Post-game Round-up -- KU 88 Towson 58

  • Allen Fieldhouse Nov 22 2013 ###CJOnline – Jesse Newell – Lob city: KU basketball races past Towson###

    "LAWRENCE — Just before tipoff, as they were bouncing on the bleachers to pump themselves up for the game, a group of about a dozen KU students held up white letters in Allen Fieldhouse’s northwest corner.

    “Lobrence, KS” they spelled out…"

    ####**Jesse Newell’s stat recap : Kansas excelling at shot selection **####

    “KU can be deadly in transition … if it’s able to get a stop on the other end first. Though the Jayhawks had just three steals against Towson, they still were able to crank up the running game thanks to one of the team’s biggest strengths: defensive rebounding…”

    ####Kansas City Star Post-Game####

    “But there was something else on the box score, something that spoke to Wiggins’ unselfish sensibilities. The Jayhawks had put up 88 points — and nobody had taken more than eight shots…”

    ####KUSports – Kansas unstoppable in rout of Towson####

    “Nobody was talking about an undefeated season or anything crazy like that after Kansas University’s fourth basketball victory of the 2013-14 campaign — Friday’s 88-58 taming of Towson in Allen Fieldhouse.”

    ####Keegan: Keegan Ratings – Wiggins #1#### ####Keegan: Wiggins provides more than highlights#### ####Bedore: White produces off bench for KU#### ####Bill Self Post Game Interview####

    Box Score

    ####“Towson 16 42 58#### ####Kansas 49 39 88…”####

  • 1st half was the best I’ve seen Kansas play this season. Defense was good, offense was good, and transition was outstanding. KU got out in transition extremely fast and the passing was phenomenal. They didn’t look like a group of primarily freshman and sophomores.

    I liked Selden’s aggressiveness. I liked Embiid’s defense and passing.

    I was also impressed with Wiggins. He didn’t have eye-popping numbers, he finished with 16 points on 6/8 shooting, 7 boards, 1 assist, 1 block, and 0 turnovers. Wiggins isn’t taking 20 shots and trying to prove he’s the best player in the country by scoring 30 every game. I think he understands that he helps KU more by playing within the flow of the offense, and not forcing bad shots and turning the ball over. He’s also been playing good defense. I’ll take an efficient Wiggins that plays good defense over a Carmelo-type player any day of the week.

  • I’m with you on Wiggins. I’m sure his status as the top player will be debated all season. But I’m pretty sure Jordan wasn’t the leading scorer every game his freshmen year at UNC… and he didn’t take over games.

    That didn’t mean he wouldn’t become a HOF player and then some.

    My point is that a lot of people will question Wiggins, but a lot of people wouldn’t recognize a HOF player if they saw one.

  • Wigs is making everyone else around him better, & not forcing his own game. At some point though we will see him dominate at times because of matchups Self will want to explore. One thing I’ve taken away from seeing him play is that he really knows how & when to fill the lane. Our passers made it look so easy for him but our guards are really looking to get him the rock also. Glad to see Greene on the floor tonight again, but with Oubre & White vying for PT next season, I would not be dismayed if he leaves before Jan 1. Disappointed yes, but surprised no.

  • “If there’s a better team in the country, I’d like to find out who they are,” Skerry said. “And I certainly don’t want to play them.”

    With about 5 & change in the first half as he hung his head towards the floor, I felt the distinct impression he already wished he was heading for the airport. I’ve seen games from the old Big 8 days in other tough gyms, but none as fearful as Allen Field House is for opponents. If there’s “magic” in our conference, it sure as the Devil ain’t in Hilton unless we take it there. EJ says so!

  • KU has way too many good player to need Wigging to be the “go to” guy every game. He is becoming more comfortable with the system and by conference play he will be more assertive and dominant.

    His play has been solid in all aspect of the game and occasionally he shows flashes of brilliance. He is like McLemore was last season when any time he touched the ball there was chance the next play would end in the ESPN play of the day video. Wiggins ceiling is much higher.

    Selden and Mason are playing at a level not expected from freshmen; Ellis is a star and White, Greene and Frankamp are outstanding shooters. Embiid is progressing faster than any one expected and Traylor and to a lesser extent Lucas have both beeb solid contributors. The only player that has not played to expectations is Black; it seems like when he is on the court the tempo slows down quite a bit. With all these players contributing, there has not been a need for Wiggins to compensate and try to do everything.

