Uncommited recruits...

  • More or less likely to want to go to Kentucky now? Or does it even matter?

  • @Jayrawks1 good question, more or less likely for the uk players to leave or stay?

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    Doesn’t matter slimy Cal can’t coach 10 mickeyD’s past a tough homegrown good coaching program like the BADGERS. This is the game changer. Slimy Cal had every thing he wanted and needed, yet he couldn’t deliver.

    That is all that matters. The Badgers saved College Basketball today. Hell I’m going to have a tee-shirt made. It will say the Badgers saved college basketball 2015. ")

  • @DoubleDD are you celebrating?

  • @Jayrawks1 what do u think about the recruits?

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    Yes I am. I needed this bad. This whole OAD done was making me sour.

  • Oh what a dilema for Calipari. He will push out what he needs to get who is committed. He will then push out 1-2 more for a few extra. Watch who stays and who leaves.

    I think Towns, Lyles, Harrison1, Harrison2, and maybe…Possibly Booker and just maybe Johnson are gone. They have to lose 4 for who is coming. He wants Maker or Diallo.

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    I think this will turn some undecided recruits away. Thomas Bryant choosing IU is telling. If the Twins are gone, they get Newman.

  • @crimsonblue22 I dont think it changes much, however good bad or neutral, I’m jazzed as could be that Kentucky just lost with “the best recruiting class of all time”.

  • Whether the UK loss CHANGES things depends on what exactly the agent-shoe complex does for players. No one is making it very clear yet.

  • I don’t think it changes anything. If the kids are being advised they will be a first rounder, they will go. Yes, they went to UK to win, but they mainly went there to get to the league. WCS, Towns, Lyles are likely gone. They say Booker is projected as a 1st rounder. I don’t know what the experts say about the twins. I don’t think this changes anything.

  • I don’t see the Harrison Twins in the 1st round or even early in the 2nd round on any mock draft boards. I know this could change but are they really going to leave without being guaranteed to go early 2nd round? I hate to say it but I fully expect to see them on UK’s roster again next year.

    I don’t think I have ever been more excited about a non-KU game as I am about Wisconsin beating UK last night. We should all enjoy it while we can as the Evil Empire that is UK will be back. Lee is back, Ullis is back. Johnson is back. As stated above I think the Twins are back and that does not count whatever silly class they bring in. Cal just keeps this stupid circus going.

  • @DoubleDD Hell yeah, I was jumping around the room when I saw Kensuckweiner lose the game!! Some of those a-holes even walked right off the court and skipped the hand shake line. Calipari had a particular slimy post game interview. One of the twins even racial slurred against Kaminsky in his post game interview. LOSERS!!! The whole lot of them.

    Now all that needs to happen is the NCAA investigation for some undisclosed rules violation.

  • @Lulufulu wow, I missed the postgame KY-Wisc player press conf. So a Harrison said something against Kaminsky??? I didnt think Cal’s remarks to ever-hott Tracy Wolfson were bad, but didnt see his press conf either.

    Those W kids played their butt off. This game was SOOO close, like the KY-ND game, came down to 2-3 plays at the end.

  • @ralster Yeah, on ESPN, there’s the Cal interview. The Harrison slur got mentioned in an article about the game. Dunno what he said exactly. But, yah.

  • @Lulufulu He said "‘F**k that Ni&&a’, when Towns was asked about FK. It was mumbled but audible.

    Classy bunch. The twins body language during games is so bad as well. It’s hard not to root against them.

  • @ZIG Oh Reeeeeaaallly. Yeah, thats stellar management there by Cal. He should have put a lock down on all those kids’ mouths. Goes to show you what a total slime he is and all those players are.

  • @ZIG Kentucky guard Andrew Harrison has apologized for uttering an obscenity and a racial slur as a question about Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky was being asked Saturday night during a postgame news conference at the Final Four.

    Harrison and the Wildcats were upset 71-64 by the Badgers.

    After the game, Harrison was sitting at the interview table with his brother, Aaron, directly to his left and forward Willie Cauley-Stein directly to his right.

    A reporter directed a question about Kaminsky toward Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns: “Karl, could you talk about Kaminsky and what if anything is unique about defending him?” the reporter said.


