The one-upper

  • I am in the middle of writing a book and having some writers block. I could use a few good one-upper stories from a fresh untapped source. If you are not familiar with what a one-upper is here is what the urban dictionary has to say about them. The One Upper as an annoying person who responds to hearing someone else’s experience or problem by immediately telling a similar story about themselves with a much more fantastic (or terrible) outcome.

  • Every guy knows a guy with the “one-upper” personality trait. You know who I am talking about. If you have a pimple, they have had one chronicled in the New England Journal of Medicine. If your kid made the game winning basket in the final game of the season, their’s has already been contacted by NBA talent scouts. Why do we even tell them stories or engage them knowing that the second we start speaking we can see the wheels of embellishment turning in their head? Ninety nine times out of one hundred they just cut us off mid-sentence to tell the story of of their importance to the universe. We, the non-one-uppers, tolerate them because we feel bad for them. We inherently know that no matter how aggravating or how rude their actions are, they are the actions of a very insecure person. So we ignore them, we avoid them, or we just let them finish and then we move on to something productive.

  • You’re writing a book? What a coincidence! I am also writing a book. It’s going to be the greatest book ever written. It will outsell every book ever written, including The Bible.

    Good luck with your little story.


    This is a good reminder to me not to be that guy…

  • @Statmachine

    I once knew a guy that was writing a similar book, but he had already been contacted by two different publishers and was in talks with a studio about adapting it for a movie. Unfortunately, he got writer’s block, too, and was never able to finish the book. So sad, because the partial manuscript was nominated for a Pulitzer, but was ineligible because it was incomplete.

    All jest, no malice.

  • Banned


    I have one but it might be urban legend by now. Yet it did really happen to me. It just made my jaw drop and made my head just shake with WTF.

    I was hanging out with some friends of mine that come around in Deer season. Everybody was telling their story and so on. So this one guy who has to be the know it all and the been there and done that.

    Here’s his story

    He was just walking out in the woods without a gun. (which is fishy right there). He seen a big Buck but he had no gun. So he took his boot strings out of his boots and snuck up on the deer like a ninja (another warning sign you don’t sneak up on deer). Caught the deer and tied him to a tree (Another WTF moment). Then went back and got his gun and killed the deer. It was so out there nobody could even laugh. Though some of us tried to do thinking he was joking, but no he was serious.

    To this day I’m like WTF?

  • @nuleafjhawk I laughed out loud-thanks I needed that.

  • We have a guy at my work that said to one of the girls that he does cage fighting over seas where they fight to the death. He goes on to tell her that he is undefeated lol. I guess he would have to be right? IDIOT

  • @Statmachine Did the blond ask “really, you’ve never lost?”

  • @brooksmd heh?

  • IDK she just smirked and told all of us when he wasn’t around.

  • @Statmachine smart girl!

  • @DoubleDD Maybe this guy is Daniel Boone reincarnated?

  • @Statmachine Maybe everyone in your office can pitch in for a one way ticket so he can fight to the death again.

  • @DoubleDD Walking through the woods with no gun in deer season. Were there banjos involved?

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