    I really like this team and the progress it has made since the pre-season. The games against OSU and ISU will be epic.

    On a separate note. KSU has been a big disappointment. It did not have much coming in this year and next year looks equally bleak; KSU fans are stating to appreciate Frank Martin now that he is gone. The octagon of doom is now the octagon of gloom.

  • I missed the game, but got to see my daughter break a scoreless tie with a perfect pass for the game winning goal so It was a good night anyways. What did I miss? Looks like a rout! @JayHawkFanToo, Bruce Weber was a great coach at SIU. I think he knows how to coach great talent (who doesn’t?) but he can’t seem to succeed at the highest levels. This is just a repeat of Illinois like a lot of us predicted.
    When Weber coached at Illinois, Jon Scheyer was one of the best players in the country. Scheyer played for Dave Weber in HS, Bruce’s brother in the north suburbs. Even that connection couldn’t get him to the U of I and he ended up having a solid career at Duke.

  • You know, when we play well, like we did in the first half, it seems that year after year Self’s teams look the same…and I mean that as an extreme compliment. We force furnovers and dunk the ball…it could be Tyshawn, EJ, Mario, Wiggins, or Selden. Or just fastbreak layups. We get several lobs…it might be Rush, Wright, TRob, Embiid, or Wiggins. The first half of last night’s game reminded me of so many others we have witnessed…especially many of the games in AFH. Just seeing the improvement that we have made, as demonstrated in the first half, gets me even more excited about the potential of this team.

  • What an incredible team! The second five on this team would be A top 25 team on their own. Just my opinion. Looking forward to watching this team grow.

  • @KansasComet - nice to see you here.

    @globaljaybird posted of Brannen Greene - “I would not be dismayed if he leaves before Jan 1. Disappointed yes, but surprised no.”

    Isn’t it just too bad that this is even an issue? But it is an issue because we are stacked with high talent guys. I have posted on this topic too many times, probably. But if he transfers, that is the price we pay for Andrew Wiggins. When KU signed Wiggins, it was obvious someone would get squeezed – the 2/3 spots. Right now it’s Greene. Thus what I said when we signed Wiggins – the only acceptable outcome is a national title. That’s the only thing that would make it worth it. If no one transfers, that could be revised.

    That being said, Wiggins’ signing has boosted our profile some, and may have led to Alexander and/or Oubre. But here we go on the OAD merry go round, still holding out hope that Oubre’s dad is right and he’s not an OAD.

    @Hawk8086 posted - “You know, when we play well, like we did in the first half, it seems that year after year Self’s teams look the same”

    Yes, they do. And they have halves like we just saw each season. And they’ll play well in conference play.

    Look, this season will be defined by a national championship. Let’s just all admit it. Anything short of a national title will be a major disappointment. Kind of harsh, but the season will be a failure without that title. We have climbed every mountain, we’ve been there before. A national title is all this season is about right now for KU. It is our chosen, and fortunate path in life. It seems unfair to define success that way, but look at the alternative? We could define success by an NCAA berth. Or winning a game in the tourney.

    I have enjoyed the ride before. In 2011-12, I diverted from my normal (NCAA title or bust) approach, and I enjoyed the ride. That was a team that really exceeded expectations, and made enjoying the ride much easier. Kind of paralleled 1990-91.

    This team? Are you kidding me? The Duke win cemented what will define this team – an NCAA title. Not a final four trip, or a title game, but an NCAA title.

    We can enjoy the ride – but only so much. We need that happy ending.

  • I hate to be a “Debbie Downer”, but I’ve got to find SOMETHING about this team to complain about. Here’s what I came up with.

    I don’t like our uniforms. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Since I hate to throw out a problem without at least a suggested solution, here’s that as well:

    Let’s contact Carhartt. Some nice khaki bib-shorts with a Jayhawk where the normal Carhartt logo would go. We could get crimson and/or blue hardhats and maybe some coordinating lunch pails to carry our Gatorade and snacks while we’re running down the court, while our opponents stand at the other end of the court watching in disbelief.

    Either that, or let’s get ahold of NASA and get some anti gravity space-suits. I can’t decide whether this team is a blue collar construction team, or a high flying Space Jam kind of team. Dang it.

    Whatever they are, they sure are fun to watch!!

