• This could be really, really bad for UNC. image.jpg

  • I like Roy in general but this didn’t look good when it surfaced. I was hoping this didn’t run deep because it hurts the athletes more than anyone else.

  • @wrwlumpy Hope it ain’t so. Brown brought us an NC but Roy brought us back to the big time for keeps.

  • They should have vacated the first for letting Sean May push Illini defenders out of the way like a snow plow on his way to MOP status.

    I don’t know what to think of taking away titles a decade after they were won. What does it prove? There should be a statute of limitations.

  • KU had some professors /courses that were a paper for credit back in the day. Hopefully no similar finding occurs here.

  • Banned

    No way the NCAA throws the book at UNC. NO Way. Hell they tried everything short of covering it up to just make it go away. With the autonomy of the power 5, the NCAA is nothing more than a shell of it’s former self. The NCAA really has no teeth any more.

    They mess with UNC and the NCAA might lose their bread and butter College Basket. College Football may in deed pay the bills but College Basketball isn’t chump change, and is the main source of funds that supports the NCAA.

  • I am very doubtful UNC has to give up any titles. There have been worse crimes committed by others without NCs taken away. Take Kentucky, for example, in 1951 being caught up in the NY point shaving scandal. They still kept their 1951 NC, even though they were banned from playing in the following season.

    Something more current is the situation at Syracuse. Once again, Syracuse was able to keep their NC.

  • @DoubleDD

    If I understand correctly, the NCAA makes very little money from College Football since the Bowls are negotiated between conferences and sponsors with little NCAA intervention and all television contracts are between conferences/school and networks. The bulk of the money comes from March Madness TV contract with CBS/Turner ($10.4B over 14 years) which the NCAA controls an takes the lion’s share of the money or app. 84% of it total revenue

  • @Bwag Well now that you’ve mentioned it, maybe they will have a look.

  • Nike-Jordan, Nike-Jordan Roy and Nike-Jordan UNC appear possible weak links in the Nike-Nike force structure. They appear a petro shoe tail that can wag a petro shoe dog. Hypothesis: such internal power anomalies cannot be permitted to go on indefinitely.

    Someone apparently REALLY wants to be in control of picking the next coach at Nike-Jordan UNC.

    “Mistah Kurtz, he dead.”–Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”

    “Your mission is to proceed up the Nung River…” --Francis Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now”

  • @wrwlumpy Like it has been mentioned, UNC is too big a cash cow for the NCAA to take down. I assume we’ll see a similar penalty as Syracuse got, but it won’t happen until after this season, I would bet. UNC is too loaded going into this year for them to take them down until after the season.

  • What if Nike-Jordan bought out Nike-Nike?

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Question: Does Michael Jordan have a power interest in Air Jordan? Might the crumbling at UNC bring Jordan from the closet for a rare corporate appearance?

  • I remember when this was broadcast and everyone was trashing the messenger. Then the NCAA quit investigating. UNC will not be hanging his jersey, but the old south might still want to have a hanging. The fact that two of the Coaches involved are ex-Jayhawks, the Arena is named after a Jayhawk and that Roy brought his own Academic Supervisor with him from KU, must “give us pause.” Last week Roy gave a speech saying that he wished he knew what the charges were. Now he knows. It would be a tragedy for the NCAA to treat this lightly. This will never equal the cover up murder at Baylor, but this stinks.


    Good Times before the scandal.

  • Banned


    That would be correct. The big boys of college football, and everybody else understood a governing body was needed. No way were the Alabama’s and Texas’s of the world were going to give up the profits of college football.

    So the NCAA got the Tournament. Still what did you say? 10.4 billion over 14 years? That’s not chump change by any means.

    No way the NCAA brings the hammer to UNC. No way. The NCAA is about two stones throws away of being dismantled or losing any say so when dealing with the power 5 as it is. The only reason they still exist is to keep the government and the lawsuits at bay. However if the NCAA plays to hard, I have no doubt the power 5 will head out the door. Thereby changing college sports forever.

  • @DoubleDD

    I have read that UNC academic accreditation is being reviewed; if they lose that most students would transfer. A much bigger blow than anything the NCAA cold ever inflict.

