MLB Cancels AL All Star Votes

  • MLB announced they have cancelled about 1/5 of AL votes basically because of the number of Royals leading in the voting. Sixty million of the estimated 300 million votes have been wiped off the books.

  • @brooksmd

    This is a slippery slope. Obviously, we exposed a flaw in the system and I assumed it would be changed after this years game. But to change it now and subjectively decide which votes don’t count doesn’t seem right, either. I don’t have any answers only questions!

    Go Royals!!!

  • @VailHawk The flaw in the system is giving each email address 35 votes. What idiot dreamed that up? It should be limited to players that are having an all star year. I’m sure there is a way they could limit it to say the top 5 players at each position based on certain stats at say a month before the game and the top 2-3 vote getters per position a week before the game would go. Still allow fans to vote but only once per email address. But now to allow the fiasco and then cut 60 million votes is stupid.

  • @brooksmd

    Even that requirement can be easily by-passed. I own my domain name and I can generate unlimited e-mail addresses such as, and so on. Now, a better way would be to limit by IP address but I, or anyone with computer skills, could easily by-pass this requirement by spoofing the IP, although I would suspect that 98% of voters would not know how to do it.

  • @brooksmd I wanted to post a spoof thread yesterday about kubuckets spambots stuffing the vote for KC after I listened to 610 sports radio on this very subject. I was on lunch hour from 1-2 pm & just didn’t have time to ham it up like I wanted to so did not say anything. Hell every night when we have our game chats I’m working in the shop or mowing or painting or some other wear-my-ass-out chore & can’t just sit & gab all I wish. There are just so many available minutes for me to BS, but I sure do like to-as you know quite well. 😉 Thank you very much !!

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    When I was a kid I was gifted enough to make a few all star games. It was a pretty cool honor. However I’m not sure the pros really care. In fact if they had their gathers they would rather just have the time off.

    I know the MLB and the fans like it, but really it’s kind of pointless. In fact it’s really more of a popularity contest more than anything else. I say be gone with it.

  • @DoubleDD It does determine whether the NL or AL team will be the home team for the World Series. Makes the game more consequential than the farces put on by the NBA and NFL.

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    Yea I know, but is that really a good thing? I don’t know? Wouldn’t the overall victories in inter league play be a better way to decide home field in the World Series?

    Like I said I get the fans and the MLB like it. I’m just not sure it’s really that big of a deal to the Pros. I could be wrong though.

    I guess what turns me off to it. Is that the best players don’t always play. To many guys get invites just because of name power.

  • @DoubleDD royals get xtra money!!💰💰💰💵⚾

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Just how many of them new Marilyn Monroe $10 bills do they get anyways ?

  • @globaljaybird The topic involved the All-Star Game, a subject with which the Royals appear to have reached a saturation point, and Hosmer had little interest discussing the $50,000 bonus he would receive from his employers for the honor of appearing in the game.

    A viral movement has spirited eight Royals players into the starting lineup for the American League. The fallout from the phenomenon is ongoing. As the other 29 clubs ponder how one team conquered the voting process, the Royals are preparing to dole out a seven-figure sum in bonuses on top of their already record payroll.

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  • Love it!

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