  • From KU Athletics - Lots of good quotes:

    LAWRENCE, Kan. — Freshman guard Andrew Wiggins missed just twice all night, leading a balanced and accurate attack No. 2/3 Kansas used to overrun Towson in the opening round of the Battle 4 Atlantis, inside Allen Fieldhouse, 88-58, Friday night.

    Wiggins wasn’t the only efficient shooter for Kansas (4-0), which recorded its 66th-consecutive non-conference victory against Towson (3-2) while shooting 60 percent from the field (33-for-55). Fellow Jayhawks Wayne Selden, Jr. (4-for-6) and Andrew White III (4-for-6) also missed just twice, while rookie center Joel Embiid knocked down four of the five shots he took in the win.

    The KU offense was led by Wiggins’ 16 points, making him one of four in double-figures on the night. White tied a career-high with his three three-pointers and came in next with 13 points. Selden and sophomore forward Perry Ellis contributed 12 and 10 points, respectively.

    Picked to win the Colonial Athletic Conference in 2013-14, Towson was facing its first top-2 ranked opponent since 1990 (vs. No. 1 Oklahoma).

    Senior forward Jerelle Benimon led the floor with the game’s only double-double (21 points/10 rebounds), but the Tigers were outmatched. After taking a 5-2 lead in the opening moments of the night, Towson succumbed to the Jayhawks’ 47-11 scoring sprint to halftime and never trailed by less than 25 for the remainder of the night.

    Towson came out of the gate with speed, cutting to the basket for early attacks, but had trouble getting any of them to fall. Even so, a whistle on junior point guard Naadir Tharpe provided the opportunity for a free throw and a jumper followed to hand Towson a 3-0 lead less than a minute into the game. For his first time as a Jayhawk, it was senior forward Tarik Black that sparked a dominant scoring run. The veteran transfer sandwiched a pair of breakaway dunks around another from Selden to spark a 13-2 Jayhawk rally. Before the first media timeout, KU had righted the ship to take a 13-5 lead.

    Kansas never slowed. Less than five minutes remained in the opening half when Embiid brought down a defensive rebound, flipped it out to freshman guard Frank Mason, who immediately fired it off to Wiggins for a transition dunk. In perfectly-executed tempo, the Jayhawks went coast-to-coast in five seconds to extend its lead to 20 points. Making it a habit, Kansas took advantage with its speed. In the first half alone, KU held a staggering 22-2 advantage in fast-break points and laid it on thick in the waning moments of the first half. Tiger forward John Davis drove the lane for a layup with 6:18 still to play. Towson wouldn’t score again in the opening frame.

    Thanks to the visitors missing their last 11 attempts heading into the break, the Jayhawks had room to run. KU cranked out 18 unanswered points, seven of which came from Wiggins, to end the first half with a convincing 49-16 lead. While Towson struggled to find the bottom of the net, finishing the first half at 21 percent (6-for-29), Kansas made triple the baskets with three less shots for a season-high 69.2 shooting percentage (18-for-26) for a half.

    Black extended the scoring onslaught to 20-0 with a dunk to start the second half, but Towson was more than ready to break the drought and did exactly that. The Tigers came out firing, knocking down nine of their first 13 shots to kick off the second half.

    Unfortunately for the Tigers, Kansas did the same.

    Through the first 10 minutes of the final frame, both teams were scorching the nets at a 69.2-percent rate. When Towson scored, Kansas scored. Benimon continued attacking the basket, chalking up 13 points in the second half, but the Jayhawks were adamant. With less than 12 minutes yet to play, the Jayhawks strung together five-straight buckets. Included were three-pointers from Selden, Tharpe and White all capped off nicely by an alley-oop dunk to Embiid to shove KU forward, 68-35. Although Towson outscored the home team from that point, 23-20, the tone wouldn’t change as Kansas cruised to the 88-58 win.

    UP NEXT Kansas will continue the Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament when it travels to Paradise Island, Bahamas, to play Wake Forest on Thursday, Nov. 28 at 2:30 p.m. Kansas will face either Villanova or USC on Nov. 29 and play its third-round game in the Bahamas on Nov. 30. KU will then go on the road to Colorado (Dec. 7) and Florida (Dec. 10). Kansas will play New Mexico on Dec. 14 in the Kansas City Shootout at the Sprint Center and return to Allen Fieldhouse on Dec. 21 against national power Georgetown.