    Medcalf: The end of Kentucky’s perfect dream Kentucky’s 38-1 record will look impressive, but not historic. The Wildcats’ lone blemish will, fair or not, be what is remembered forever. Near the end of the question, a live microphone in front of Harrison picked up his muttering as his hand covered his mouth.

    Social media immediately lit up with questions about what Harrison said accompanied by video clips of his response. The AP reviewed an audio recording of the press conference, and the phrase is audible, but muffled.

    The team planned to speak with Harrison.

    “We have no comment until we have had a chance to evaluate it,” Kentucky spokesman Eric Lindsey said.

    Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

  • Stein all but said he was gone. Towns is Top 1-2 pick no way he turns that down.

    Booker sounded more likely to return but he’s also projected mid-first round. Lyles same.

    I think the Harrisons will bail out even though they have no chance of getting guaranteed money in the first round. Newman will sign with Kentucky if that happens.

    Ulis was the only guy that said he was coming back. Johnson is an enigma, he could start again next year and improve stock or leave now and be a gamble late 1st round.

  • @truehawk93

    I am not sure the twins leave, they are now projected second round. Town is top 3 so he is gone and so is Booker who I believe is the best player in that team, Cauley-Stein is a projected lottery pick and his stock is not going to get any better so he is gone as well; Lyles is likely going and probably Johnson as well. So there are at least 4 players leaving and as many as 7 could declare. Just my take.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I’m guessing cal wants the twins to leave.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    You might be right although one of them played pretty well yesterday and kept UK in the game, but overall, they have not lived up to the hype

  • @Lulufulu I’m so sick of the blatant negative slurs and then the perp simply “apologizes.” It’s ridiculous. If this is the case, people should be able to rant and voice all kinds of negativity toward someone, but then if we are caught, just say, “I apologize.” It’s ridiculous. In the end they suffer. Their reputation as a person suffers.

    I haven’t heard too many UK fans spouting their mouths too much over this loss or the aftermath of the negative comments. IF I were a UK fan, and I’m not (thank God), I’d be outraged over this crap. I’d basically be demanding the player be booted off the team regardless. I’d want to save my teams stellar reputation, but we are talking about UK. Remember, they want to win at all costs.

    I knew that slap by Lyles was going to revisit them. Also, if I were Calipari, I PULL Lyles, but he didn’t. Don’t give Calipari a pass as a coach for making these players sit in the post game presser. He was as responsible. He should sit Lyles butt on the bench for the remainder of the game. But, they win at all costs.

    Folks, this is sweet in so many ways and whats funny, UK made it even more so after the game with their attitudes and terrible sportsmanship.

  • Here’s a visual for this thread, provided by my son for Easter… What baby Jayhawks will hatch this Spring?


  • @approxinfinity I love it! Perfect!

  • @Jayrawks1 really back to back recruiting classes of all time.

  • @DoubleDD

    “Slimy Cal had every thing he wanted and needed, yet he couldn’t deliver.”

    Close… but not quite. Cal wants 13 McDs AAs on his roster. Might even push for a few McDs AAs walk-ons.

    It will probably take that many for him to win another NC.


    Very likely the twins and 4 or 5 McDs AAs will return. I’m thinking they lose 4 players maximum. I believe they already have 3 McDs AAs already signed for next year. Including the top center… and I believe top forward… I think PF.

  • @drgnslayr

    I am not sure a ton of McDs is the best approach; his championship team had one superstar a couple of very good players and competent support cast…much like the '08 teams except it did not have true superstar but several very good players and a good supporting cast…much like Wisconsin this year …and much like…well, you get my point. Next year we are one superior center away from a strong Final Four run.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Yeah… I think Kentucky is more scary next year and the year after that. I’m guessing the twins will leave Lexington with diplomas. Actually, I have a high degree of respect for the twins. Kentucky has some spoiled rotten super studs… but the twins have not had the easy road to where they’ve gone. They mostly just had size and athleticism going for them, but over the years they have received the very best coaching possible (and needed it) (BTW: not Cal)… for example, they have been with John Lucas since the 8th grade. Those guys have worked their butts off and will continue to improve every year.

    The real catch for Cal will have been the twins. I know everyone is bagging on them… but those guys get better and better and they bring experience to the team. Now… they will carry a definite chip.

    Take the constant away from Kentucky (the twins) and lets see how they do!

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