BeddieKU23 such a tough gritty performance! I loved the way we battled back after squandering the lead! Coming back 3 separate times and finally holding on. Hell of a way to start my first day back from vacation and so thankful I work from home so I could scream as loud as I wanted to.!

  • Read this lol. UK fans complaining about our head start on the season and questioning why KU was picked and not them! Priceless!


  • @jayballer54 we had dead legs late in that game. The 3 mason left short late in the game was because of tired legs. I was surprised when Wayne’s went in, but then again he has come up huge all tournament! I thought Nic Moore was just jacking shots up, he looked bad for the most part.

  • @Statmachine are they for real? that quick to forget they played against professional teams before the start of last season?

  • This team showed something they haven’t shown in 3 years, MENTAL TOUGHNESS. This team put their foot on other teams throats and didn’t let up. They didn’t quit when they got down late and fought through absolute exhaustion to finish off a pretty good Germany team. I can’t wait for KU to add their eastern Euroballer and their sniper on the perimeter and the Energizer Bunny in the paint. This is going to be a special year for Kansas basketball and this tournament has shown that the national title is a realistic expectation for this team this year.

  • @Statmachine LOFLMFAO. that is like a Kodiak moment bud . how classic, Kentucky Joe stating like a little 1st grader " IT AIN’T FAIR " they get a head start on the rest of us lmao. REALLY? SERIOUSLY? fair? fair, thanks for the share buddy lol. then another says WHY CAN’T WE ever represent the U.S.A lmao this makes my day, think i’ll order some cheese and wine and have it ship to UK’s athletic dept. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I believer you absolutely correct sir, spot on. you get a chance read the link from the Kentucky fans lmao

  • Someone predicted UK going 40-0 again. Then another guy said that the smartest guy in his trailer park predicted 40-0 too lol!!!

  • @Statmachine perfect!

  • If you go back and look again there are ALOT more posts. The UK fans are officially stirred up lol!

  • @jayballer54 I tend to pay no mind to that group of fans because the vast majority I’ve dealt with over the years are far and away the most delusional fan base in the country. I just don’t see them being a top 5 team, or even top 15 team this year. They have a good back court, but their frontcourt is an absolute mess. Poythress is going to be playing out of position, Marcus Lee has been a complete and total disaster so far, Skal should be good, but they just don’t have any frontcourt depth and there’s a lack of talent there as well.

  • @Statmachine I’M LOVING IT. why was Ku allowed to have Ku on front of their shorts lmao. must of been paid off by KU grads lmao

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Exactly

  • Top ten things to do in Lexington:

    1. Lie to your self.

    9 through 1. Wish you had Self.

  • Yes, well, it’s been a rough year for Kentucky sports fans.

    Alabama lost to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, Kentucky lost to Wisconsin in the Final Four, and the Cavs lost to the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

  • Amazing, hard fought victory. Mason put this team on his back. Shots weren’t falling, we persevered. Selden, after a rough, rough day, bangs home a dagger 3. Shooters have to keep shooting and he hit the one that mattered most. But goodness, back to Mason. Ice.

    To the game – I was singing Self’s praises throughout this tournament … but my mood changed in the second half. It really seemed like Self puckered a bit and didn’t trust the rotation that served him so well this entire tournament. I was really wanting Self to put Vick in for a few stretches to give Moore and Selden some blows. The fresh legs thing would have been no issue for Vick. And he’s proven he can bang home the three, something we desperately needed. Seemed like the perimeter was pretty open after penetration. Perfect spot for Vick.

    And Self pretty much banished Mickelson to the bench. Puzzling. Mick came in and immediately changed a shot from the German big guy ( at 3:35). Plus, all of those 15 footers that Lucas turned down, Mick had been hitting at a pretty decent rate in the prior games.

    But on the positive side, he resisted any urge to play Traylor. In fact, it was clear that Bragg was a better option and Self did use Bragg over Traylor.

    Great win. Great end to the trip. And there is nothing better than extra Kansas basketball.

  • @HighEliteMajor Did you see this quote from Self after the Russian game? Thought you’d like it.

    With a 24-second shot clock, Self has let the Jayhawks play without many set-plays on offense, which has helped USA’s guards create opportunities off of the dribble.

