• I know that winning a Conference Championship doesn’t cut it with many of our members, but with what Self has done with a team that is far below our best of our last 10 years is amazing. this has also been done against a conference that has never been better in top to bottom balance. We did it with a breakout Freshman in Kelly, a point guard that became a leader in his Sophomore season, a Mac All-American that has turned into a Reliford type defensive stud and a third year home grown Validictarian that bleeds Crimson and Blue. I’m crossing my fingers for Cliffy, but some how it will all work out. A

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  • This is the Perry I followed while at Wichita Heights. This is what he was like in Wichita city league.

    I don’t know why… but I finally think Perry isn’t going to turn back to being a soft player again. It’s like he finally broke his man cherry.

  • I think that with his play of late, if we win the conference on Tuesday, that it will be hard to keep the best player on the conference’s best team off of the first team.

  • @wrwlumpy I’ve been back and forth on the CC thing this season. At first I thought it was a big deal, then I decided I didn’t care - I just wanted this team to figure out how to play together. Now I’m back to wanting to win the Conference because it’s about the only thing we’ll have to hang our hat on this year.

  • @wrwlumpy

    First team all conference yes.

    First team Bad Ball All American, DEFINITELY.

  • @jaybate-1.0 If we win our last 2 & PE plays like he loaded this team on his shoulders as he’s done, Big 12 POY should be his & no one else’s. From foxsportskc-

    Since mid Feb he’s accounted for 32% of all our points & over the past 9 games is avg 18.7 & 8.5 reb-with out another viable option in the post. Over the past 2 weeks he’s avg 22.4 & 8.0 at a .575 FG% & is comparable to Kaminski at 19.5 & 8.3. This new found aggression & prowess cannot go un noticed. Also remember how tons of clowns piled on him after the missed bunnie at WVU? I hope they’re eating tough old crow or greasy possum now & have to euthanize an entire flippin herd of skunks !! This conf just simply can’t ignore Perry’s emergence at this urgent stage of the season. That would be a travesty should we win out this week.

  • @globaljaybird he’s earned it and when we win #11, it should go to our MVP!

  • @globaljaybird

    Shades of Wayne Simien’s dominance.

  • Will Perry’s Jersey Hang in the AFH Rafters Someday?

  • @bskeet Will Wiggins?

  • @wrwlumpy I think the only way Wiggins’ jersey will hang is if he becomes MVP of a NBA title team. (Not sure about that… maybe it’s impossible for Wiggin’s jersey to hang… and that would be a shame.)

    Perry still has a few other criteria he could possibly meet. I don’t recall all of the criteria… but one is to be a first team All-America or a first team NCAA tourney team… etc.

  • I was not DVR-ing the pre game but there was a wonderful shot of Snacks talking to Cliffy. What could Snacks have been saying to him?

  • @wrwlumpy “I feel your pain”

  • @bskeet yes

  • I should do a little research before I post… Here’s the info (from

    Guidelines: Here are jersey retirement guidelines as stated in KU’s 2012-13 media guide:

    #####“The concept of retiring the jerseys of outstanding Jayhawk basketball players was initiated prior to the 1991-92 season, when banners honoring Clyde Lovellette, Danny Manning, B.H. Born, Charlie Black, Paul Endacott, Wilt Chamberlain and Charlie Black were unveiled in the south end of Allen Fieldhouse.

    #####The original criteria for a retired jersey included KU players named college basketball player of the year, most valuable player of the NCAA Tournament or being named a four-time All-American. The list was expanded in 1997 to include Ray Evans, who holds the distinction of being an All-American in both football and basketball.

    #####“The criteria were expanded prior to the 2002-03 season to include consensus first-team All-Americans, two-time first-team All-America selections and Academic All-Americans of the Year.”

    #####KU officials said Thursday that the athletic director has the authority to adjust the criteria in special circumstances. In other words, a Jayhawk great can have his jersey retired without meeting one of the above guidelines.

