3ManU AND adidas MUST SIGN JAYLEN BROWN or Accepting the Real Politik of OADs in D1

  • @drgnslayr

    Finally watched the feed on Jaylen…

    3ManU and adidas must make Jaylen Brown happen.

    Even if it means making Self an assistant coach and making Jaylen become the first Player Coach in NCAA history.

    I am a real nit picker when it comes to judging players.

    This guy has weaknesses, as all players do, but he has the fewest weaknesses, and most fixable weaknesses of any of our superstar 3s that start with Brandon Rush, and proceed through Xavier Henry, Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre.

    First, no gauze balls on the knees.

    Second, he is the most ambidextrous coming in of any of our superstar threes, which would ramp HIGH-LOW BAD BALL up to hyperspace, because at long last we could have a superstar 3 that did not have to spend an entire game attacking from the PG’s right wing. Jaylen Brown could outscore all of our superstar 3s including Wiggins just because of his ability to play both wings.

    Third, he still has a boy’s body. If you think he is explosive now, he is going to go off the charts sometime over the next two years, when his man body emerges.

    Fourth, he is doing all that he is doing in those video clips without ever once playing at the edge of his envelope. His posse has him TOTALLY protecting the merchandize ALREADY. He has probably been coached to play 3/4 speeds since junior high. Absolutely no wear and tear in that body at all. It means Self won’t be able to get him to play hard at all at KU either. It means Brown will be protecting the merchandize completely at KU. BUT…that’s okay. It means he will not be wearing gauze balls on his knees by the second week of the season. We just have to play through our other guys until the NCAA tournament, and then cut Jaylen loose for the last three of the six games. If we get upset early in March, we will see as little of Jaylen’s actual ability, as we saw of Andrew Wiggins actually abilities. Jaylen will be given the usual 2 meaningly stat builder games, one early and one late, where Jaylen’s posse can be guarantied that the opposing coach won’t put him on the floor, and the rest of the time we will see merchandize protection and about 14 ppg. Like Wiggins, we will see about 4 complete disappearance games (i.e., rest games) and these will occur at intervals, at the agreement of his posse with Self, whenever Jaylen has a little joint stiffness, or a minor sprain. or a flu bug. The offense and game strategies for the entire season will have to be designed around protecting Jaylen, and resting him on the court every 4-6 games, so that ALL of his elasticity and pop are preserved for the NBA. But the guy is a player! And at 3/4 speed protecting the merchandize he is better than anyone else we can put at the 3.

    We have been down this path with Andrew Wiggins. It is worth it and it won’t be so annoying this time, because we understand the OAD game now.

    You sign a great OAD knowing:

    a.) they don’t improve;

    b.) they protect the merchandize; and

    c.) they only play hard in the tournament, and only then the last three games, when they are supposed to win you the tournament.

    This is D1 college basketball until the NCAA grows a pair and puts a stop to OAD.

    I always believe in playing by the rules until the rules change, and advocating for better rules in the interim.

    Hell yeah, we need to change to OAD rule.

    But until we do, Jaylen Brown, come to 3ManU where we understand how to help a player protect the merchandize all season, so that he is ready to win it a ring for us down the stretch and be fully rested and uninjured for the NBA draft.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0 I too have been watching Brown and trying to get anything on his school of choice. I have found a lot of Brown impersonators and Brown insiders BUT no one really knows where he will end up? Its like Wiggins recruitment as far as people assuming he is going to UM or UK just because they think UM (family) and UK (Cal) everyone thinks Cal is going to use his magic fishing pole and land Brown. Before this year UK fans just expect him to go out and land big fish. Its not happening late in the fishing season though lol. Brown wants to go to an Adidas school, Brown wants to win, Brown KNOWS his best shot at both is KU. If you were Brown and you had the WORLD watching you similar to Wiggins then you bask in the spot light for a short period longer and commit to KU. KU is the logical leader of the teams still on his short list other than the family factor and Adidas affiliation UM. The real race is UM and KU. I don’t believe UK is neck and neck with UM and the twitterverse is going crazy with Bragg and Diallo working Brown over atm. My bet is KU at this time and until he says other wise I believe he will join KU.

