Loss of Oubre creates opening for Diallo...

  • Kansas has now lost their SF to the NBA draft. Kelly Oubre is gone.

    Meanwhile, Kansas is going after Cheick Diallo, a 6’9" scrappy post player very capable of scoring, rebounding and blocking shots. Cheick recently gave a clue as to what it will take for a school to win him over. “I don’t want to go to some school and play like … 20 minutes,” he said. “I want to go to school to play more time.

    Kansas seems like it could be a front-runner for Cheick’s services if they did two things. First, move the Cliff Alexander process along. It doesn’t appear Cliff will be available next year and if that be the case, get him to announce for the draft asap. Second, if Perry decides to stay (probably will) then give him valuable PT in Kelly’s old SF slot. Whether Jayhawk fans want it or not, Perry is transforming into a SF. It is the position he’ll have to go for at the next level and he should be earning those minutes now. He can hit the perimeter shot and he can score off the drive, just not always finishing at the rim.

    With Cliff gone and Perry moving towards the perimeter, Kansas has a gigantic hole to fill in the post at PF and C, which in the Self system can be interchangeable positions. Carlton Bragg will likely take some of those minutes and he would match very nicely with Cheick Diallo.

    If these young players play to their reputations… imagine the potential of a frontcourt of Perry Ellis, Carlton Bragg and Cheick Diallo!

  • @drgnslayr

    “I don’t want to go to some school and play like …20 minutes” is code for I don’t want to go and play at Kentucky in a platoon system.

    I don’t follow the recruiting as much as others, but I came across something the other day that gave KU the biggest chance at landing Diallo.

    But I am with Nuleaf and HEM if he comes and leaves after another 9 loss 1st /2nd round exit, who cares?

  • @wissoxfan83

    I think a big part of this is about winning conference #12. If we sign lower-rated bigs then we might be in for a season where we lose 12-14 games and not win our conference. The positive is that we start improving the year after and so on, as our post players grow in age. Unless people think we can do okay without beefing up our interior.

  • @drgnslayr Both Diallo and Bragg seem like high motor guys, but is there any particular basis for believing they could play the H/L coming in - play back to the basket - or kick out to guys open on the wing? I’ve seen a little tape of each, but not enough to have an informed opinion about it. Others? And, if Diallo is saying that he wants PT (without earning it), will HCBS give him that guarantee? So, Bragg gets fewer minutes, even though he might well be a 2 year guy? Unless, you suggest, Perry plays primarily the the 3. Where does that leave Svi and Greene - outside looking in (figuratively and literally)? Not much development going on and not much prospect of having a team that has experience playing together - guess that comes from the summer tour.

    In any event, I’m somewhat skeptical that we’ll get Diallo. All the trending predictions had him going to ISU, but that was before Mullins was hired at SJU, and he in turned hired the ISU assistant who had been recruiting Diallo. Coincidence, of course.

    If not Diallo, then it gets a bit dicey. Zimmerman and Rabb are likely to stay on the west coast. Maker? Very raw, and likely to be a OAD, plus some potential eligibility issues. And, we have seen the UK hand played yet - if 2-3 of their bigs declare, you have to think that Calipari will add 1 or 2 more. May be grasping for Thorne or some overseas lunk at that point.

  • @DCHawker

    Good reply and questions.

    I think there are issues with most players coming in to play Self’s hi/lo. How many of these HS post players have polished back-to-the-basket moves? Right… few if any. Plus, big kids today watch the NBA and they spend time shooting perimeter or midrange facing the basket.

    I think Self should focus HEAVILY on Diallo, first of all, if we land him ISU doesn’t! How tough is ISU going to be when they start landing more talented players?

    I think we have as good a shot at Diallo as anyone else. I feel less optimism for Zim. Maker is a total crapshoot and hard to say if he will be eligible.

    I could see us having a pretty slick team with ability to shift guys at a few positions. Perry can be a 3 or 4. So at times he will be back at PF, other times at SF. There will still be some minutes available at SF for Brannen, perhaps Svi. Both of these guys are unproven at that position. Both fit better at the 2. To really exploit the SF position, guys need to be physical and scrappy. Neither of those characteristics fit Brannen or Svi right now. However, maybe Svi puts on muscle over the summer and maybe Brannen gets his head on right for playing scrappy 100% of the time. I see Svi more as a 2 and not so much a 3. Brannen should be logging minutes at both positions.

    The logjam we have is at the 2 spot. Wayne, Brannen and Svi are all 2s and none of them seem to be ready to conquer the 3 spot. Of all of them, Wayne should be the easiest conversion, but he becomes invisible in too many games. Let’s not forget we have both Frank and Devonte, capable as 2s.

    We really need a 3 to play like Kelly was starting to play. A guy that can bomb the 3, hit midrange or take it hard to the rack. A guy who can fight bigs for rebounds. The 3 should be the most diverse player on the team with skills in all areas of the game.