    Game Notes KU STARTERS (Season/Career Starts): Jr. Naadir Tharpe (3/3), Fr. Wayne Selden, Jr. (4/4), Fr. Andrew Wiggins (4/4), So. Perry Ellis (4/7), Sr. Tarik Black (4/64)

    SERIES INFO: Kansas leads, 3-0

    ATTENDANCE: 16,300


    • Made Kansas 4-0 for the fourth time in the Bill Self era.

    • Gave Kansas its 66th-straight win against a non-conference opponent in Allen Fieldhouse.

    • Made Kansas 3-0 all-time against Towson.

    • Improved Kansas to 702-108 all-time in Allen Fieldhouse, including a 164-8 record with Self as head coach.

    • Moved Self’s record to 304-59 at Kansas and 511-164 overall.

    • Improved Kansas to 2,105-812 all-time.


    • Kansas shot a blistering 69.2 percent in the first half (18-for-26) – although it’s not an uncommon event for the Jayhawks. Dating back to last season, KU has shot 60 percent or better in at least one half in six of its last 10 games.

    • The Jayhawks finished the evening with a season-high 60 percent field-goal percentage, its first 60-plus shooting effort in a game since March 13, 2013 (vs. Texas Tech).

    • Towson G Marcus Damas hit a three-pointer at the 18:13 mark in the first half, putting the Tigers up 5-2. Kansas went on to finish the half on a 47-11 scoring run.

    • Towson’s 16 points in the first half marks the fewest KU has allowed in a half since Kansas State scored the same amount in the first half (3/16/13).

    • The Jayhawks more than tripled the Tigers’ first-half point total (49-16), marking the first time a KU opponent has suffered such a deficit since TCU fell behind 38-9 by halftime (2/23/13).

    • It helped that Kansas held Towson scoreless for a solid four-minute span en route to the early run (18:13-14:10).

    • That four-minute drought seemed minimal to the Tigers considering they didn’t score for the last 6:18 of the first half. Towson missed 11-straight shots and two free throws to close the first half.

    • KU held the Tigers to a single-digit for nearly 10 minutes until a layup by F Jerelle Benimon pushed Towson into double-digits (20-11) with 10:02 remaining in the first half.

    • Stretching from the end of the first half to the start of the second half, Kansas put together a 20-0 run (6:18-18:50).

    • Towson snapped the scoreless streak by hitting nine of its first 13 attempts to start the second half – but Kansas did the same. Through the first 10 minutes of the first half, KU and Towson were shooting 69.2 percent. Oddly enough, both teams were also hitting 55.0 percent (11-for-20) through the second-to-last media timeout.

    • Kansas led 49-16 at the break and improved to 3-0 when leading after the game’s first 20 minutes this season.


    • Senior F Tarik Black slammed a pair of dunks for his first field goals in Allen Fieldhouse since the season opener against ULM (11/8). He finished the night with six points, and needs just 37 more points to hit 1,000 for his career.

    • Sophomore G Andrew White III’s second three-pointer of the night propelled Kansas to double-up the Tigers point total in the first half. He ended the night with 13 points, including three treys – his second multi-three contest of the season and fifth of his career. His three three-pointers tied his career-high.

    • Freshman G Andrew Wiggins led the Jayhawks in scoring with 16 points on 6-of-8 shooting, giving him four straight double-digit efforts to begin his career.

    • Sophomore F Perry Ellis chipped in 10 points, his fourth-straight game in double figures to start the year, and 11th game with 10 or more of his career.

    • Freshman C Joel Embiid went 4-for-5 on Friday and has missed just one shot in his last two games and five all season to take the team field goal percentage lead at 72.2 percent.

    • Embiid also rejected a career-high three blocks, the most by a Jayhawk this season.

    • Freshman G Frank Mason led the team with a career-high six assists.

    Kansas Head Coach Bill Self

    Opening statement:

    “We went on a 47-11 run to end the half. We were down 5-2 and then got cranked up pretty good. The guys played with good energy. We were much better defensively, much more active blocking shots. It seems like we had hands everywhere. We didn’t get a lot of steals, but it seemed like we caused some havoc. I thought we really got out and ran better than we have, and Joel (Embiid) made some unbelievable outlet passes to get us going. A lot of guys played well. It was pretty consistently good for the most part, but the second half got pretty sloppy.”