  • @Statmachine do we know who self is still talking to, besides brown? We know he’s not done.

  • @Statmachine

    Since Brown is the last top player left, do you think he already knows where he will be going and he is just enjoying his moment in the spotlight and milking it for all it’s worth?

  • @JayHawkFanToo I think all those guys that decided to stay home were milking all these programs all along. Not something I like! How many trips are they allowed and are they all on us?

  • @Statmachine


    This appears the adidas equivalent of the Nike ritual with Ingram.

    Substitute adidas for Nike and Brown for Ingram.

    Hypothesis: there was slim chance Ingram would not wind up with a Nike program from the beginning. Everything was done for branding and “informal down-stream incentive re-equilibration (IDIR).”

    Hypothesis: there is slim chance that Brown will not wind up with an adidas program. Everything, including stretching it out longer than Ingram, is being done for branding and IDIR.

    Hypothesis: Programs on both sides of the PetroShoeCo divide play the charade in each case, because the snowballing hype helps brand the player, brand the shoeco, and brand the universities involved (regardless of which shoe brand they are contracted with), and energize the bases of all the schools involved.

    Hypothesis: the side that loses in these designed media dramas, chases the loss with a quick signing being intentionally held in reserve that assuages the loss.

    D1–its recruiting-tastic!!!

  • Brown said he liked KU & UK the most in the fall.

    UNC is his dream school and made his final 5. They lost their SF to the draft so he could definitely go there. They are a top 10 team without, but with him could be the favorites??

    Michigan as noted has the family ties. Doubt that many people that picked him in the crystal ball could be that wrong. They opened a scholy for him, but with Irvin & Levert there its hard to see him looking at them and seeing a clear PT advantage. Cal is the only team I think has no shot.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Athletes are allowed 5 visits total with the expenses paid by the school; anything over that and they have to pay for it. I am not sure there is a limit on the number of visits a coach can make to a recruit’s home, and every visit he brings along school gear, caps, t-shirts and so on; I would think there is a limit but I don’t know what its is.

  • @JayHawkFanToo 5 visits to all schools? Parents included? We can hand out to all kids, no limit on kids?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    A prospect is allowed to have 5 “official” visits, that is when the school picks up some or all of the expenses, depending on the school’s budget and I would imagine, prospect’s value to the school; any visits above that are considered “unofficial” and the school cannot pay for any of the expenses. Schools cover only the prospect’s expenses and might reimburse the parents for car expenses only if they drive the prospect to the visit; that is the extent of what they can cover. Most prospects visit schools alone and when the parents come along they have to pay for their own expenses.

  • @JayHawkFanToo YES. He has all of the information one would need to make a decision at this juncture in his recruitment. He is enjoying all of the media attention. He went from having 10-15 tweets an hour to 100-150 an hour.

  • @Statmachine

    He likely had all of the information he needed to make the decision a year ago.

  • David Niday ‏@hickman1987 · 3m3 minutes ago
    With Jaylen Brown visit 3 days ago by Self and Roberts 247 Sports recruiting analysts starting to favor KU for his services! RCJH!!

  • I believe we lifted our chances of obtaining the services of Brown once we landed Diallo.

    Take out a piece of paper and sketch out the Kansas roster. We are pretty solid everywhere BUT the SF. I’m a big fan of BG, but even before he was hurt his real position is a 2 not a 3. And Svi is definitely a 2. Perry can pick up a few minutes at the SF this year… but Brown is a perfect fit into this lineup and then Kansas has all the pieces necessary to contend for a NC.

    If we draw him up half the offense we opened up for Wigs he’ll be a screaming success because he actually has an assortment of moves to either get to the hole or pull up. I mentioned some of his offensive skill set in my previous post, but what I really like is how he has the discipline to pull up short and take the gift sometimes instead of always forcing it to the hole. That also saves the merchandise. Saving the merchandise is not only good for Brown, but also for Kansas. Just look back at the March hit we took two years ago when JoJo went down.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I just want to take the opportunity to say… Rock Cheick Jayhawk!

  • @Lulufulu

    That is a huge PHOF!!!

    Damn I wish I had thought of that one.

  • @drgnslayr

    Copy and paste.

    Jaylen, listen to your @drgnslayr!!!

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