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  • I’ve been a dreamer my entire life…literally! I have vivid dreams relatively often but I can only remember snip its of them. So last nite or rather this morning right before I woke up (I think that’s REM sleep or the deepest sleep I read somewhere) I had a dream about KU Buckets members!

    Randomly, a few of us decided to meet in a undisclosed mall. And we all love KU Basketball so that’s how this qualifies to go in KU Basketball News @approxinfinity!

    Anyway, this is a true story and we’re in the off season so stick with me!

    So I first meet a female. I introduce myself cuz ultimately I’m not that worried about anonymity…at least at a undisclosed mall in my dream…which isn’t offensive like requiring someone to register with a FB account! But I digress.

    There are 10-15 people all milling around…and I first meet a female that I think is MO3 from @Jesse-Newell’s blog…then I see another female about ten feet away who I assume is @Crimsonorblue22 but we never speak.

    So then I’m suddenly in another part of the undisclosed mall and I’m talking to @HighEliteMajor and he’s like 85 years old! And I think to myself I really thought he’d be younger and I was bummed cuz I was always hoping he’d move to Vail and help coach my kids someday. Then @jaybate-1.0 walks up and I introduce him to @HighEliteMajor and JB asks me to lower my voice cuz he doesn’t want anyone else to hear!

    Then I’m suddenly in some totally random convention like hall with my dad and I’m standing in line to get a free coors light and I HATE coors light!!!

    Then I wake up.

    Can anyone else confirm or deny you were in my dream?!?!

  • @VailHawk go back to sleep and make it more exciting!!!

  • @VailHawk

    Gosh… you had me until the Coors Light!

    I would like to know where @HighEliteMajor lives so I can move in his area in a couple of years and have him work with my boy.

    I think I’m most curious about everyone’s age. I’ll give mine away. I’m 56. And my birthday… was the first date picked in the last Vietnam draft. Luckily I was a couple of years too young and the war had already died down for us.

  • @VailHawk I wasnt there. I was confused why my office was gone and all my stuff was tossed into a cubical with two other people.

  • @drgnslayr 4 years older and my draft card was 1-H, but by then troops were leaving Vietnam so they weren’t drafting in big numbers.

    And happy bday.

  • I’m 43 and have a 8 yr old girl and two boys ages 4 & 2.

    Happy birthday @drgnslayr !!!

  • Joseph had a dream

    Pharoah had a dream

    Nebuchadnezzar had a dream

    Pilots wife had a dream

    John had a dream

    MLK had a dream

    Vailhawk had a dream

    You’re just next in the line of those with vivid dreams. Dream on!

  • Dream on brother, dream on…here is a little help…

  • @drgnslayr I’m 56 as well ! Will be 57 in July.

    It’s weird, I get better looking all the time…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 lol - i get better looking, but my vision gets worse. Hmmmm.

    What are the little icons supposed to be?

  • @JayhawkRock78

    Ha… must have said it wrong about the draft. I think it was the last lottery pick. My birthday in November 12! I just tried to do some research on it and nothing is matching that date… maybe I’m wrong?! I’m finding December 8?

    Thanks, @Crimsonorblue22 … I always knew there was a connection between @nuleafjhawk and I.

  • @drgnslayr I wasn’t saying you were wrong about the draft. I am only saying the war was winding down and the numbers they drafted dropped significantly. That, and the fact I was in college I think meant they did not send me a notice.

    I might add I am very patriotic and thought serving in the military was something I considered. After all my Grandfather. Was a decorated WWII vet (South Pacific Theatre) and pop was a Korean War Vet. He made it very clear he did NOT want me to join-one of his 5 rules.

    Truth be told when 9-11 happened I was so fired up I considered it. But then I was 45 years old and had two kids. I didn’t even look into it as I was way past age wise and our minister made a good point most of us needed to continue to continue in our current roles to keep things moving as they had been.

    He also said when the planes fly again get on them. And I made it a point to fly and fly often. I made it a point a point to make extra connections and be alert-and it was obvious many around me on the planes were very attentive and focused. I was flying out of LA airports and felt like I was on a program similar to WWII drives for tires, metal, victory gardens, etc.

