NOVA = 3 seed

  • Big East?

    It is a weak conference.

    Temple I could see, but we always beat Jay Wrong!

    Nova is as short as we are!

    Nova is a joke!

    Nova is an eyeball and click seed if ever there were one!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 I still hold a rather large grudge against Jay Wrong for his bias against Mario and Sherron. Nova will be the first 1 seed to crash and burn

  • @Lulufulu me too!!!

  • Villanova 12-1 against the top 50. Nuff said they win they get the #1 seed.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Put us in their bracket as a 2 seed. we’d be making bacon…

  • @jaybate-1.0 I’m on the east coast and see some of Villanova’s teams - I actually think they are a really solid team - very balanced - perhaps Wright’s best - not just a bunch of guards chucking it up. @BeddieKU23 If they win the BE, I agree that they will get a #1. But, to @jaybate-1.0 point, they have a lot of solid wins, but no really good ones. Their top RPI win is VCU! @KUSTEVE Agree - would love to be the #2 in their region - don’t think it’s gonna happen

  • @DCHawker

    I’m on the East Coast as well and have seen plenty of their games. They are the same team that beat us last year just a year older. They have a lot of guys who shoot the 3 ball well but overall they have Chemistry. Pinkston has sacrificed some of his offense for the overall strength of the team. While they may not have the flashy wins that some teams have, I clearly believe they are a team that will do well no matter the opponent. They have toughness and I think they can go as far as the matchups go.

    Have they played the schedule KU has, No but few have and our inconsistency’s in conference play hurt our chances at a #1 seed.

  • @BeddieKU23

    A lot of KU’s inconsistencies are/were due to the top conference competition. There is no doubt that you cannot take a game off in the conference. Look at the latest rankings according to Ken Pomeroy

    No. 9. KU

    No. 10. OU

    No. 15. Baylor

    No. 16. ISU

    No. 19. Texas

    No. 26. WVU

    No. 36. OSU

    No. 57. TCU

    No. 81. KSU

    No. 155. Texas Tech

    The conference might not have a legitimate top 5 team but it has 6 teams in the top 26. and other than the two bottom feeders the other 8 teams are all ranked in the top 57 and 7 of them in the top 36. No other conference comes even close. Look at KSU the #9 team, it went 4-2 against the top 3 teams and swept OU, and 5-3 against the top 4 teams, or look at the #19 ranked Texas which is in the last four group in the latest bracketology…that is top to bottom balance.

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