Royals, bad ass team

  • Anybody watching?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    No but my sister texted there was another fight?

  • @VailHawk brawl, Ventura, Cain and some pitcher I think. 2 Wissox ejected

  • Just got home. Another brawl? What’s with the Royals?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yeah, was clicking back with another channel & watched the benches clear again. Also saw Sales hit Moose in the shoulder & face with chin music a couple of innings prior. At first it looked like a direct hit & Moose didn’t move an inch for probably 30 seconds or so. Girl, it was scary. Then he hopped up & down to 1st. Teams are trying to get in their heads & Ill be a dirty SOB if it ain’t working. Ned has to get a better grip on these kids suspenders or he won’t have enough players to put on the damn field. Still 2-2 bottom of the 11th. Don’t know how much longer I can hang. Gotta full slate tomorrow & a showing at 4:30.

  • @wissoxfan83 Volquez. Ventura, Cain, Sales, & Samardizja all tossed. Moose got hit in the face earlier & the benches were jocking & jawing each other afterwards. All that yapping don’t do squat except warn the other guy & negates your opp for a surprise. Huge tactical mistake. Typical young behavior I guess-not smart enough to keep the mouth shut. Havent found copy on it but here are some pics, but none of Moose taking one in the chops yet.

  • @globaljaybird my son is going tmrw, hope it’s safe for royals fans!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Me too. Both my sons lived in Chicago for several years. One married a girl from there & we’ve visited many times. Not a city to get outside of the lines in. Need someone that’s savvy & street wise to depend on when out & about. The less you say sometimes, the better off you are.

  • @globaljaybird now you have me really worried!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Chicago just like all the other major cities in the US. Full of sewer rats.

  • @brooksmd Damn, look who’s awake ?!

  • @globaljaybird Lol, yea I’m surprised to find you here. How bout Dyson? Can he fly or what?

  • @brooksmd Runs like a cat with turpentine on his ass.

  • @globaljaybird you come up w/some good ones!!

  • @brooksmd Tigers lost to the Yanks today so we’re a game up now. Hope there are no more danm suspensions…

  • @globaljaybird Something going on in the leadue with the Royals getting hit so much. Probabaly one of the factors with the brawls.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Sometimes they’re a little off color. My apologies. Must be the brandy. If I tell ya I only had one shot it the jug, brooks will certainly remind me of the 6 P’s.

  • @brooksmd Yeah, other teams don’t think we’ve earned it yet, so they gotta hold their ground. Did you see Moose get decked ?

  • @globaljaybird Yep, and like you said scared me when he didn’t get up.

  • @globaljaybird I’m use to that, have 2 boys!

  • @brooksmd moose is tough, scared me too!

  • Well battery on my ipad is red and 7% charge left so best say nite all. Will look for everyone tmrw nite. 🍺

  • @brooksmd Yeah, he laid face down motionless for a really long time. but all that horse stuff aside, Ventura clearly set off the brawl with his mouth & that has to stop. Teams are definitely going out of their way to get under their skin & it’s working. Guys were bench jocking the next few innings after Moose heard the chin music, but the yip yap is what lit the fuse. These guys are starting to look like hotheads to the rest of the league & the AL office may end up giving more suspensions again. If they don’t start believing they are better than the other teams & carrying themselves like it & trying to let their play prove it, they may end up going from the World Series in one year to a complete world of shit in the next season. Of course this is just my opinion.

  • @globaljaybird eaton said something to Ventura first. Cain is just getting pummeled!!

  • @brooksmd Will try to make it=good to talk to you guys tonite-later books & crimson. Keep the sunny side up !!

  • @globaljaybird said:

    Ned has to get a better grip on these kids suspenders or he won’t have enough players to put on the damn field

    That, and very soon (if not already) the umpires are going to be calling every single thing that happens against the Royals. They need to settle down right now. They have too many good players to have them sitting on the pine (or injured in a brawl).

  • I never thought I’d hear the Royals are too passionate and they need to reign it in. I’m just glad they are relavent again. It’s been too long. Hope they can keep it up, but I think that the passion has carried over from the post season. I hope they can continue winning at a fast pace, but hope they dont’t have to give 100% every night to do it. Another 147 games have to be played to get to the ones that count.

  • @brooksmd My son and daughter live in Chicago. I don’t consider them sewer rats, although I consider Ventura a sewer rat. This is three teams that hothead has engaged in brawls. I don’t mind an occasional dustup in baseball, but this is getting old as we’re only three weeks into the season.

  • @dylans The pitch that nailed Moose was pretty scary. That’s the type that can end a career. If the AL had taken a hard stance against all the plunkings the first week of the season, this may very well not be an issue 3-4 weeks in. They now must shoot some kites to these pitchers that this is an entirely unacceptable behavior & won’t be permitted any longer. My money says Ventura & Volquez both get some time off after this one & Samardijza should too. He acts like just as big a turd as Ventura. JMO

  • @globaljaybird

    I seriously doubt Sales was trying to hit Moose in the head. He’s too much of a competitor to put a guy on base in a one run game. I didn’t see it live, I just saw sportscenter this morning. But it was an ugly mess of a game.

