Curry Shoots 3s, Lebron Shoots 2s, GS Wins...What a Surprise

  • Blatt deserves strokes for getting the Cavs to the Finals and even to 3-2 with all the injuries.

    But he is just getting mercilessly outcoached in game 6.

    Kerr came to the NBA at the right time with the right guns.

    Not only is 3>2…


  • @jaybate-1.0 I call it team work!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    What Steph Curry needs on him is Lebron.

    But Lebron is having to play to many minutes to smother Curry AND walk to all of the Cav’s points.

  • Where did Iguadala learn to shoot free throws–the butcher shop?

  • @jaybate-1.0 still saying teamwork!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Cle needs the stop & LBJ stands still & does zip while Curry make the uncontested layup with 2 & change. LBJ may be an offensive juggernaut but if he had played for HCBS he damn sure woulda know how to stuff the midget Curry. Maybe it was just too much effort…JMO

  • Maybe Draymond will teach LBJ how to man up on DDDDDDDDDDDD!!!

  • @globaljaybird

    Lebron would rather walk than guard.

  • This looks like the same refs that gave Duke the National Championship.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    But try as they might, even the refs are no match for the 3.

  • But the refs did appear to take care of the point spread.

  • Golden State has made their open threes. Cleveland has missed theirs. That’s the story of the series. When the Cavs collapsed to cut off drives, the Warriors made them pay. Cleveland’s shooters could not do the same.

    James was the MVP of the Finals. Either him or Iguodala for the work he did on James.

  • The Cav coach should have posted Lebron up the entire series.

    There was no way the Cavs could match GS in a three point contest.

    You never play it the way the other guys wants, when you can’t do it as well. Even Self shifts gears, when he can’t match up.

    The Cav coach should have put Lebron on the low block and just let him shoot 2s and free throws for the series. It would have saved Lebron’s energy. It was stupid having him driving AND taking treys. A losing strategy by definition.

    A healthy Cavs team probably would have won the series handily though.

    But they weren’t healthy.

    So they had to adapt and they didn’t.

    Live and learn.

  • @jaybate-1.0 you sound like gunny…only his guys died when they didn’t learn.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    The game was played fairly cleanly and I thought the refs did a good job. I did not see any blatantly or even borderline bad calls.

  • The key to the game was GS defense and taking care of the ball.

    • GS - 28 assists, 9 turnovers
    • Cleveland - 14 assists, 16 turnovers

  • @jaybate-1.0

    A victory for small ball! A victory for x-axis basketball… the future of the NBA. Yes, 3 points are more than 2. Height will get you 2s. Small and talent will get you 3s. Height will get you rebounds. Small will get you steals. Height will get you shots in the paint. Small will get you shots from 3. 3 > 2.

    The difference was an amazing feat. The winning team basically concedes the boards, the inside paint. They were giving away what Jayhawks value, especially under Self. “Defend the paint! Rebound!”

    It is hard to realize just what these finals came to mean because of watching 2 teams with such different philosophies.

    I know, I know… the Cavs were missing Irving and the Warriors had too much overall talent. Even with those odds, it was still tough winning while being so small. So small that they put their only big 5 on the pine to watch the rest of the series.

    Curry is truly MVP of this season. For as good as he is with his shot, he is equally good with his feet, and it is his feet that creates the opportunity for him to take the shot, usually under about any defensive pressure. The guy is one of the best at creating floor space to get his shot off… perhaps one of the best of all times. I remember a lot of great guards that were wizards at creating their own space. Like how about Isaiah Thomas? Not a guard, but how about Larry Bird and his famous step back jumper?

    Curry has some magic feet, and it was a joy watching him fake and make cuts with blazing accuracy then nail a rapid-fire 3. I bet that kid can dance!

    2015 NBA FINALS

    X-AXIS 1 Y-AXIS 0

  • @drgnslayr

    Beautiful post full of the joy of the game!

  • Love the fact that the Warriors play team ball… lightening fast and deadly from long-range… Very entertaining.

    RE: Curry… I’m very glad we beat Davidson in '08 or it would be painful to appreciate how amazing he is at this level.

    I’m not a LeBron fan, and I think they were stupid to trade Wiggins, but I’m not blind. LeBron is the best player in the world and any team with him has a chance to win at any level. I will tip my hat to LeBron because the Cavs had no chance without him of getting to the playoffs, and he was capable of getting that team to the brink of a championship.

  • @bskeet

    I agree. I know that a player from the losing team never gets the MVP trophy; however, LeBron truly dominated the series and probably deserved to be named MVP.

