• Be prepared to DVR if you can’t stay awake for the games. WILL THESE GAMES BE TELEVISED!?!?!?

  • @wrwlumpy I ALWAYS feel dirty after blindly clicking on a link and finding out it’s THAT place. Blah. Yuck.

  • I LOVE the questions where you can fill in the blank! I always reply with something completely nasty! Yester day I had a Question asking what I looked for in a Dandruff shampoo? There were 4 boxes you could click OR answer a fill in the blank. I answered with the following “It must make the hair on my dogs testicals soft, shiny, and flake free”.

  • I know I’ve seen WUG events on Fox College Sports in the past just scrolling through the channel guide. I’ve never watched so I have no idea if the broadcasts they show are live or not or if FCS still have a contract or not. I would guess the WUG website would have a live stream of events so that’s always an option.

  • Boy & I bought our tickets for the 1st Canadian exhibition at Sprint Center & prices are up there. Minimum for nose bleeds is about $45 bucks online. Maybe cheaper if ya drive down to the box office but is painless to make a couple of clicks and bingo…

  • @Statmachine I do the same thing Stat! I’ll just answer with a four letter word or words of my choice tho. Or, just something completely random and not even close to the topic.

  • @globaljaybird

    I understood that they had planned to sell only 10,000 tickets for each game, so I figured there would be plenty of seats available. The tickets were supposed to be $50 for both games…are they sold out now and so tickets are going for $45 per game?

  • @globaljaybird

    You can get tickets directly from the Sprint Center box office here or from the Kansas Athletics ticket office at 800-34-HAWKS for a lot less.

    By the way, looks like the upper sections will not be open so most tickets should be pretty decent. I watched a Big 12 Tournament game from the very top tier and the view was surprisingly good.

  • @Statmachine

    Hahahahaheee… got a gas out of that.

    I try to answer their questions as “believable” as possible, but just give them wrong info that often contradicts other answers. I know somewhere there is a marketing wonk cleaning out misfit answers and studying the numbers… so I want to make sure I’m included in the results, but just make sure to not give accurate info. I think this is the way to foil all the marketing clowns. Make it seem real.

    These are the same marketing clowns that buy illegally-obtained marketing data and punish people like us with their constant attack on our time, focus and sensibilities. And because their approach is totally toxic, they poison waters for real marketing professionals that have moral fiber enough to set standards for trying to help the public, instead of kicking them in the gut for a buck or two.

  • @wrwlumpy

    The late games will not be a problem but the 6:30 AM will be…for me anyway. Hopefully one of the sports networks will carry the games so we don’t have to go searching for internet streams like we are forced to do at the beginning of the season thanks to Zenger…whom I still hate.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Thanks for the link. Did not know the limits on totals sold, but we’re good now anyway. I looked there last week & min price was 45 for the 1st game & 50 for the 2nd. I didn’t notice anything about the upper level being vacant. I’ve set there also & didn’t care for it.

  • Just checked - we’re 8 rows back under the hoop. I’ll take it.

  • @globaljaybird If you’re actually on the aisle directly behind the basket, those seats aren’t that great. I had similar seats for the CBE a few years back and the stanchion for the goal blocked a significant portion of my view of the court.

  • This will pump you up for the first game against Canada two weeks from now.

  • @wrwlumpy OK I’m ready for the tip now …

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