• Got home tonight and saw we were up to 55 users and hoped jaybate was one of them or at least the oak. Disappointed on both counts. So has anybody seen or heard from jaybate? I hate to think of the consequences if he isn’t found soon. Can you imagine the size of his first post when he lands here? The number of pots of coffee it will take to get through that first post is mind boggling. If anybody knows of his whereabouts you owe it to all mankind to point him in this direction.

  • I heard Jaybate was going to try twitter.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Here’s hoping that posters with LJW facebook accounts will continue to mention the Buckets site on LJW postings. We really need to fetch all former posters HOME to this new residence!

  • I’m not scared! F*ck the LJW! Just kidding. I’m actually very scared that my colleagues will find out how much time I spend on kusports.com. Very glad this was set up.

  • I’m scared that LJW is in a financial crisis, and as much as we may not like some of their policies, its really nice having a dedicated reporting site generating content, if nothing else as a starting point to frame our discussions. Here’s to hoping they find their way and keep pumping out stories for us to chew on!

  • did a quick search, may have found the real jaybate on twitter. I sent him a message about Ku Buckets. Hope it works.

  • Through the years I had believed that Mr Jaybate is actually a professional journalist, & maybe even an emp of LJW or another sports desk. If he doesn’t surface here, a conflict of interest may be the reason. Have exchanged direct messages with him on several occasions, & recently about continuing dialog on another board, but has not replied this time. Always before he has, yet on this issue only silence. What a shame if he cannot post with our other fellow board rats from the kusports,com site. Oakville is also another greatly analytical contributor, and there are many others that should be here as well. I will personally keep posting this link on their site and try to message others going forward. What we had there will eventually be as great here, but will take time to gain momentum. With the season only nine, countem’, days from the start, we will likely have a boxcar load of posters very soon.

  • Is the Facebook link a financial deal? Or is it simply an attempt to clean up the comments sections, so the LJW employees don’t have to spend so much time monitoring them?

    That’s my guess. I’m certainly not buying the bull about how it “increases readability and enjoyment.”

  • Apparently some discussions get pretty nasty…not on KU Sports, but other topics like politics. So the company who owns LJW wants to raise the level of conversation, and they believe eliminating anonymity will do that. So they implemented this policy on all their sites.

    I understand the policy and really don’t mind it. I just don’t like the mechanism they have chosen to confirm identities. Surely there must be alternatives to using Facebook. They just aren’t giving us any, and I really don’t understand why.

    Two possibilities. First, maybe it’s just easier. Facebook does the work of confirming identities so newspaper staff don’t have to spend the time. That’s possible, but if they really wanted to keep their readership I think would provide us alternatives. Many of us would have happily paid a small fee to continue to participate in our online community, which could have compensated for staff time.

    The other possibility is that it is a financial deal. Our beloved sportswriters deny it. However, they might have been kept in the dark.

    Regardless, kudos to the creators of this site for giving us an alternative. I don’t like Facebook, and I don’t like being forced to use it. But I really enjoyed the discussions on KUsports, even though I was often just a spectator and rarely chimed in. My quality of life was diminished when that discussion forum was taken away from us, and I’m grateful that we have an opportunity to get it back.

  • tundrahok—are you up in the frozen north?

  • Yep, watching the snow out my window right now.

  • I think it was for money. Somehow fb IDs translate into ad pennies.

    I would have paid for ljw KU content.

  • tundrahok — Alaska?

  • Canada. This group has been wonderful about sharing workarounds to viewing games online that otherwise are restricted to viewing only within the US. I am really grateful.

  • Same here. Even down here in da bayou we don’t always get the games so online links are important.

  • We are now at 94 users and I believe jb is lurking and waiting to be the 100th user.

  • I believe linking Facebook on kusports.com is now optional. When I linked my fakebook account there, I noticed they also provided an alternative method to verify identity. Maybe they changed their stance on requiring Facebook now. I don’t know.