    “We didn’t score on the block,” Self said after his team scored 38 of its 78 points in the paint against Russia. "Landen (Lucas) made two baskets on the block when we threw it over the top. But for the most part, everything was drive it or play to 15-foot jumpers or play to threes. I’ve never played this way. But I’ve learned a lot in the past month.

    “We’ve always played to our bigs and we still have to. But you know what, the trust in guys to go one-on-one and make plays has probably made us better basketball players individually.”

  • I’m fortunate to have watched.

    I had the unique experience of watching the game with the niece of a former KU player, walk on Joel Branstrom. She is dating my son in Chicago and came up to the lake for the weekend with us. She’s from Lawrence and into KU hoops.

    I was impressed by our toughness. We won that game by scrapping for every loose ball after our shots stopped dropping.

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    EVAN QUIT IT: 25.jpg

  • Wayne going 6 for 28 is a great sign.

    How many times in the previous two years did we see him miss some shots, stop attacking, and finish the game going 1 for 7?

    This is similar to Perry at the end of last year before he got injured. He wasn’t shooting a great percentage but the defense always had to account for him because he was in constant attack mode.

    Hopefully, we will see the Wayne we have always wanted and he can be a top 20 pick.

  • Now that we’ve all had some time to celebrate the win, it feels bigger than I thought it would. Maybe its because of how we won, having to come back 3 times to finally win is probably making this even more special. To see how tired this team was, and the resilient effort when our backs were against the wall has really made this a special win for this group of kids. All the late nights and early morning game times were worth it in the end to all those who were able to follow along this journey. This is a HUGE team bonding experience.

    Some takeaways from the Tournament as it relates to this coming year.

    First off Wayne Selden is our go-to player for this year. Besides tired legs today in the Gold medal game he was electric. Dunks, drives, acrobatic layups, jumpers, 3-pt shots he had it all going. His improvement is astonishing actually to me because you just never know if he was going to “get it” and then apply it. He wanted this gold medal to put the past 2 NCAA tourney’s behind him and his team and he helped do that.

    Hunter Mickelson has played himself into the line-up. If Diallo is slow to learn Hunter should start. He cleaned up on the offensive glass and is the only big other than Ellis who can stretch the floor. He rebounded, he ran the floor and he was a force altering shots. He fouls a lot, he may always foul a lot but he was a huge surprise.

    Mason, what can you say he’s the rock of the team. Without his buddy Devonte here he had even more pressure on him to play big minutes. Frank simply makes big shots, all tournament from 3’s to drives to FT’s he did it all. He made his huge leap in development from Fresh to Soph. I still think he’s gotten even better. He was too fast for PG’s to handle.

    Ellis, I think I had higher hopes for because of him being a senior and the praise Self had put on him this spring saying he had improved even more but I didn’t see it this tournament. He was very good in spurts and without him we don’t win but the same issues that he’s always had are still popping up. He’s still going to have a big year but with Wayne stepping up its better that we don’t have to rely on Ellis as a Go 2 player all the time. I thought the competition would be more on a level that Perry could dominate as well but these Euro’s gave him just as much of a problem as D-1 College players do.

    Vick, the sky is really the limit for this kid. Has a smooth jumper and great athleticism. Kid knows how to score, point blank. I hope that Self trusts in him when we need scoring because he’s instant offense. Can’t wait to see how this kid develops with time, he really could be a star in the making.

    Bragg, he had great spurts as well all tournament. He’s not afraid to get on the floor for loose balls which will really stick with Self. He has a great jumper even though they really didn’t fall much in the games. Has to get stronger, but I can already see that Self will trust him on the floor. Exciting future for that guy as well.

    Mari, Lucas. Lumping them together because they showed the same we’ve seen all along. Neither is going to improve enough to change what they are. They provide depth and experience and I’m sure we will need both at different points in the year. Lucas was strong rebounding in the last few games as the one positive I did see from him here.