  • Shouldn’t Perry be given consideration as conference player of the year?

  • @HighEliteMajor I think he has played his way into the conversation. Especially now that it looks like we (hopefully) win the conference. The best player on the best team should get consideration.

  • He has my vote. Love it that he had his best game of the year yesterday while 2 of 3 of the second place teams lost.

  • I just checked the b12 stats. Ellis is third in points, and third in rebounds.

    The two ahead of him in points are past 10th place. In rebounds.

    The two ahead of him in rebounds are past 10th place in points.

  • @bskeet Sure hope so

  • @bskeet

    If we transform Bad Ball into a ring this season, I suspect so.

    If he comes back next season and we win a ring, probably. It is so tough to be a first team all American at KU without being one of those once in ten year NBA talent types.

    But it is a pretty tough club to crack without a ring, or first team All American badge.

  • I have said it before, fans from other conference teams see Perry as an All_Conference player; it is mostly some KU fans, including some posters in this forum, that do not see him this way. The grass is alwasy greener on the other side of the fence…

  • One of the things you notice is that when Perry has success, it often is coming when he drives the ball as opposed to when he starts in a traditional post up. Most of Perry’s points came when he caught the ball at either the top of the key faced up, or when he caught on the baseline faced up. He did a lot of damage in the paint, but it wasn’t on post plays, but on drives where he could use his quickness to create angles rather than try to get his shot off against the big guys with his back to the basket.

    This is the best use for Perry. Unless he is being guarded by some 6-6 guy, Perry should be catching the ball faced up about 60% of the time for his offense. This is, to me, the fifth consecutive exceptional game that Perry has put together. Since the Tech game, Perry is averaging 22.4 points, 7.6 rebounds and 35 minutes. He’s also shooting 57% during that stretch. This is the best stretch of basketball Perry has ever put together.

  • I agree Perry should be considered 1st Team All Conference. What I am enjoying most about watching Perry dominate these last 5 games is of course how aggressive he has been going to the basket and throwing down some great dunks. What I am also impressed with is how well the team is rallying behind him as a leader, seeming to make sure he gets the ball on every possession.

    I would love to see Perry with the ball in his hands more much like a Georges Niang. Perry is a great passer and has a high basketball IQ. He has become an impossible guard with how well he handles the ball, how well he shoots from outside, and all of his “blender” type post moves. Imagine him adding a Point Forward type of play to his repertoire. I think Self is right in that Perry is playing at his ceiling, but I think the next step could be seeing Perry also as a facilitator.

  • ##Ellis, Zeigler Earn First Weekly Awards Of March

    March 02, 2015

    Junior forward Perry Ellis (Kansas) and senior guard Trey Zeigler (TCU) are the latest student-athletes to be named Phillips 66 Big 12 Player and Newcomer of the Week. Ellis is recognized for the third time in 2014-15 and second time in the past three weeks, while Zeigler is the first player from TCU to earn a weekly accolade this season.

    Phillips 66 Big 12 Player of the Week

    Perry Ellis, Kansas, F, Jr., 6-8, 225, Wichita, Kan./Wichita Heights Ellis averaged a double-double with 26.0 points and 11.0 rebounds per game as the Jayhawks split contests against K-State and Texas. The junior forward opened the week by scoring 24 points on 10-of-16 shooting versus the Wildcats in Manhattan, adding nine rebounds and two steals. He then recorded his seventh double-double of the year with 28 points and 13 boards against the Longhorns. Ellis, who earned Academic All-Big 12 First Team honors last week, has scored 20 points or more in three straight outings.

    This is his 3rd time this year.

  • It is hard to be at KU, if you read the article by Dicky V on COY, you will see the media biase on KU. He did not even mention Self! Same go for our beloved Players, they have to do a lot more to attract media attention to build their cases for any consideration for awards; because winning is to be expected. But, I think that is the price we have to pay for being Kansas and for being the Big 12 Dominator. RCJH!

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