    On Andrew Wiggins competing for rebounds:

    “He really hasn’t been that aggressive getting rebounds, but he was aggressive tonight. He got four offensive boards. We haven’t done a good job offensively rebounding the ball, and we didn’t do a good job tonight. We had 22 misses and only got seven back. We have to do a better job of that. Our defensive rebounding has been pretty good all year long, for the most part. We did some nice things. It was fun to see what the building can be like when the guys are playing with energy because they did a good job of inspiring the building. I know our guys had the most fun they have probably had all year long, including the Duke game, because they attacked the basket and did a lot of nice things.”

    On the key run in the first half to build the lead:

    “I thought Andrew White came in and gave us some good minutes. Frank Mason was solid again. Our bench was pretty good. They were probably as good as our starters in the first half. The second half we didn’t play quite as good, and that is kind of the tendency to let up a little bit. The law of averages kind of prevailed. We can still tighten up a lot of things, defensively.”

    On KU’s depth being a big factor in the Battle for Atlantis:

    “Hopefully, going into Atlantis, depth will be a positive factor for us.”

    On if he is looking forward to the trip to the Bahamas:

    “Yes, I am looking forward to it. Teams don’t become teams until they take a trip, or do something together. We aren’t a team yet; no team in America is a team, yet. Hopefully, this will be a time when we can grow together and go have some fun, but make it a business trip and go down there and play well. I was looking at the most recent Sports Illustrated cover with Wayne (Selden) on the cover. Iowa is projected to be an eight seed; Villanova is projected to be a seven seed. Xavier and Tennessee are projected to be in the (NCAA Tournament) field. This is going to be a really competitive tournament, and our guys need to lace them up and have some fun. Hopefully, we can have some fun because we are winning basketball games.”

    Kansas senior center Tarik Black

    To not be in foul trouble early on:

    “It felt great. That’s why as a basketball player I don’t plan on coming out there and sitting on the side line. I was able to get on the court and do what I needed to do.”

    On his opening dunk:

    “It got everything going. I feel that’s what sparked everything because on the next play Wayne (Selden) came down and had the two-handed dunk. It got the energy flowing and gave us the fun we want to have this year.”

    On the team starting to come in sync:

    “Instinct is kind of habit. You have to play with one another to get your habits to begin to align with one another. As you saw tonight with a team like ours, with how much talent that we have, if we come out playing the way we did tonight and play with that energy, we can be really good.”

    Kansas freshman forward Andrew Wiggins

    On team’s effort tonight:

    “We came to play tonight. We came out of the gate very intense and used our athletic ability to our advantage. We ran the floor, threw lobs, and played hard.”

    On his performance tonight:

    “It all came in the flow of the game. I didn’t rush anything. I’m being around my team so we can play with great chemistry and within the flow of the game.”

    On his ability:

    “I need to run the floor hard every time I’m out there, from baseline to baseline. I need to look to push the ball more and be even more assertive than I already am. I think today was better than my other games but I can still be better.”

    Kansas freshman center Joel Embiid

    On his ability:

    “I just need to get on the block and I will be able to score the ball more.”

    On pushing the ball tonight:

    “Every time the other team shot it they would have four or five guys crash the boards. So if I had the ball I would just throw the ball down the court because I knew my teammates were getting out running.”

    On his improvement at blocking

    “Coach Self has been helping me with my timing. They have been showing me what to work on along with showing me film of how Jeff Withey did it. They tell me to stay on the ground and not to go for it on shot fakes.”

    Towson Head Coach Pat Skerry

    Opening Statement:

    “I think it’s suffice to say they’re [Kansas] pretty good. You’ve got a special team here, they can beat you in a lot of different ways, they’re obviously very well coached, they’re deep, they’re athletic. Unfortunately for us they were locked in tonight. Coach Self had them ready to play, we were hoping they thought the game was going to start a couple hours later, it obviously didn’t. Then they handed it to us early, we did some uncharacteristic things, but they had a lot to do with that. If there’s a better team in the country I’d like to find who they are, but I don’t want to play them.”

    On the game to try to slow down Kansas:

    “Transition defense was our big key then obviously not turning the ball over. Usually we can rebound it decently, but we had to get two guys back, normally we send four to the glass, but we had to get two guys back because they do such an unbelievable job of pulling it off the backboard and running it right down your throat. You’d like to have about seven guys to get back defensively.”

    On Kansas’ transition game:

    They’re unbelievably talented, they’ve got length and their first three steps out of the gate are ridiculous. They beat you in a lot of different ways and I think to their credit they have exceptional ball movement right now."