    What a great learning experience for these kids and I’m sure these games will go a long way to helping this team to its goals this year. Rock Chalk Gold

  • @tundrahok I did see the quote - appreciate you posting it. There are other ways to play this game, and other ways to win. What’s interesting, of course, is that he has “never played this way” and we won eight straight. I love the high-low. But it offers a variety of options beyond “get to the third side” and “feed the post.” Our offense this tournament looked pretty good to me – except of the stretch today when all we seemed to want to do was feed an overmatched Perry Ellis. The ghosts of seasons past. We’ll see how much he learns (or more precisely, if he’s willing to change a bit).

  • @HighEliteMajor

    If Self learns from what he’s learning about his players then just maybe their is a chance that our offense could be more free flowing for individual play. I think Selden thrived on that as much as playing the 3. Even though he was 6-28 today, a few days ago that could have been 16-28. Wayne and Frank taking over some of these games are exactly how we win 8 straight. That (hopefully) sticks with Self and gives him confidence to stick with this offensive approach.

  • Tied up preparing for a 9:00 AM teleconference with two other parties; had to watch the last 20 minute on Mute trying not to scream at the TV while trying to follow the conference topic. Conference went snd ended up well but the KU game ended abso-friggin-lutely FANTASTIC!!!

    Congrats to the team, they had a super gutsy performance that hopefully will set the tone for the upcoming season where close games will no longer be dreaded as much; this team has proven it does not get rattled, stays poised and wins close games.

    A great and successful journey for the players and staff…and a real treat for all of us Jayhawk fans.

  • @Statmachine

    Which goes to show that you can never over-estimate the ignorance of the average Kentucky fan.

  • The Smiling photo of the team with Mason checking to see if it was real gold is fantastic. My new screen saver. Who is the young girl on the podium with them? Devonte has a medal! Good. Self with his arm around Tyler with huge smiles. A Father/Son moment for the ages.

    Bragg and Vick - Welcome to the team.

    Hunter and Landon - Welcome to the team.

    Frank Mason - I would not trade him for any other NCAA Guard in the country.

    Wayne Selden - Welcome to the NBA.

    Perry Ellis - Thank you for playing your heart out, even though you are double and tripled teamed on every play. You reached deep to help get the gold, even when your shot wasn’t falling and no air left in your lungs. You will still be our leading scorer this year.

    Jamari - Thank you for subbing during crunch time when you do what you do best in guarding the outside big men.

    Nic and Julian - Thank you for leaving your two great coaches to become Jayhawks. We could not have won this without either of you.

    Tyler and Evan - Thank you for coming in and playing more minutes than you’ve played in a long time and allowing Frank, Wayne and Perry to sit for the fourth quarter against the Swiss.

    Bill Self - Thank you for being the best coach in the country for your ability to adjust on the fly and create an incredible bonding experience for these young men.

    Snacks - Thank you for playing the piano.

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  • @wrwlumpy Klein was a punk! Nic did NOT back down either. Loved his fight!

  • @RockChalkinTexas love the new avi!!

  • 1.png

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Wanted to nab it before anyone else did.

    Frank da Man!

  • Lost in all the excitement…did anyone notice that the Pool group A, where Germany played, had only 5 teams instead of the 6 teams all other pools had and they had to play only 4 games instead of 5 games in the initial round? KUSA ended playing 8 games and Germany only 7, no wonder the good guys were more tired than the Germans…

  • @JayHawkFanToo I did see that at the outset and wondered if there had been a 6th team that did not make it there for unknown reasons.

    I’m having a hard time working!!!

  • Wonder what the guys will do w/their new doll?

  • @RockChalkinTexas No wonder Germany was so fresh. Only 4 games in pool play and a cake walk to the final game compared to ours.

  • @wrwlumpy I had the same question in the game thread. Saw 2 girls during several games that were helping with water and towels and were wearing KU shirts. Wondered if they were translators provided by the WUG or if we had Korean students at KU that were recruited to help.

  • @brooksmd Somewhere I read they were “Ambassadors.”

  • @JayHawkFanToo Still ate their Weiner schnitzel…

  • Here are a few figure for your enjoyment…

    KUSA pool is the only one that sent 2 teams to the Fina Four.

    KUSA beat all 3 other teams in the Final Four

    KUSA beat 5 other 7 other teams in the Final Eight (Canada twice before the games)

    No question that KUSA was the best team at the the WUG.

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