• Could OSU and Texas be out of the NCAA after the the first day?

    Will Brannen play in our game?

    Will Lucas Play 33 minutes again?

    Can I avoid hearing the score before I get home from work and watch it on DVR?

    Will I be able to get tickets from the ISU fans after they lose?

    Will WHB broadcast the K State pre game rally?

    Will one team’s announcer interview the other team’s announcer?

    Self would rather have this time to practice, but he always says, “If you’re gonna play em, you might as well win em.”

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  • For sure, I hope we are at full strength for the tournament. I can see a really tough 2nd round game (assuming we win our first game, of course!) likely against Baylor (just guessing) as they have been playing really good basketball lately. Also, it would not surprise me if we play TCU first. If we make it to the final…I’m predicting a rubber match against those Clones. Either way, this should be a GREAT tournament. I’m really wishing I had planned earlier in the year to come back home to KC to watch.

  • Can’t take anyone for granted but the 4 teams that have to play in will be playing gassed and going on no rest. Could there be an upset in either game? TCU and Tech have nothing to lose that first game and expect them to go full steam while UT and KSUcks may be looking past them.

  • I think we’d rather play Kansas St then Tcu in the quarterfinal. Tough to beat a team 3 times in one year and it isn’t like we played well in either matchup. K-St would provide a little revenge factor for us. We need any edge we can get. Semi’s looks tough if we make it that far, again it’s either Baylor who’d be really hard to beat a 3rd time or those West Virginia guys again. Nothing fun really about that prospect.

  • @BeddieKU23 let’s hope we have Perry!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Sounds promising that we will have him, I’m sure he will want to play. How athletic or aggressive will he be though? An injury like that can mess with your head and we just started to see Perry playing at a level we had never seen before.

    We should get Greene back, and a more healthy Selden. Although besides his ankle he needs his momma to give him a spark again. His shooting lately has been lacking.

    We are definitely not coming into this tourney on all cylinders which has to make us the most vulnerable we have ever been in even a conference championship.

  • @BeddieKU23 I agree. Would rather play KSU for the revenge factor. Also would rather play WVU than Baylor…like you said, hard to beat someone 3 times…Baylor would have the revenge factor going.

  • B12 tourney=B12 Consolation prize…sorry I just don’t like the tourneys. I’ll never understand why they play those conference tourneys. The regular season B12 Champions have claimed the title 11 consecutive times. I guess it’s to make some poor team feel better about themselves. I know for a fact, the B12 tourney winner always claims they are the B12 Champs after playing 3-4 games?

    Let’s mention the huge risk of an injury for what? I think the conferences and the teams should take that time to rest and heal. It will never happen. It will either help Ellis get back on track for the NCAAs or it will hurt either him or someone else, Selden?

    Oh well, like someone quoted Self, “if you’re gonna play 'em, might as well win 'em.” I just hope not a huge price.

  • I always enjoy watching the tourney. We get 2-3 more games to watch. Nothing wrong with that as a fan. To me the only real drawback is injury. Ask any Cincinnatti fan about that. If memory serves correctly Kenyon Martin broke his leg in the conference tourney when Cincy had a reasonable chance to make the final four.

    To see us having to play the winner of KS and TCU illustrates our leagues quality top to bottom. I don’t think we’d be surprised if TCU beat us seeing as how tough they played us both times this year. KSU beat us once of course, and that’s just the quarterfinals.

    It’s not a great predictor of success in the dance of course. Quarterfinal loss in '88 didn’t hurt us too badly and a dominating performance in 08 led to greatness.

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  • I’d love to beat K-State (revenge), then West Virginia (revenge), then Iowa State (revenge.) Apparently I just really like revenge.

  • @ajvan ditto!!!

  • @ajvan As long as revenge is your motivation - how about


    (a little further down the line, of course)

  • from KU Sports


  • I bet perry doesn’t play.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I listened to Coach at press conference today and he said they would evaluate him Wed., but regardless he is going to be wearing a brace the rest of the season. HCBS thought he would be ready to play. BG has righted his ship. Hadn’t talked to Wayne since the game Sat. night.

  • Story by Andy Katz re Self’s press conference and prospects for Ellis, Greene and Alexander playing in the B12 tourney:

    Kansas coach Bill Self, appearing on the ESPNU “College Basketball” podcast Monday, said Perry Ellis is still a question mark for the Big 12 tournament after missing the OU game with a sprained knee.

    “He will wear a brace for the rest of the season,” Self said. “If the doctors say he’s not feeling well enough, we will sit him for the tournament. All indications are he is doing well with his lateral movement.”

    “We will press forward and put him in position, and hopefully he’ll be 100 percent by the NCAA tournament,” Self said.

    Self suspended Brannen Greene for the Oklahoma game.

    “It should be a one-game suspension as long as he did what he was supposed to do,” Self said. “Hopefully he’s been on time for class and done what’s required. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t play. We certainly could have used him. We were short-handed. We’re certainly better with him in the long run.”

    Freshman Cliff Alexander has missed the past three games as he sits due to an NCAA inquiry. Yahoo! Sports reported that Alexander’s absence is related to a financial agreement his family made with an agency specializing in loans to agents and athletes before his enrollment at Kansas. Self said he learned information from the Yahoo! report.

    “I had never heard of an agent or financial adviser mentioned [with Alexander],” Self said. “That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

    Self said Alexander won’t play until the NCAA enforcement and the family meet to discuss the situation.

    “We’re basically moving on and preparing as if we’re not having Cliff,” Self said. “We won’t have him if they’re not all on the same page.”

    Self said he’s still optimistic Alexander will return but “the odds would be zero and no chance” if the parties don’t meet.

    Self said amateurism rules need to be overhauled. Prospective athletes can talk to agents but cannot enter into any agreement or accept compensation before declaring for the NBA draft and retain eligibility.

    Self did play Wayne Selden, who was cleared to participate on an injured ankle, but he wasn’t effective on Saturday, going 0-for-7 and finishing with no points in 18 minutes.

    “Hopefully he’ll be 100 percent,” Self said. “We didn’t have a lot of firepower but still got 73 points on the road.”

    Self said the Jayhawks have enough to get through a three-day grind at the Big 12 tournament in Kansas City.

    “We could go and win three or go home sad Thursday,” Self said. “There’s no clear-cut favorite.”

  • @nuleafjhawk Absolutely! And to be honest, the sooner the better. I’d love to knock them out of the tourney earlier rather than later and keep them out of another nat’l championship game. (Here’s to wishful thinking!)

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