Kansas guard Wayne Selden to return for junior season

  • Agreed! I think he is going to improve greatly next year and be a leader on the team.

  • I like what he had to say and I hope the remaining recruits like it too! “A lot of good things are coming up for KU and I want to be a part of that,” Selden said. “We’re going to represent the USA at the World (University) Games this summer. We’re moving into new dorms (McCarthy Hall) before school starts and we’re playing in Maui (Hawaii) next year.”

  • Win or Lose, I’d rather do it with program guys committed to the university for multiple years, instead of OAD. Even if Selden doesn’t improve one bit next year (though I’m hopeful he will), I would still not trade him for a Newman or a Brown.

  • Wayne back, Frank a year older these guys will be the floor leaders for this squad. Jamari and Landon will be the energy and toughness leaders. Graham will be that guy that gets under the other teams skin. Green will be the dead eye. Perry if he’s back (and I think he will be) will be the fineness guy why all the others get dirty. Svi will be 18 and maturing and getting bigger. Self and Manning will be their for support and to hold the other guys back after a big dunk, (cause you need dedicated guys for that).

    The freshman will all have to earn their way on to the floor this next year, a lot might not like that, but if they do make it they deserve to be there and are gonna be better players along with smarter for it.

  • @Statmachine Wayne, we love you. Hopefully, the game will slow down enough that you play under more control next year, because I truly believe you have the ability to be a star for us. Glad you’re back!!!

  • Yes very glad… Not a huge surprise but… Now lets hope he keeps texting/tweeting/calling Perry to join him for a great year ahead. And - Can someone here please ask Embiid to keep tweeting Diallo to ignore the Squid for the next few days and stay the course for coming here? 🙂

  • Great news for KU. Selden is really not a flashy player but he is a solid player. If he becomes more consistent, he could be the ace in the hole for KU and work his way into a first round pick.

  • I figured he would. I expect him to do great things.

    Good choice.

  • GO WAYNE! Glad he is returning!

  • @Bosthawk let’s hope the bigs have read the review about Embiid in LJW! Dang… If only!!!

  • @JRyman

    “Self and Manning will be their for support and to hold the other guys back after a big dunk, (cause you need dedicated guys for that).”

    I think they have Top 10 talent in that area! Their technique is friggin’ awesome! I’d like to know how many times they get on TV during their KU years? It has to be a dozen times or so… even made it on SportsCenter.

  • I agree completely with @FarSideHawk – I’d take Selden over Newman, Brown, or whatever the presumed OAD, flavor of the month might be.

  • Wayne,

    Get selfish. Put team on back. Carry to ring. Cha-Ching!!!

  • I am glad to hear Wayne is back. Not sure that I was actually concerned since he is not on 1 single draft board but good to see it in print and I love his positive comments.

    Wayne is a good example of why Self needs to continue to go after top talent. I am with you guys that feel the OAD players are often times an unnecessary circus but occasionally the presumed OAD ends up being Wayne Selden. Wayne was the #12 player in the nation coming out of high school and along with Wiggins was thought to be an NBA ready player after his freshman year. That did not happen. Now after a very up and down sophomore season we are going to have Wayne back. This happens and I know I speak for everyone when I say that I hope we see that #12 in the nation talent realized.

    Some of the OAD kids are going to be just that. One season and done. But a lot won’t be. Cliff Alexander would probably be back next year if it wasn’t for the off the court issues as he needed some time to develop. B Rush was supposed to be a possible OAD. An injury certainly helped him stay for this junior year but I am really glad we went after him even with the risk of him leaving.

    I agree with @HighEliteMajor and @FarSideHawk that Wayne is better than any OAD option this year. But when we have voids to fill such as we do this off season in the post I think you just have to go after top talent. Diallo might be an OAD but he might not. If he ends up being a huge piece of a Final 4 run as an OAD that is fine with me. The Duke mix of OAD and veteran leadership seems to be the recipe.

    Now, please announce you are coming back for your senior season Perry!!!

  • Wayne’s World! It’s Party Time! Excellent!

  • image.jpg

    Hoping for a Beasty year from Wayne!!!

  • Talked to Wayne this wkend in person, he was happy & upbeat. Told me his knee was “definitely 100%”. He’s a big Red Sox fan, no surprise. Great kid! Great news!

  • @ralster did you do the camp?

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