Tonights game

  • Is everyone as excited as I am for more Jayhawk basketball??
    Man! I wish the game was televised! If anyone is going, might they be able to record the game and post it on the Tube? ? ?

    Who wins this game tonight? I’ll go with KU, just because Im biased. But I think Canada has a good chance at stealing one from us tonight, now that both teams are more familiar with eachother and Canada is more familiar with the fiba rules.

  • I think we will win this game by double digits. A game to adjust to pace & rules is just as beneficial to KU as it was Canada

    . I think the defense might be a bit more prepared guarding the 3 as that was an issue especially early in the game Tuesday.

    All the newcomers, Moore, Debose, Bragg & Vick should be a little more settled now as well. I look for Perry to have a strong game tonight even if its his typical 15 8 type line.

  • @Lulufulu

    I don’t understand why this game isn’t televised either on cable or on the internet? This game is being produced. Video cameras will be in the right spots, including slow-mo capable cameras under each goal. If you watch the clip from my earlier post of the highlights from the last game it shows some incredible slow-mo footage on a few slams. Something we rarely get to see. So it remains a complete puzzle to me that we can’t watch it live or in it’s entirety.

    I have the idea that these two games footage will be packaged with all our WUG games and then SOLD back to us by Zenger later.

    It isn’t FREE to produce these games, so there has to be money made somewhere down the line to pay for it. I know the footage is also used by the team to prepare for future games… but this looks to be produced for market.

    I’ve never really been critical of Zenger before… but I will say now that I don’t think he has properly prioritized game exposure to fans.

  • @BeddieKU23

    It really depend on what Coach Self decides to do. If he gives all players lots of playing time like he did in the first game, then it should be similar to the first game. If he decides to settle on a 7-8 player rotation and give those players the bulk of the time, then KU should win by double digits.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Didn’t Self already state a few weeks ago that he was going to play everyone in WUG? I’m thinking he is going to give everyone some minutes in this entire tourney. I don’t really care if Self Jr. or Manning Jr. get minutes… but everyone else needs to get minutes and I hope we keep the rust off of our bench this year because we are going to need bench, especially in March.

    This is going to be a season focusing on attrition. The quickened pace is going to impact most teams, especially as the season progresses. I’m hopeful that Self might consider extending his PT parameters to involve more players getting PT.

    I know one thing for sure… no way Frank Mason should average the PT minutes he had last year. If he does that again this year, he’ll be spent even sooner than he was last year with a high chance of injury.

  • @drgnslayr

    Well…there is playing everyone and there is winning games. Most coaches like to compete with a rotation of 7-8 players; it will depend if Coach Self is trying to look at player combinations and try different things or if his competitive side will prevail and will do what he needs to do to win games…the team is representing the country after all and it deserves top effort and not just a practice junket for the players. I will guess that most players will play against the weaker competition and for the tougher games he will use a small rotation…but I could be wrong 😞

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