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    I just want to reiterate that I am sharing these photos with the website and all who visit here. Feel free to do as you wish with what I put down. Caveat, I’m no pro. This is purely amateurism at work here. I’ve enjoyed this hobby for nearly all of my adult life. I hope I can bring some enjoyment and inspiration to others too.

  • Thanks for posting a wonderful photo. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Going to a game in Allen Fieldhouse is a special experience for a fan and maybe a little intimidating for everyone else. I think you caught a piece of the essence of the Phog!

  • thanks

  • @Lulufulu85 That’s a beautiful thing!

  • Did they save the original “Beware the Phog…” banner?

  • Does anyone know exactly when the Banner started? I attended games in the Ted Owens era and I don’t think that banner existed.

    If my memory serves, the banner was created by some students in about 1985-86. That’s the first memory I have of it – around Danny’s Sophomore season.

    During that time, the banner was held up by students, IIRC. Then it was put on a railing during games and then found its way up to the upper wall of the fieldhouse, where it has resided ever since.

    But I would swear that it has been replaced with replicas through the years.

    Can anyone confirm or deny these memories?

  • My phoggy memory says it was created on bed sheets in mid 80’s and eventually hung on north wall…then replaced early 90’s with a painted perfectly rectangular sign with “normal” boring letters and then replaced maybe mid 2000’s w the current throwback nice looking but original hand painted font. I think the original bed sheets are on display in the Booth Family hall of fame?

  • The sheet was on the North wall until 1997-98. Then replaced by the more generic banner.

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