  • @drgnslayr

    I have never read how MJ’s interest is structured with Air Jordan. But my speculative guess would be that his power within Air Jordan and Nike has been based heavily on the power he holds over his own Brand (his ability to project himself onto the brand positively, or negatively, and take himself away from it, rather than much direct participatory control over the Air Jordan brand. By this I mean, so long as he was a legend in the minds of youth and adults, Nike had to respect his wishes and the legacy relationships that were involved. However, now that MJ is an aging baby boomer and his star power is beginning to recede domestically, but even more globally, with time, there may be a very strong desire for clearing the legacy relationships and exceptionalist nature of the Nike-Jordan and Nike UNC linkages within NIke. But again, the above is all specualation and we are in need of some serious investigative journalists to wade into this for us book buying fans.

    IMHO, to see through the media veil of what appears to be going on at UNC, it appears one would have to track back to the time when Sonny Vaccaro, MJ, Dean and (to much lesser degree) Roy apparently created the relationship prototype for the college sports, inc., athletic department in basketball and its contractual partnership with Big Shoe, at UNC; then track forward to certain key moments in the geneology: Sonny’s departure from Nike, the whole reputed Sonny/George Reveling dog fight, the demand for an Air Jordan brand under the Nike umbrella, then the organizational crisis that appeared to cause aging, possible founding architect of it all, Dean, to bring back Roy to Chapel Hill apparently not only to right the basketball program, but in retrospect apparently to perpetuate the autonomy of the whole UNCAD/Nike-Jordan complex in the apparent face of both a fractious university administration and faculty and a perhaps aggressive Nike-Nike strategy under Raveling, who has since appeared to lavish a lot of luv first on Nike UK and Nike Cal, and then on UNC arch rival Nike Duke and Nike Coach K.

    Who knows for sure, but perhaps only Roy could have been trusted by all legacy parties to have done the job at UNC; but this old Big Shoe world kept on turning and so one would then need to scroll forward to the seemingly contrived timing of Easy Classgate; then add in the emergent roll of the Drake Group, and then the emergence of the new African American head basketball coaching association formed outside the NCAA recently. If one were to do so, I suspect things would all come as darkly clear as the tinted glass in a black Escalade of a player than has just signed an endorsement deal to go along with his NBA contract.

    Or so it seems to me speculating and opining, as usual, without insider knowledge and as a lay man sports fan reading the internet intermittently just like the rest of the board rats here and around the world.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Enjoyed the read.

    I wonder what college basketball would look like today if the ShoeCo influence had been kept totally away from the sport? I know that sounds unrealistic, but the NCAA, back when they ran a tighter (notice I didn’t say “tight”) ship, could have regulated out shoe contracts and made schools fund their own equipment and pay some form of regulated pricing with heavy record keeping. What would college basketball look like today without the influence of ShoeCos? My guess is it would look completely different. You wouldn’t see the kind of “blue blood” separation and the sport would have a closer parity.

    I’m curious about the Jordan relationship to Air Jordan. I think examples like Cosby created a big wake up call to corporate America. Same can be said of other big name celebs that have fallen from public grace. What if Jordan fell? They can’t rename “Air Jordan!”

    And what if the next “30 for 30” is the show exposing Nike’s dirty play including interviews with Jordan to substantiate it all? If he isn’t still on the payroll or in line for dividend collection perhaps his conscience will begin to speak around his filter. I have a feeling part of the deal with Jordan and Nike is a very large contract of silence that the world will never see. It better exist, for Nike’s sake.

    Gossip is a powerful tool. Gossip on the street is out there connecting the dots from the rap/hip-hop world to the ShoeCos. Gossip about murder, real murder, to protect interests. Why does this gossip exist? Because rap/hip-hop stars have been the only ones that can penetrate the same target audience the ShoeCos own. The legend of 2Pac will never die. Nor will Notorious B.I.G. These guys weren’t “team players.” Blame it on the feud. Look at the big names left in hip-hop and they’ve all gone corporate. Their cred is outlined by powerful attorneys and they have security forces equaling what Heads of State get.

    What would that world look like without ShoeCos?

    Imagine NO “Air Jordans” and another player, “2PacPower” competing head-to-head with the giants and owning their azzes because they have all the power on the street!

    There is just too much money to be made to let that happen. And it didn’t. And it won’t!

  • @drgnslayr


  • @jaybate-1.0

    I think I was the one who shared that with you…while enjoying a 1977 Vintage glass of port, remember?

  • @drgnslayr And we wouldn’t be bombarded with some of the outlandish uniform color schemes.

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