• I always used to hope that KU would remain at the seed that it went into the Big 12 tournament without having to play in the Championship game. 3 games in 3 days makes it difficult to be in top shape to begin on a Thursday to play 2 games in 3 day in the NCAA. Roy’s teams always played better in the Tournament if they could go back to Lawrence for the extra day of rest and practice. Then Mario and Brandon got into the trey shooting contest with Augustine and the Longhorns and won it in 2008 and my theory was blown up. This year, except for having to play one extra game, the bottom four would not surprise anyone if they ended up in the Championship game. TCU has turned the corner and Tech has ruined three other good teams chances at winning the Conference.

    If KU wins two games, they keep their 2 seed and will not have to be in UK’s Bracket. They will go to Omaha where we have not lost a game and hopefully face UVA to go to the Final Four.

    The story each year is that KC Bars and Restaurants cheer for ISU and KU to go as far as they can because these teams travel well and ISU looks forward to this Tournament more than any other sporting event they participate in. KSU also enjoys the City and looks forward to KK leading their pre-game rallies. Things are a bit easier for the Big 12 now that they play the Final Game on Saturday. Before they did this, the Bracket was already filled out and it didn’t make any difference up or down what KU would do in the last game of the year before the tournament. Usually KU would be watching the selection show in their warm ups. But it is a big party at the Power and Light and for some reason, the weather becomes Spring like and tickets are cheap after the 2nd round, sometimes people just give them to you as they head back to Ames or Manhattan. I think the real purpose of the tournament, which is in the perfect City for College Basketball, is to sell BEER.

  • 2008 BIG 12 Tournament highlights KU/Texas.

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  • Big money maker and PR bonanza for the Conference. Also, one lucky bottom ranked team can get lucky, win the tournament and grab the automatic conference bid.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I think it’s our turn again! If we’re going to play, might as well win it! Need Perry full strength and what’s his name on the court!

  • The Big 12 bball tourney is KU’s annual gift to KC at large as well as $$$ for the coffers of the rest of the conference. (Spoken like a true KU Homer I know.)

  • Hate to give all that money to Missouri. I wish they could convert the Sporting Kansas City Stadium at the Legends into an arena and hold the Tournament there.

  • I liked the Big 8 Holiday tournament better.

  • @wrwlumpy You can ask the same question about the Big 12 league. Don’t get me wrong winning all those in a row is awesome, almost unbelievable, but it doesn’t really mean squat: seating in the league tourney. Coach will say you’ve got goals, win league, win league tourney, win nationals. At Kansas, you could go undefeated every year until the NCAA tourney, lose the first game, go 34-1 and the year would be a disappointment, right?

  • @Gunman said:

    At Kansas, you could go undefeated every year until the NCAA tourney, lose the first game, go 34-1 and the year would be a disappointment, right?

    Technically that would be a disappointment at any school, :-p but I know what you mean about our expectations…

  • @wrwlumpy Yep, it’s all about the $$$$$ for the host city lump-& it’s in misery. Power & Light had a record financial year in 2014 & still was 15 mil behind on their bond payment Jan 1st so KCMO taxpayers are on the hook for the bill-again-year after year after year. I watch it at home so I don’t give a hoot where its at unless there was a suitable arena in KCK. Far as I’m concerned & I’ve said it recently, it’s anticlimactic after a double round robin season. Too bad the conf winner couldn’t opt out but I suppose that’d be counterproductive to keeping their competitive edge. Maybe starting on Tuesday & moving up the Championship to Friday would be better & they’d all get another day of physical rest. Also FWIW the weather doesn’t cooperate well every year like it should in either Dallas or OKC. OK, so I guess we can just win it too so Frank, Jack & Kevin have a few more days in the sun to rationalize how really bad we are & blow their (each others?) horns, or whatever floats their boats.

  • Conference Tournaments are designed for the same reason that there are 4,798 College Bowl games every year.

    💰 💰 💰

  • @nuleafjhawk There aren’t 4798 bowl game$. I told you a million time$ not to exaggerate.

  • Conference tourney is all about seedings.

    This year, KU can’t move up, so it’s not really that helpful, but in year’s past, it has help KU move up a line with a strong tournament performance.

    The tournament this year could get Texas into the field with a couple wins, or move anyone else among the bottom group (K-State, Tech and TCU) in with a title. The rest of the teams could move up a line with a few wins, possibly two if they win the tournament.

  • While I tend to agree with @nuleafjhawk that the Tournaments are mostly about money, I also believe they are a reward for the players that get to stay in nice hotel, play in a big arena and have a nice extended weekend.

  • @wissoxfan83 So he stretched it a little. No big deal. BTW isn’t there a bowl game this weekend? 🍺

  • @wrwlumpy


    To give Texas a chance at an automatic qualifier to the big dance!

    I think we only have to win one game to guarantee a 2 seed… but maybe it matters what we do in Norman tomorrow. It shouldn’t because of our SOS.

  • @wissoxfan83 OK OK OK

    I will NEVER in a BILLION GAZILLION years exaggerate again.

  • What’s the purpose of the Big 12 Tournament? To give the rest of the league a chance to win something. Since the regular season championship has been kind of locked up for awhile.

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