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  • I am only stating opinion here because I have no stats to back it up. But, I really think Mason is a lot like Sherron. The kid is a stud. He shoots better than Sherron did. He knows how to set up his guys for shots and create his own shot in different ways. He is quick and bulldog tough. His assist to t/o ratio might not be on par with Sherron’s at KU but its got to be close. One thing for sure is Mason has a nose for rebounds. Against NMST with 17, 9 & 4. Thats awesome.
    I asked @Jesse-Newell to write something about Mason Vs Collins after the season is over. I hope there is something there worth mentioning besides my own personal feelings on the topic.

  • @Lulufulu

    Let’s hope Franks last game as a sophomore is like Sherrons last game as a sophomore.

    I really loved Sherron as a player. Like Frank he had some wrecklessness to him. He did have a last shot mentality that we haven’t seen/needed really in the last couple of years.

    I am pumped about the future guards here. A backcourt next year of Mason, Selden, and Graham just has me drooling at the prospect! If Oubre is part of it, even better. And if we can get Cliff back with Ellis and the others, wow, we’re going to be top 3 in the country next year!

  • @Lulufulu

    I think they’re VERY similar style wise…but Sheron could eat more.

  • @wissoxfan83

    Badgers look good!

  • @VailHawk Meh, they’re playing kind of disinterested tonight I think. They’ll win I’m sure (if they don’t do you know where I could buy some cyanide?) but these games are oftentimes kind of anticlimactic for #1 seeds, unless of course it’s Holy Cross and KU, then it’s avoiding eternal embarrassment!

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    As much as I love SC I would take Mason all day and every day. Don’t get me wrong SC but he was kind of a shoot first kind of point guard. Mason seems to really have the handle on how to run an offense.

  • @DoubleDD If mason could learn to run a fast break, I’d have absolutely nothing to complain about with him.

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    Oh I don’t know Mason does alright. What I like most about Mason is he doesn’t try to take over the game. SC was crazy about doing that.

  • @Lulufulu

    Great compare and contrast.

    Great request of JNew.

    I see them as very different physical packages with a lot of similarities in abilities and different every-game-matchup-advantages, yet a shared extraordinary degree of toughness.

    Sherron was a point guard in a full backs body. Frank is a point guard in a small leopard’s body.

    Sherron was much more outwardly fiery. Sherron talked a lot of trash and beat his chest and snarled and roared and tried to run over you and through you. Frank is a quiet assassin, who blows past you like bottle rocket.

    Sherron came as a point guard.

    Frank came as a 2 guard that could dribble and that Self wanted to turn into a point guard project.

    Sherron started out crazy explosive.

    Frank started our with cat like quickness, phenomenal acceleration an great straight-line speed.

    Sherron had a weight problem from the git go.

    Frank is like the perfectly lean weight.

    Sherron could create his shot outside and shoot 39 percent from about as far out as he had to go to get it off.

    Frank still mostly just takes open looks. He shoots it a little better than Sherron, but that is partly because he is not being asked to create so much outside.

    Sherron always had at least one well rounded big man to work with and flourished because of it.

    Frank spent half a season with no effective big men and flourished in spite of it.

    Sherron was only once in four years handcuffed (by Izzo and his MSU thugs.)

    Frank can’t seemed to be handcuffed by others, but he can handcuff himself sometimes.

    Sherron struggled defensively, because of short, piston like thunder thighs. He was great the first side, but he had to struggle to keep up after that first step.

    Frank seems the consulate defensive player already. He can stay with short or long point guards sliding despite Franks short height. Frank is flexible like nobody’s business.

    Sherron could board some, because he could bull guys out of the way sometimes better that the bigs he played with. But Sherron always played with some great rebounding bigs, so he didn’t have to rebound much.

    Frank is the best rebounding point guard I have ever seen at any level of the game, except maybe for Magic Johnson. He is like the Bill Bridges of point guards. Like bridges at forward, he is just too small to be getting all the rebounds he is getting, but he does with the instinct of a great rebounder and the moves of a great athlete.

    Sherron is Self’s greatest point guard.

    Frank could join him, if he can get lucky and be on a ring team.

    i love both guys.

  • @jaybate-1.0 the best thing about Sherron, nobody loved wearing the Kansas jersey more than him!

  • Sherron was a natural leader (except when “follow me” turned into “watch me” ).

    Remember the time an Alcorn State assistant yelled at his player not to help Sherron up? Sherron got mad and said “Don’t let’em score!”. They didn’t for about 15 minutes.

    Sherron had to change roles just about every year he was on the team: helper, 6th man, team leader. He reinvented himself while fighting his own body, injured his first two years and heavy his last two.

    Sherron was at the heart of Self’s two great accomplishments: the title and the streak.

  • @wissoxfan83 True man, true. If Oubre is gone, we still have Svi who should be much better, the kid is a stud, he just needs time in the summer to bulk up and learn the game more

  • @jaybate-1.0 Nice analysis! Solid stuff man.

  • SC had/has a distinct disadvantage, genetics. He had and will always have a weight issue that hurts his game.

  • @JayHawkFanToo he has lost that wt, for now.

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