  • @drgnslayr Well so far ya’ll are a bunch of young pups. Dec 22, 1948. I must’ve been smart (ass) for my age as I started early and graduated hs at 17 in 1966, so I had a bit of a delay before US came looking for me. By the time he did the AF had already given me a job in electronics and put up with me for 20 years. Now ya’ll keep bustin your butts and payin those SS taxes. I appreciate it. It pays for the 🍻

  • Ironically I’ve always played nice with older friends. 1/2 my friends are 20 years+ older than I am. Nov. '78

  • @brooksmd There’s one in every damn crowd ain’t there? Make it 2 you old geezer, I’m 3 flippin years younger than you !! And ya’ll keep payin that 5,8%, ya hear ?

  • Banned


    If we are going to “Dream on” lets do it right. ")

  • @brooksmd I’m almost exactly 30 years younger than you. Always was the youngest in my grade too. Guess cut off dates for public school don’t change much 😄

  • @VailHawk HA! Thats awesome, wish I was in it! Dreams are so fun. Its like one big movie to me sometimes. I had a dream recently that I met Wiggins after one of his Timberwolves games. Oh yah, Im 40 and a half! lol

  • @DoubleDD

    Best. Video. Ever.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    It has me miffed about that date, I must have something confused because I went looking for it and couldn’t find it.

    I have a patriotic streak, too. Sort of disappointed that I never served directly, but have been involved in several volunteer services for military families. I have a real weak spot for veterans, and many have slept on my couch during hard times.

    My dad was the youngest of 5 brothers and they all served, from WWII on through to my dad serving in Korea. One of my uncles landed on Normandy.

    I was with my dad during the 9-11 attack. We were glued to the TV and both in utter shock. TV blasted super loud. I have some hearing loss from being near my dad too many years because of him blasting a TV. He is almost completely deaf from being too close to the big guns on his ship in Korea. It blew out one ear and the other he can barely hear a thing. We have all endured a lifetime of screaming loud and repeatedly… all for the red-white-blue, and we are proud to do it!


    “Well so far ya’ll are a bunch of young pups. Dec 22, 1948”

    Thanks! I needed that!

    My goal is to pay as much tax as I possibly can so I’m making as much profit as possible! Drink up!

  • @drgnslayr … Sorry, but the ole’ RedRooster has seen HIS day … How about August, 1942. And … with the Lord’s Grace … I feel younger each and every added year.

    My past included riding Horseback to an old country school, Grades K-8 with a total student count of 18, with 2 teachers. Coldest day I rode horseback to school was 18 below zero!.

  • @RedRooster and like my dad, you rode uphill to and from school. He walked though.

  • @RedRooster

    Cool! You’re two months younger than my dad! Did you graduate HS in 1960 and then attend KU?

  • @RedRooster

    “How about August, 1942. And … with the Lord’s Grace … I feel younger each and every added year.”

    Blessings, my friend, blessings!

    My lone surviving uncle is 92 and he made me promise not to get old. So I’m doing everything I can to keep the promise I made to him.

    I envy your horseback days to school. I was stuck on one of those big yellow school buses. My hair was always wet from an early morning shower and on cold days my hair would freeze solid as I waited for the dumb bus. Didn’t mind the bus ride but hated to wait for a bus!

  • @RedRooster RR, my grandmother used to teach in one of those country schools. Somewhere around Topeka. And I bow to your seniority.

  • @drgnslayr 10 months older. Class of 66 also.


  • @wrwlumpy

    HS Class of '76. They called us “the Bicentennial Kids.”

    When the Beatles landed in NY, I watched them play on Ed Sullivan and grew my hair out into a “Beatle cut.” It was simple enough… just let your hair grow and put a bowl on your head and cut around the edges. Went to elementary school that fall and they sent me home because I didn’t have either a crew cut or flat top. My father was a big, bad azz man back then and he took me back to school and screamed at the Principal… demanding to read their policy on hair (which, I guess, they didn’t have). So I was back in school, hair and all, and paved the way for the other boys in my school district to let it grow!

