Wayne's World!!

  • Great to see Wayne Selden Jr. have great games during the Big XII Tournament. Equally great (to me anyway) was watching his family cheer him on. I believe he is a young man that wanted to not only come to college to get better, but also get an education. If he stays one more year, he will be in a great position to earn a degree from The University of Kansas. Now how great is that? I posted over and over during the course of the season that “Wayne Selden Jr. is a starter”. I knew it then, and I know it now. I think he will continue to get better, much better.

  • It was great to see him have big games this year and as you say the tourney play was great. Party on, excellent.

  • Wayne’s World…excellent, excellent…

  • What Wayne will we see in the Tournament?

    He got chewed by Self Thursday for his effort in the TCU game. He comes out Friday & Saturday and has arguably the best 2 games of his career.

    So now will he revert back to the normal because coach isn’t chewing him out?

    Will his family be there to watch him play? Also a big motivator for him, by the big game he had at home in February in front of mom.

    What can we do to keep him at this high level, problem is nobody else on the team steps up with him. Last week Oubre against TCU and nobody else. Wayne Friday against Baylor and nobody else, Wayne Saturday against Iowa St and nobody else.

  • @BeddieKU23 Coach will not want to lose his first game. He will fire them up and get on them, each and everyone of them.
    Personally, I dont see KU winning but that does not mean Coach will let them lose.

  • @Lulufulu did you not just contradict yourself?

  • @Crimsonorblue22Sort of. What I am trying to say is this, Coach Self will have them ready to fight for the win, healed up or not. The team will be ready to go leave it on the court. I am just not personally expecting KU to win.

  • @Lulufulu so even if they leave it on the court you think they will lose? That’s depressing!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I am not expecting anything. I hope they will win but I dont believe they will. I dont expect them to lose but I believe it is more likely that they will. Its a conundrum to be sure.
    This team has become a conundrum of sorts in itself. They are great and disappointing all at the same time.

  • @Lulufulu I think you are crazy!!😜

  • @Crimsonorblue22 One more thing. I picked my brackets trying to be as objective as I possibly can be. No favorites, no biases. Just picking the teams with the best chance to win imo. New Mexico State has been on a roll lately and while their competition isnt to the caliber of what KU has had to face, they have put together a string of wins while KU has gone 5-4 and having injuries to pretty much their whole team. My opinion, KU is to banged up to beat a good team in its first match up, no matter what tricks Coach Self pulls out for the game.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @Lulufulu I think you are crazy!!😜

    Yeah, well you are probly right. I mentioned earlier that I felt a bit manic about our teams chances this time around.
    I absolutely want to be proven wrong. I want KU to bust my bracket by picking against them

  • @Lulufulu I filled out 4 brackets on the ESPN challenge. 3 of them, I picked KU to get bounced in the first game. My 4th bracket I picked KU to win it all. If thats not manic picking, I dont know what is. I call my 4th bracket my dream bracket simply because I picked KU to win it all and because I picked every big 12 team to reach at least the sweet 16.

  • @BeddieKU23

    “What Wayne will we see in the Tournament?”

    Better ask… will his dad be in attendance?

    This is the Wayne we always thought we were going to have!

  • @drgnslayr or he needs to get a fresh hair cut

  • @drgnslayr I’ve been trying to go inside of Wayne’s brain, and this is what I pulled out. 🙂 This is Wayne speaking - “Well, I thought I was talented enough for 1st pick last/this year, but not sure now since my knees gave out on me. I lost that athleticism which I always counted on to go NBA. Everybody said I would. I thought I would. Now, I can’t even jump the way I used to or do the things I used to on the court. Not sure anymore - about myself, my future, my life. Geez, what am I gonna do if I can’t make it to NBA? What happens to my dream? Don’t think or know if my knees can hold me up.” Now, I’m not an athlete, but if I were, major injuries such as knees will put a lot of DOUBT in my head. I had a little foot surgery, and lost senses around it - no longer the same and it bummed me out. That doubt is the internal demon we all have, and can rear its ugly head for our players - particularly at such young age when their minds more vulnerable & fragile. Hope Self is a good psychologist and is rebuilding new & improved Wayne 🙂

  • @HawksWin Were Wayne’s random thoughts before or after that one handed monster dunk he had against Iowa State?

  • @KansasComet

    I’ve played that Highlight in my head a dozen times since seeing that play.

  • @JayhawkRock78 You and me both! What an outstanding jam!,

  • Very T-ROB esque

  • Trob.jpg

    He is painted on the wall of Lahaina Civic Center (Maui) for that Hawaii Tourney. Love that his is towering above everyone.

  • @JayhawkRock78 awesome!!

  • @KansasComet

    The question I have for you is not so much that you predicted right on Wayne (kudos by the way), but rather:

    a.) what did you see in his play the first 3/4s of of the season that made you think he would come out of it; and

    b.) why has Wayne performed so erratically for so much of the season?

    I have a lot of ideas about this, but, while I have believed he should be the starter all season, it was more because I saw no one ready to fill that role on the bench, rather than thinking that Wayne would come around the way he has of late.

    You on the other hand seemed to have diagnosed Wayne correctly. By this I mean, with you it was not just a matter of their being no credible alternative, but you saw that he would raise the level of his play sharply.

    What did you see and what was your thought process that lead you to be able to correctly read Wayne?

    This is not the first time that you have hung in with a player, but it maybe the most extreme case where a player has spent a very long time fumbling and struggling and searching for his game and then found it within a single season.

    We can all learn from you on this.

    I believed Wayne was being a good glue player, but felt his ceiling had been lowered and I could not understand some of his acute problems with dribbling and holding onto the ball.

    Others decided Wayne was not the man to be starting at all.

    I know he has greater than average athleticism.

    But tell us what was wrong with him, and what happened to set him right?

    You have had the best handle on Wayne.

  • @Lulufulu

    You really don’t think they will win the first game? You sound like MU fan. KU might not always win but I certainly expect them to win every single game…that is the best part of being Jayhawk fan, we DO NOT expect to lose…ever.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I just think we have to be realistic in light of our current teams injuries and deficiencies. I dont want them to lose. I just think there is a better chance that they will. Id rather be surprised that they broke my bracket and moved on than let down when I pick them to win and they fall.

  • @Lulufulu Wow. Of course we could lose in the first round, but to predict it? 2 seeds have lost a handful of times only in the first round. Have faith!

  • Aggressiveness has turned wayne around the last 2 games. And his aggressiveness has led to getting to the line. He’s going into the bodies of players, he’s not just passing the ball around the perimeter and he’s become more of a threat in those 2 games.

    Again tho will we see the non aggressive wayne and the one who struggles to make shots. If he’s really on the upswing then we need to ride it and some one else has to come to play as well. KU gets 2 players playing well they will be tough

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