Cliff Alexander ?

  • The question I’m wondering is what is CLIFF waiting for ? From all the info I’ve gathered he is done at the collegiate level. So he’s just holding up a scholarship, and is possibly causing some recruits to wait and see what happens. What does anyone else think the reason was cliff struggled in the post so much ? Was it because of HCBS offense/defense or was he way overrated by scouts ? Just like josh Selby, Alexander will always be to me a guy who could and should have done so much more at Kansas.

  • I think Cliff has no choice but to try to come back and improve his draft stock. If the NCAA clears him before the time is up to declare for the draft he stays. If the NCAA drag their feet then he will be forced to take his chances in the draft or sit out a year and make his NBA dreams just that A DREAM.

  • The fact that Alexander is yet to declare makes me think he’s heavily considering returning. Which would be welcomed, so long as he doesn’t bring with him further NCAA restrictions.

    My concern is with Perry. Why hasn’t he announced his return yet? Is he seriously considering entering the draft? He must be to have gone this long without confirming.

  • I mentioned this before… but we take a gamble, even if he is TEMPORARILY cleared by the NCAA.

    What I didn’t mention was Cliff also takes a gamble if he is not cleared by the draft cutoff and hasn’t declared. If he isn’t eligible he’ll be forced to either wait it out a year or sign abroad. Then his chances go from slim to horrible. @Statmachine also expressed the risk.

    I’m not sure why more Hawks haven’t declared their intentions. Self always like to talk to them first, maybe he hasn’t got around to that yet? It seems like in talking to the fellas he would let them know that the sooner the better on stating their intent.

    But maybe our current players don’t really trust Self and are worried about being recruited over. They remember Frankamp last year and the last second pickup of Svi. Maybe many are silent because they want to come back if we don’t recruit over them.

    Meanwhile… it doesn’t feel good right now to have all this silence (while recruits are hustling around now making their decisions).

    I know recruits are waiting to hear from several schools but I think I’d want to be an early school knowing all the pieces. Kids get jumpy, and you want to have all their questions answered asap.

  • @stupidmichael Was Perry EVER considering not staying? I’m just asking. My assumption was that he never announced because he never had any intention of leaving. ?

  • Judging by the NCAAs past id say cliff might be into his mid twenties before they get an answer. This seems like such a simple case, did a family member take a loan against cliffs future earnings. If so then he’s done, as I understand the rules.

  • @nuleafjhawk I just know his name’s been dropped a lot and is still on mock draft boards. I think Self may have even mentioned his name as a guy that is pondering his future?? I would definitely be surprised if he left. He’s in line to have a monster senior year. Plus, I doubt he’d be a first round pick.

    No word from Selden either.

  • @stupidmichael

    Ellis carries the dreaded “tweener” stigma and even with a great next year he would most likely still be a second or borderline 1st round pick.

  • @JayHawkFanToo a lot of talk about Perry leaving too.

  • Cliff’s officially declared for NBA via a press release. Speculation over.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    If Perry can graduate in May, I can see him leaving because as I mentioned before, his stock is not likely to get any higher, even with a great next season.

  • @stupidmichael said:

    The fact that Alexander is yet to declare makes me think he’s heavily considering returning.


  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I’m of the impression this coming year could be a huge break out year for Perry. We saw Perry lift his game entirely after his missed bunny at WVU. I’m of the impression he will keep his intensity level higher now.

    If he gets out of the blocks this fall and plays like he did at the end of this season, then he can lift his NBA stock considerably.

    Another thing… I think we should be giving Perry some 3 minutes this year. It is unlikely we will recruit a quality Kelly replacement now, might as well do Perry some good and groom him for the next level. That would not only help Perry out, but would prove to star recruits that we focus on preparing them for the next level. How can we say that now and we force Perry into the 4 role? He definitely is not a 4 at the next level. And why shouldn’t Perry play the 3? He certainly has the guns now!

    If Perry wasn’t such a nice guy I would be guessing he is playing a tough hand of poker with Self right now… threatening to leave for the draft if Self won’t commit a lot of minutes at the 3 next year. That is what Perry SHOULD be doing right now!

    BTW, Self does give guaranteed minutes now, Wayne is proof of that.

  • Cliff will be a what if for me. What if he had been elgible to play. DO we lose against WSU. Would he have made strides down the stretch. Would we have won the Big 12 tourney? A lot of questions unanswered. I won’t miss him I will miss Kelly in the lineup next year.

  • @HawkInMizery

    I don’t have the “what ifs” with Cliff. His weakness is basketball IQ. It is smeared all over his NBA scouting report and they are right on the button. I believe Cliff would have completely vanished in March, because this is the time of year where basketball IQ comes to the surface and everything else sinks. I wish I could think better because I really like Cliff…

  • @drgnslayr You’re right. He is weak when it comes to basketball IQ. I guess i’m left wondering because maybe he would have put more pressure on WSU inside or picked up a few more rebounds to get us a couple extra possessions. Maybe picked up a block or to tog et a stop. We could not stop them at all late in that game. Does ISU come back on us with him nit he game knowing he was yanked earlier in the year against ISU?

  • @drgnslayr

    I agree. I personally advocated and thought that Perry would get playing time at the 3 last season but the available personnel…or lack thereof…made it impossible. If he goes to the NBA he will be playing the 3, so it would be nice to give him some time at that position as a reward for his loyalty to the program.

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