  • @drgnslayr Not necessarily. I do believe KU is Diallo’s leader right now. However, I don’t think Oubre’s leaving is the ‘opening’ for Diallo. I think either Alex or Ellis leaving would be Diallo’s ‘opening’ or guarantee to pick KU. Alexander needs to announce asap. His holdout is costing KU. Each day he waits, Diallo looks toward ISU.

    Also did you read Jaylen Brown’s comment about his choice? He said if he goes to a program without any NBA guys, he won’t have to wait until the NBA deadline. Oubre is the only NBA guy right now. This is why Selden needs to announce NOW. If Selden leaves KU may get Brown or even Newman. I wasn’t impressed with Newman at the McDs AA game. I thought Brown showed more potential. I think Brown would be a nice replacement for Oubre.

    If anything @drgnslayr, Oubre’s leaving left a nice opening for Brown, not Diallo.

  • @truehawk93

    Brown is a very aggressive player to the basket. We could use a guy 7 inches taller than Mason who can get to the basket. And Brown can play defense he’s a clear upgrade to anyone we have at the 2/3

  • Sheck my comment about Diallo waiting for Ellis or Alexander leaving.
    24/7 Sports has adjusted their crystal ball. KU has dropped a few percentage points and St John’s is gaining momentum. Self is up against Chris Mullins as a recruiter.


    OK. The good news is Sheck has no idea about Chris Mullins. Also, ISU is dropping off his recruiting radar. The St John’s bump is simpy the coaching change. Sheck was asked if the coaching change would help and he responded with, “No, not really…” The analysts are simply trying to give KU some competition for the McDs AA MVP. They are trying their best to push him away and get him to an East coast program or to UK.

    So, I said it before and will say it again, WTH is Alex doing? What is going to happen with Loangate? How will it end? I just don’t think the NCAA is going to concede. I think they will screw KU and Alex. They are treating this a bit like Kanter and aren’t showing any signs of improvement. The Alex party that is withholding the docs aren’t going to submit a damn thing. The NCAA is going to deem him ineligible. I just don’t see it ending well at all for KU, Alex or the so-called party holding the alleged docs needed for review. If they do, they obvious have some info that will damn Alex.

    BTW- Many UK fans still say Kanter and UK was screwed, haha! If it’s legit and Alex’s ‘family member’ violated the rules, let it go already. I have to admit now, it’s not the NCAA hurting KU, it’s Alex or his “family member.” Self needs to simply admit something is wrong and ask him to declare so they can move forward with other recruits. If not, this little fiasco is going to cost us the services of Sheck.

    Alex, no harm no foul. Once a Jayhawk, Always a Jayhawk. You couldn’t help your ‘family members’ ’ actions. It’s not your fault. We all know you were in this for the long haul and maybe even wanted to come back. The NCAA isn’t budging at all. You’re hurting the program more than anything. Sorry big fella! I hope I’m wrong and it can change drastically to your favor.

  • @wissoxfan83 Typically I would agree with that 100%. I always hate when OAD guys come in and get big minutes in front of guys who seem like great 4 years players. AW3 obviously comes to mind. He was going to be a stud at the 3 and in come Wiggins / Oubre for 2 years of 9-10 losses at his position.

    But is our front court in the same situation where an OAD would be taking away minutes from a potential future stud? As of today an OAD post player at the 5 position would take away minutes from Jamari (a senior), Hunter (a senior) and Landen (a junior who does not appear to my eye to ever be the answer in the post). How would this KU team benefit both in the short term and the long term by having our current post players or by only adding a low ranked project post player who is going to take a couple of years to develop? It seems like we don’t benefit as next year will be another year of no offense and pretty bad defense at the 5 spot. Jamari/Hunter/Landen is not the answer. Not sure that Diallo is the answer either but with the guys we have coming in at the 5 and two of them leaving after this year no matter what I think it is worth the risk.

  • @joeloveshawks

    You’re right. A mix of OAD’s and very experienced players isn’t a bad thing if it leads to a more satisfying season.

  • @drgnslayr Oh my gosh! Will they just hurry up and decide!? I dont want to wait anymore on this Cliff thing.
    Im at the point where I say let him go. He is just about to be a detriment to the program. Not to mention wholly underwhelming during his limited minutes on the court.

  • @truehawk93 I believe the reason that St. John’s is gaining traction for Diallo is because one of Coach Mullin’s first moves was to hire ISU’s lead recruiter for his staff - who had been working closely with Diallo. Couple that with St. John’s proximity to Diallo’s current school and they have gotten a bump in the crystal ball.

    Going off on a different tangent - how do you think Hoiberg would do with OADs? He has done very well with experienced transfers who have already seen time on the court at the collegiate level - some who have paid their dues and experienced hardship, so they have a renewed sense of purpose (ala Royce White).

    The Mayor is certainly willing to change his approach to cater to the skill set his roster brings to the table.

    But I wonder whether OADs have the basketball IQ necessary to excel when trey-balling or transition hoops aren’t working and he starts running hybrids and gimmicks to exploit weaknesses. How many OADs have the ability to grasp an understanding of that many offensive nuances?

    We know our OADs can’t master Self’s singular system and that Kentucky’s offense is far from prolific.

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