  • @drgnslayr that’s where you get your badassness!

  • @VailHawk YES … Graduated in 1960 outside of Pueblo, Colorado at Pueblo County High School, then to college in Ft. Collins, Colorado at Colorado State University. The CSU logo is “RAMS.”. Then got my first real paying job just outside of Amarillo, Texas … then moved to the K.C. Area (Overland Park) and got “hooked on the Jayhawks.” Yes … I must clarify that I LOVE their Style of BASKETBALL … not football or any other K.U. sports.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    True… and I only have 10% of his!

  • @RedRooster Upvote for the king of upvoters!

  • @KUSTEVE … I Love ALL You Guys and/or Gals! Your posts are interesting and generally “On Topic” and always cast a professional approach to the discussions. Thank You ALL !!

  • @RedRooster You’re tops in my books, too.

  • Okay-not making this up but last night had a vivid dream. I was sitting on a dock at some lake and a 7 foot tall ( best guess he towered over me) kid with a baby face walks up. He is dressed ready to play, is holding a bBall with one hand against his hip. He looks about 16 years old-thin and needs a few years to develop a div 1 body. He is pasty white and needs to get out in the sun. I ask him where is he looking to play in college. He rattles of a couple of colleges I’ve never heard of and then says maybe Arkansas or Nebraska-(I am thinking “not one blue blood” ) and I am about to give him a KU pitch but he walks off and says over his shoulder, " certainly not KenSucky"

    This board is getting in to my dreams! I can’t recall who on this board posts “KenSucky” on a regular basis but it stuck with me.

  • @JayhawkRock78 you are crazy!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Not the worse thing that’s been said about me, and coming from you I take no offense.

  • @drgnslayr I remember our whole family watching them on Ed Sullivan. My older sister got the “Beatles 65” album that Christmas and still has it. My favorites on that album. Rock & Roll Music, I Feel Fine, She’s a Woman, No Reply. I"ll Follow the Sun.


    PS, Saw McCartney in Houston a while back. Phenomenal Show.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    My sister, mom and dad, and I watched the Ed Sullivan show at my grandmother’s house. I will never forget looking over at my parents, and their eyes were popping out and they didn’t say a word, probably in shock. I then looked at my sister, neither of us said a word, but we both had a big smile. I should check, but I think my sister still has our collection of 45s. Those became the big deal around that time.

    We spent a big chunk of the 60s at a nearby diner that had the nickel jukeboxes at each table. I can’t recall, but I think we got 3 plays for a nickel. Between that and radio, our lives changed around all our musical discoveries.

  • @drgnslayr Yeah, My father DID NOT like the hair and my mom would say, “I’m sick of hearing yeah, yeah, yeah.” I’m sure they kicked themselves for buying that Album-my sister played it constantly.

    Who ever fixed the links, many thanks.

  • 🎶🎶it’s been a hards day night, and I’ve been working like a dog. Oh wait- that’s already been taken, hasn’t it?🎶🎶

  • Looks like I’m the baby of the group so far. Just turned 33 this winter. No wonder everyone else’s memory goes back further than mine does.

  • Gee, I thought I was an old fart, but now I see a few of you guys (or gals) really ARE old farts. I was born in 1949. I guess I’ll have to change my name from “oldhwkfan” to “notquiteasfaroverthehillasIthoughthwkfan” or maybe just “springchickenhwkfan” to make it simple.

  • @oldhwkfan hey leave the gals out of the old statements!! You are older then me!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I didn’t name names! That was a generic “gals” to avoid sounding sexist.

  • Going to hit the big 6 0 on Nov. 20th. Knew I liked @drgnslayr! We both are gardeners and Scorpions.

  • Mostly kids here. Thus far only @RedRooster has me by a few. Feb 12, 1946 another bad February event for my family.

  • June 1965. I turn 50 in about 47 days. Had big plans to run a marathon to celebrate, but about a week ago, my knees started encouraging me to sit out on my back deck and enjoy the best Belgian beer I can get my hands on instead. Kind of a bummer, but I’m satisfied with the backup plan.

  • @DanR good one!

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