  • @wissoxfan83 I’m not calling anyone a rat, eaton mouthed off to him first, they showed it, FS post game. Ventura is immature, no doubt. I, for 1 am getting sick of teams hitting us! I don’t want brawls, but these guys are brothers, that’s one trait I love about this team. Never a dull minute for sure.

  • @globaljaybird I agree this needs to be cut out. Quit the brawling get back to balling. I just think so far it has played to the Royals advantage; I doubt it is sustainable over the course of a season.

  • @wissoxfan83 Even if that was circumstantial, it is still unacceptable. Until there is a protocol in place for dealing with a headshot, it’s merely a judgement call. Not enough deterrent IMO. MLB should be more proactive regarding such instead of just blowing it off by saying “it’s part of the game.” Concussions & brain injuries are killing & disabling even children in all sports, & science & medicine have proven it. So it’s time for MLB to get in the 21st century & get ahold of this issue. Herrera just got 5 games off for a suggestion, I think there should be at minimum a game or 2, plus a fine for even an accidental pop in the head. If MLB doesn’t-they plainly open up themselves to legally precedented liabilities like the NFL has. Once that cat’s out of the bag there’s no putting him back in. JMO

  • That brawl shouldn’t have happened, Ventura needs to grow up, but I’m a Royals fan so that makes me an apologist. Yordano may be a hothead but he’s a 22 year old hothead. At that age passion can be very hard to control when provoked, which he was. He’s the ace of the defending American League Champions. That’s a lot to take in at that age and one can possibly understand how an inflation of the ego may be likely to occur. It’s why I always attempt to temper my negative emotions when watching KU, because those guys are kids playing at a level and under pressure that I cannot comprehend. I don’t know if I could handle it as well as some of them do.

    The biggest issue for the Royals concerning these incidents is not so much the league-wide perception of them but the suspensions. Who cares what the White Sox fans think, we need everyone playing so we can keep their mouths quiet and that stadium three quarters empty. Sorry @wissoxfan83 …

    Ultimately though, @Crimsonorblue22 has it right. They’re a team and they’re unlike any other in the MLB. They are the most entertaining show on television night in and night out and it’s going to be a wild ride because we may be getting everyone’s best shot from here on out.

  • @globaljaybird So when a pitcher hits a guy in the head, even if it’s accidental, they guy should be suspended or whatever? I don’t agree. Some pitchers lose pitches. Herrera appeared to be throwing at the guy. That’s way different. Improve the technology, don’t penalize pitchers for accidents. Just my opinion.

    @Crimsonorblue22 If Eaton mouthed off first, why wasn’t he ejected? Again, I wasn’t watching live, just saw some lowlights, but he’d been ejected if he started it, no?

  • @wissoxfan83 I don’t know the rules, but eaton was talking crap!

  • SVP was being awfuly hard on the Royals on ESPN radio this afternoon esp. Ventura. Says he needs to calm down and only Royal fans are willing to defend his actions…

    Also claims the high HBP count is their own doing. I’m not sure on that one kinda sounds like, “she shouldn’t have worn that dress.”

  • @wissoxfan83 What technology can determine intent? Also I’ll add, that guys on both benches were bench jocking the entire game-that’s part of it. Likely a carryover from the clinching there last year & beanball at KC plus getting swept. All these guys are proud & should be. But a headshot should be a penalty of some sort just like in FB, hoops, or ping pong even if accidental. It is too dangerous of an issue to sweep under the rug. Hopefully no one dies rom a 100 mph pitch. A softball coach here died from a line drive to the head a few yrs back. These things can & do happen. JMO

  • Looks like baseball royalty, and I am not talking the “Royal” kind, has a problem with the Royals wining the conference last year after squeaking into the playoffs and now showing that they were no fluke and the can really play, and they decided to take them down a notch or two. I don’t believe in coincidences and the Royals definitely seem to have been targeted. I hope they settle down and continue winning…nothing pi$$es off your opponents more than losing to what they consider to be an inferior team.

    Not a big baseball fan but I always cheered for the underdog and the Royals are the poster boys for underdog.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Swish !! You nailed it. Many people are being very successful trying to present the Royals as a bunch of disrespectful turds because of the images & acts of several of their pitchers trying to defend their own batters. And for sure Ventura Volquez & Herrera have top billing. But Samardzja started talking crap opening day in KC because he was a member of the A’s team that got thumped for the wildcard win last Oct & then hit Cain as a follow up. And as another plus, Sales was still being restrained from busting in the Royals locker room after the brawl game 2 nites ago when he threw chin music in Moose’s mug. I would plainly & emphatically point out that respect need be a 2 way street if the situation does improve. I still recall the Sox manager (Ventura) charging Nolan Ryan when he was a young kid & then sequentially getting knots planted all over his noggin while in the old man’s headlock doing the spin around the mound. I laughed so hard I almost pi$ed in my britches. Mt guess is he’s staying rather mum on these issues because he really doesn’t have much experience to share on poise. Just sayin…

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