KU Gaining Ground on Cheick in the Crystal Ball

  • Last time I had checked, St John’s had built a sizeable lead in the composite…but KU is now gaining traction. Hopefully an announcement is forthcoming soon. This roller coaster is starting to make me nauseous!


  • Can’t recall for sure, but think St. Johns was at 44% and KU was at 19% when I checked yesterday. That’s a pretty big jump in one day.

  • This is ridiculous. This pretty much has him committing to St John’s. I call it the Chris Mullins effect. I don’t think the disparity is quite this large. This may be a media conspiracy. I know things can change, but this is hard to believe.

    St. John’s 45%


    Iowa State 8%


    Kansas 28%


    Kentucky 14%


    Pittsburgh 2%

    NO way KU falls this far behind. I may not follow 24/7 Sports after this ridiculous prediction.

  • been a bunch of “analysts” in the crystal ball panel jump in today with KU and UK picks, which has pulled St. Johns’ back to the pack.


  • Folks our wildest prayers may come true and Self may just work a miracle. We have a strong chance at landing both Diallo and Ingram.

  • @truehawk93 tell us more!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 LOL…let me qualify my statement by saying we either land both or lose both. I responded @BeddieKU23 on another post concerning Coach K having a sharp turn around visit after the Saturday visit. This doesn’t sound good for K. See my other post, it makes no sense if Dook was getting Ingram for them to return so quickly for some reason.

    The only thing that concerns me about Cheick is if he was choosing KU, why he didn’t do it after the Nike Summit games? I think he’s just a great kid that is considerate and allowed St Johns another visit. I also think he respects Calipari and allowed him to visit too. So, I’d say KU is 50/50 (to any other team) for Cheick and 50/50 with Ingram and Dook in panick mode. I really think Coach K was banking another championship with Ingram coming.

    Thorne to Illini, Miller to UConn, Diallo and Skal Patois…post by jaybate.

  • CHEICK.jpg I think this kids gonna be special and I hope Embiid is all over his butt to sign with KU.

  • @Statmachine

    Nice job!

  • Someone else is doing some work for me lol. matt poff ‏@nikesb785 · 1h1 hour ago
    All I’m saying is Cheick Diallo is following many KU Twitter pages and no other teams

  • My prediction of the hour…KU with the lead on Diallo and Duke with the lead on Ingram…but it could change in the next 15 minutes. I understand that Ingram will announce in 1 week from today.

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