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    Ok so the brackets are out and everybody has had a chance to look it over. So take your KU glasses off and be honest about your prediction. It doesn’t make you a traitor if you think KU falls short of a championship or Final Four. 😉

    I feel if KU can get by the Shockers I can see a run to the final 8. However I’m not sure we have any answer for UK. I’m afraid the combination of pounding the ball inside at all cost and KU’s slump from three land will prove fatal for KU. However I’m holding out on the BAD Ball play. Maybe heart can end the UK destiny.

    Fingers crossed. Hell in the recent less than stellar performance from KU, I’ve shaved my beard and set a trap in my back yard trying to catch a Leprecon. No luck yet. But if I do? I’ll let him keep his gold as long as he gives me and the KU nation a National Championship.

    Gotta go I think I caught one.

  • @DoubleDD Man, if this KU squad can just mend enough to limp into the Elite 8 contest, I will be happy. In wildest optimistic dreams, I can’t envision us going beyond. If we should bulldoze to the Final 4, it will mark the second coming of THE MIRACLES.

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    Yes we are a wounded bunch, even the fan base. Almost like a Mash Unit. However I will say I believe this team has heart. Lets cross our fingers and do whatever we think is lucky.

    Rock Chalk.

  • Good thread, thanks.

    INTERNAL USE ONLY: I’m fairly confident we will win our first game. After that, not sure.

    FOR KU PLAYERS: KU is toast! They’ll be lucky to make it far enough for WSU to beat them. Ugly, no offense, no identity, bad wheels, no real stars.

    (The above was strictly a chip-building exercise. Let’s get those guys chips bigger than the Amazon.)

  • I tend to stay away from teams that are banged up going into the tournament. You need the ability to go to another level once March rolls around, and that requires your main guys being healthy.

    That’s my concern with KU. They just aren’t healthy enough for my taste. Perry is 80%. Selden is maybe 85% on that ankle. Frank is somewhere between 80% and 90% depending on the day.

    We are really relying on Kelly being great basically the whole tournament if we can’t get contributions from Perry and Frank due to injury. I don’t like those odds.

    Sweet 16 elimination.

  • After reading all that has been written, how did Bill Self coach this team to win a Conference Championship in the toughest Conference in America from top to bottom? Obama specifically mentioned Perry Ellis on National TV while making out his Brackets picking KU to win the first two games and losing to ND. We are a great team. The faults we see are obvious, yet we can grind better than any other team in the tournament. The problem is, when there is a powerful inside tree-lined team like UK or a beautiful team like Wisconsin, grinding might not work. I’d like to get past ND or whomever is there after WSU and then win or at least be respectable against UK. Texas came close to beating them this year, and remember, Texas is our lowest seed.

  • I’ll be surprised if we don’t struggle to beat New Mexico St. We’ve played such “bad ball” for seemingly months now that a blowout just seems unlikely.

    I saw the stat on TV showing KU’s last 5 first round games at halftime. Other than the Detroit game which we had a 10 pt lead, the other 4 have literally been 1-4 pt games at half. Meaning we’ve let underdogs play with us for large stretches of time. Now fast forward to this year with a team who can’t hold a 5 point lead for more than a minute and you have to start thinking that we’ll struggle no matter who we are playing.

    This is an experienced NM St. team. Last year San Diego St. needed overtime to beat these guys and that’s the same Aztec squad that whooped us at home. Those same guys are now a year older so we aren’t playing some #15 seed who just magically had a good year in their conference.

    Like everyone I’m hoping we can find some sort of mojo and toughness that will keep us advancing. I don’t want to bail out to New Mexico St. or Wichita St in the game made for Television and the media to talk about. I would love a rematch with Kentucky because that may be the game where this team truly feels like an underdog and comes out with a passion we haven’t seen all year. I’m probably dreaming at that possibility but if Self gets paid the big bucks, this is where he needs to shine.

  • @BeddieKU23 Like I’ve posted before, when’s the last time anyone felt comfortable at halftime of our 1st round game? Or even by the midway point of the second half?

  • Eyes wide open and not thinking we are going to get into the Sweet 16. 20.jpg

  • Oh my god if I read another post on this site about how we are probably going to barely beat New Mexico St…how we are going to lose to WSU…how the Sweet 16 is our absolute best case…I will blow my brains out.

    Looks like I am going to be off the site until Friday afternoon.

  • @joeloveshawks I hear you. So much for thinking positive and cheering your ass off no matter what. Looks like half the warriors here have already given up on this year.

  • @JRyman I am positive as one can be but unlike in years past, I don’t have blinders on when it comes to seeing how inconsistent we have been all year. I hope they and you prove me wrong.

  • @joeloveshawks please don’t! We need you!!



  • Let’s take a minute to think…I am defining a great game as a game well above average and close to the player’s ultimate potential:

    How many great games has Perry had? Many.

    How many great games has Mason had? Many

    How many great games has Oubre had? A fair number

    How many great games has Selden had? Several

    How many great games has Traylor had? Several

    How many great games has Lucas had? A few recently

    How many great games has Graham had? A few

    How many great games has Greene had? A few

    How many great games has Michelson had? A few

    How many great games has Svi had? A couple???


    How many games where 1 players had a great game? Most

    How many games where 2 players had great games? Many

    How many games where 3 players had great games? Several

    How many games where 4 players had great games? A couple???

    How many games where 5 or more players had great games? None that I can think of.

    Think about it, we really have not had any games where 5 players between starters and bench played great games and most players (other than Ellis and Mason) have been consistently inconsistent. If Coach Self can get 4-5 players to have great games, KU would be hard to beat. This is what I am thinking will happen and I am sticking to it…what can I say…I am a Jayhawk FANatic.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I like that kind of thinking!

  • I really don’t see WSU getting past IU. I don’t think people will get the KU v. WSU showdown. We get passed UK, our chances are good to win this whole dance.

    I think Wisconsin will emerge from the West.

    I wouldn’t overlook MSU in the East either.

    Dook’s bracket is a joke. Their ticket is all but punched to the E8.

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