    Full disclosure, I am not a fan of LeBron but I have to admit that he is not only the best basketball player in the world but likely the best athlete as well.

  • Needs to be from winning team!🏆

  • @jaybate-1.0

    The Cav coach should have put Lebron on the low block and just let him shoot 2s and free throws for the series. It would have saved Lebron’s energy. It was stupid having him driving AND taking treys. A losing strategy by definition.

    It would have been fairly tough on Lebron physically to post up the entire series. They would have put a big guy like Draymond Green on him to bang with him, which would have been just as exhausting as playing on the perimeter. Golden State had the luxury of being able to change up their matchups if necessary because they had more (healthy) depth than Cleveland. Banging inside against NBA guys will wear anyone down because those guys are just so strong.

    Cleveland had a decent strategy. However, the story of the series was watching Smith, Shumpert and Dellavadova miss open threes. At one point last night they were a combined 1-10 from the field and Cleveland was only down by 2 at that time. With Lebron drawing double teams and bending the defense, those three were open time and time again, but time and time again, they missed. That was a killer for the Cavs. Their only hope was to be able to get 10-15 points a game from each of that trio. In the second half of Game 5, and in Game 6, they got almost nothing.

  • Most boring & uneventful final in recent memory IMO. Like watching 2 raindrops run down the window. SF getting a championship is as popular as opening another bath house…only exciting for natives & soap companies. And LBJ, he WAS the show for Cleveland and its just another bad rerun to many who like team BB. I sure hope the reduced shot clock doesn’t ruin the college game as we know it. Conf realignment & the money express has already done far & above enough of that.

  • @justanotherfan

    That’s why u post lBJ, to get the green matchup, then LBJ STEPS OUT and runs Green ragged till the go small, then post LBJ immediately. Back and forth always with the MUA And least effort for LBJ. This is strategy my highschool coach would have gone to immediately; sad a pro coach missed it, especially when he was determined to play through LBJ.

  • @jaybate-1.0 LBJ is the coach

  • @JayHawkFanToo @Crimsonorblue22

    I like Andre Igoudala – his story and sacrifice is a fantastic story, but I hate giving an MVP trophy to someone that can’t hit free throws…

    I also hate to admit that LeBron should have been the MVP. But I have to agree. The numbers don’t lie:

    Lebron’s finals 36points/pg, 13 rebounds/pg, 9 assists/pg

    James scored or assisted on 62 percent of the Cavaliers’ points and became the first player in Finals history to lead both teams in points, rebounds and assists.

    PS: 1957 MVP of NCAA Tournament was Wilt Chamberlain… in defeat. 36points/pg (57% fg%), 15 rebounds/pg, 2 assists/pg. (6.6 blocks/pg)

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Here is the original ESPN article and makes you think how good Spoelstra really was handling LeBron in Miami. Not a flattering picture of LeBron and makes you wander, if Blatt leaves, who in his right mind would want to get in the middle of that mess.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I have no idea!! Thrilled wiggs is not there!

  • @jaybate-1.0 I think the Cavs/Warriors series would have gone to 7 games had the Cavs been healthy. Kyrie vs Steph is basically a wash. LBJ is a difference maker, the greatest player of all time but he got regularly checked by Iggy. Love would have been exposed on the defensive side of the ball. I still think the Warriors would have won it with the Cavs at full strength. But, a much much closer game.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I understand that Jordan was also a prima dona and Kobe can be one, all superstars are that way, but none to the extend of LeBron’s behavior…except maybe for Latrell Sprewell who at least was open about it and paid dearly for it.

  • lebron-cry-baby.jpg

  • @bskeet

    I’m glad they didn’t give the MVP just based on numbers. James had the big numbers because the Cavs ran out of big scorers and also a PG to diffuse the assists.

    LeBron was impressive. Especially when you consider his age.

    But the compelling story was Igoudala. And for him to suddenly be thrown in the spotlight and play as well as he did… satisfies me that he deserved the MVP. He could have put up monster numbers like James did if the Warriors were missing so many players, too. Maybe not as high of numbers as James, but at least getting him plenty of attention.

    It is hard to give MVP to a player on the losing team, because if he was so valuable in the tournament, why didn’t his team win it all?

    For GS… it would have been a tough road without Igoudala. He not only gave them a huge offensive spark, but he did a great job of containing James.

    I’m pretty sure even James is tipping his hat to Igoudala and willing to admit he deserved the MVP.

    Had the Cavs won… obviously James deserved it.


  • @drgnslayr I’m w/you!

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