    On trying to keep Kansas out of transition:

    “Their transition attack is special. I think to beat them you have to be able to play a whole bunch of different defenses and maybe hold the ball and make three’s at the end of the clock. We worried about that coming in, we obviously were a level down trying to guard and rebound and be physical with them and the problem with these guys is they do all of these things, but they do them better so it’s a tough match up. To beat them you’d have to force them to make long jump shots and then make a bundle of three’s yourself as you use possession.”

    Towson senior forward Jerrelle Benimon

    On the pace of the game:

    “In the first half we shot a lot of long shots and a bunch of long rebounds came off. Basically, their game plan was to get out early so there were a bunch of long shots bouncing out and they were already out getting easy layups and dunks. I felt like when they were getting out they were at their best. When we settled down and we got a bucket we were able to settle down in the half-court defense. We were kind of just holding our own.”

    On Towson’s game plan:

    “In the first half we got some pretty good shots. The game plan was to get in the half-court defense more and then try to push it. We weren’t making shots so we couldn’t really keep them out of transition.”

    On Kansas:

    “They have good depth; they play a bunch of players. I didn’t realize they played that many players. I haven’t really watched them yet that many times this season. They’ve got some good length up front. The freshman kid (Joel Embiid) blocked shots really well. He runs pretty good too. All of them run so they just get up and down.”

    On Andrew Wiggins:

    “He’s really athletic. He’s obviously a really good player. He’s good on defense. He rebounds the ball. I feel he is just at his best when he’s getting out and running.”

  • @nuleafjhawk LMAO–Khaki bib-shorts!!!

  • Excellent post globaljay! A great player makes his teammates better! Anyone that understands bb, knows wiggins could go off on pts every game. He’s an awesome teammate first and that’s why he came to KU! FOE! It’s a great year to be a Jayhawk? Rock Chalk KU fb, beat ISU!

  • Just posted the Recap blog for those numbers folks out there.

  • Attendance, 16,300. How long has this been posted as the attendance at AFH? I dare say every game since I attended in the 80’s?

  • @Jesse_Newell Awesome Jesse - I added it to the main post.

  • @jesse newell As a Topeka resident, I’m thrilled to have you on board. Great article even for those of us like me who are over exposed to KU basketball coverage.

  • i thought both Wiggins and Selden had picked it up a notch last night. And of course Black showed the most positive change by bringing all that great energy!

    I don’t think anyone wants any player to just take over a game by himself.

    I know when I mentioned that both Wiggins and Selden seemed like they were playing tentative it wasn’t because I was expecting either one of them to score half the points and dominate away from playing team ball.

    Neither player dominated the stat sheet last night, but they played well and helped keep the energy up. I thought team defense and rebounding looked better. Both of these guys impacted that well!

    What we’ve come to understand in just a few games is that this team’s biggest concern is to bring enough energy to the court. Basketball is a motion game. We saw what can happen when we move our feet more on defense… it leads to run outs on the other end! Talk about highlights!

    Great job, Jayhawks! We still have a long ways to go, but we did make an incremental step yesterday towards success down the road.

    Embiid… PHOF! He’s not only starting to become a blocking machine… what did you all think about those bullet outlet passes? Those already compete with anything you will see at the next level!

  • “Attendance, 16,300. How long has this been posted as the attendance at AFH? I dare say every game since I attended in the 80’s?”

    wissox - What would be great to see a permanent large plaque inside AFH (visible from the court) saying “Attendance - 16,300”…

  • In 2001-2002 there was an early season non-conference game over the Christmas break that wasn’t sold out. That was around 200 home games ago

  • What a game! What a team! What a bunch of guys it’s easy to like!

    I love Selden and his little smile when something great has just happened.

    Embiid is the present that you never stop unwrapping. One game it’s five assists, then it’s four great outlet passes and three blocks…by Christmas we’ll see a partridge in a pear tree on the court. Just the most amazing newcomer ever.

  • Weber is a text book example of the Peter’s Principle. He reached his level of incompetence when he went to Illinois and has been incompetent ever since.

    Maybe in a lower division he was successful ,but at Division 1 level, he is a well below average coach and an even worse recruiter. At Illinois he had the City of Chicago, one of basketball hotbeds, in his back yard and he could not get the local top players.

    BTW, KSU just got crushed by an average Georgetown team.

  • This post is deleted!

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