  • Before I retired from my career, it was a fact (or fiction) that it would cost the corp about a 40% investment to get a PO’ed customer back. At this point, I’m like F’m, let em’ get fat with what they wanted on their plate. Can’t say I won’t read their stories, but it’s really not about that for me. You can get basically the same copy from KC Star online-www.kansascity.com. Hey, I’m selfish. I want our old board rat discussion to be the real fan outlet that it used to be. If that’s here, I’m more than fine with that. Readers are $$$ to them, & posters are the same. Far as I’m concerned if they want to krap in the Jbird nest by silencing the posters, then let them shoot their feet off. Kinda’ like spending money in misery. If another option is available, then let’s do it.

  • globaljaybird – +10

  • This post is deleted!

  • Who is John Galt? Where is jaybate?

  • I recall a few years ago that Jaybate and another kusports poster (can’t recall the other posters name) were in a pretty heated debate. I think the other guy found who jb was and linked to a personal page of Jaybate’s. Don’t know if it was facebook or twitter? The guy was asking which guy jb was in the photo. Don’t know if it was even the right account linked but jb played along like it was. Anyone else recall that?

  • I think Jaybate will be here as soon as he can figure out how to make sure his identity cannot be traced.

  • Whoever has the Kusports account still, please continue to post the link for this site on every story. Also mention the high-profile posters that have already joined this site. I’m hoping Jaybate and others will join by the time season starts.

  • Anybody can set up a facebook page with any name they want attached to any email address (hotmail, gmail, yahoo don’t screen much either). So I don’t think it’s a fool proof method of revealing identities, it just takes a couple of additional steps.
    I participate in another fan-run and user-moderated forum for another sport, and never had any issues with conversations getting out of hand. Certain posters volunteer or get asked to become moderators and do a pretty good job of keeping things civil.
    I have seen some facebook account linked forums get very nasty also (because some people just don’t care). It’s all about the moderation.

  • Dang, 116 users and not one jb. wtf?

  • I bet he is waiting for the anticipation surrounding his return to build, and then when it hits a suitable level, he will drop a novel. (Which most of us will scroll through)

  • @RockChalk- “(Which most of us will scroll through)” PHOF

  • @kip_McSmithers Nope, I’ve been around since 2009, but don’t recall that one.

  • What ever happened to NostraDavid?

  • I kinda liked his quirky pics he’s post…

  • @Kip_McSmithers- I think that may be the first “PHOF” on this site.

  • Not sure where Nostra went. What about Aloha?

  • I think this might be the first time I joined a site and someone was dissappointed! I have been slowly going away from KUsports and after the FB thing I won’t comment there again. I have been in the process of moving from Norman, OK to Right north of Denver, Co. Maybe I can find some good places to watch some KU games!

  • test

  • Pass?

  • @Kip_McSmithers-jaybate was in many heated discussions with jross72 through the years, as ross continually disagreed with him about most everything. That may have been one of their confrontations you mention. Ross posted to me the other day that he had contacted LJW & told them he felt “threatened.” during his sparring with jb. About the only way jb would possibly threaten someone would be intellectually, and if you’ve read ross’ challenged comments, that certainly was not necessary. LOL With reserve and civility-I essentially told ross to stuff it, & save it for the rookies that weren’t familiar with his posting history.

  • Not a long term follower, but never saw JB do anything wrong except get long winded.

    If there is a problem toss the other.

  • @JayhawkRock78-For the H of it I just looked at ross’ comment pages on LJW & I only had to look at two which the content covered only 2 days. He was struggling intellectually to take issue with HEM with at least 2 comments on the first page, & with at least 3 comments to me & 2 or 3 with Blown, on the second page. Hey, Blown & HEM are two of the sharpest BB posters you’ll find-me only average or below. He comes across as a sarcastic egotist who continually blows his own horn. He blissfully informed me that his Momma dated Gale Sayers & his sister cooked for WayneSimeon & yada yada yada. He basically told Blown to quit crying on the website of HIS choice. I swear, trying to dispute something with this guy is like dueling with an unarmed man & jaybate used to absolutely eat him alive. Most people just walk away from krap like this & he called out jb so much & often it was like stalking. Was really so comical because this guy is so dumb he doesn’t know it & he just continually yapped & jabbered at jb. He still, to this day doesn’t realize how obviously foolish, self serving, & confrontational he appeared & certainly still does.

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