How to prepare for a Texas game as a KUBucketeer

  • Reserve Television, this applies to to one TV households only with more than one occupant, aka wissoxfan83.

    All clothing necessary for carrying on superstitions located, laundered, pressed, laid out ready for donning.

    Household guests apprised of serious mission between 3 and 5. We’re not being rude, we just want to be left alone. If said guest is a Texas aficionado we have the right to revoke your free subscription to KUBuckets because you’re not a real fan.

        If above rule is a spouse, we will suspend membership from 3-5.

    Speaking of spouses, no intimacy 24 hours before the game. After a victory, have at it, otherwise a recovery period is required of at least until the next game.

    All Texas insults, verbal assaults, disparaging remarks, and other denigrating language must be brushed up on and ready to unleash on any troll.

            Rick Barnes corollary:  We must be mentally prepared, as if we were on that hallowed court today to be mugged, assaulted, raped, pillaged, and victimized.
           We must be equally prepared to laugh with glee when Barnes blows another game with his uber talented teams.

    If participating in any live forum, either at @Jesse-Newell with @jaybate-1.0, @VailHawk, @mistroth @HighEliteMajor, @wrwlumpy, @Lulufulu85 @DanR and others, or here on the bucket with @Crimsonorblue22, @brooksmd, @globaljaybird, @Kusteve among others, we must be prepared to watch, type, and read simulataneously, a difficult task, but essential to the experience. We need everyone’s expertise. We need @drgnslayr and many other excellent new faces we’ve seen recently to join us. Jayhawk nation is dependent on the full participation of all fans.

    If life’s overwhelming obstacles prevents us from being in front of the TV from 3-5 priorities must be questioned. I’m questioning my priorities as I won’t be present today. In said case, be sure in an obsessive compulsive manner that DVR’s or other recording devices are set, rechecked at least twice, and, most importantly that you don’t receive phone calls, texts, social media messages from anyone that appears like it might ruin your viewing of the game.

     Corollary, note must be presented to bucketeers for your absence.

    Have fun! It’s a game, it’s not life or death…well, kinda.

  • I never thought it would happen, but my grandson’s basketball team won a game in their postseason tournament. (Trust me, this is equivalent to a 16 seed upsetting a 1 seed in the NCAA’s). His game will begin about one hour after the KU game starts. They are just kids, but it is important to them. No shoe salesmen will be there or will care about the game.

    I am torn: if we use the bad weather in KC (if it materializes) as an excuse not to go to grandson’s game, is this bad karma which will throw the basketball universe out of whack and bounce back and bite KU? We can DVD, but there will be people at the game checking phones and reporting the score every 5 seconds.

    I dearly love my grandson, and this will be his last basketball game of the year. I dearly love our Jayhawks, and clearly they need all of us. Fortunately my spouse is a rabid fan also, so there is never any question about what we will do during a game.

    What do I do, KU Buckets?

  • We have inlaws visiting from Georgia to see our newborn… They have to observe Jayhawk law and either watch or leave me alone for a couple of hours.

    Fortunately, my family all likes ball and understands.

  • @lincase Hmmm… In keeping with the spirit of my post, the weather, you’re feeling kind of ill, car troubles, indeed, carma, I mean karma, do anything you can to get yourself in front of that tube. Wear your Beats by Dre to drown out the every 5 seconds updates. Sit by yourself in the top row of Kemper or wherever they play games in KC these days.

    As a human, go to the game for goodness sakes and who the heck cares about a KU game. There will be plenty more!

  • @nuleafjhawk I ask forgiveness, I left you out of my original post. We need you at the Jnew blog or live blog here!

  • @lincase I imagine you won’t be able to drive in that much snow! Or, you don’t have 4 wheel drive, or they may call off his game? School game? Jk! Gson trumps everything!

  • @wissoxfan83 he watches the voice, or reruns of the voice!

  • @wissoxfan83

    Love it!!! I’m ready for the game to begin NOW!!!

  • @lincase

    That’s a toughy! Do you have a droid or iPhone by chance? If so, I’ll give you my dish login and you can watch it live.

  • @lincase I can’t tell you what to do, but I will be at a track meet during the game because I can DVR it.

  • Saturday 1 PM TCU @ Oklahoma ESPNU 3 PM WVU @ Baylor ESPNU 3 PM ISU @ KSU ESPN2 4 PM UT @ KU ESPN Monday 6 PM Baylor@UT ESPNU 8 PM OU@ISU ESPN Tuesday 8 PM WVU@KU ESPN2schedule

    Teams we need to watch

  • @VailHawk Have an iPhone. What a generous offer. I’ll let you know. It is snowing pretty heavily now. Think I can play the “We are old and afraid to drive in bad weather” card.

  • @lincase could it be postponed?

  • @lincase I say DVR the game. Watch it later even though you know the outcome. I am a rabid KU fan, but I say go see your grandson.

  • @lincase This is not difficult - GO TO YOUR GRANDSON’S GAME. You can DVR the KU game and watch it later…

  • @lincase As @nuleafjhawk said, go to your grandson’s game and sit by yourself as @wissoxfan83 said. Black out. Be unsociable. You can enjoy both. Hope the boy has a good game.

  • @lincase There will be other KU basketball games. Your grandson is here and now. He needs his paw-paw there to watch and support him.

  • @wissoxfan83 Bucketeer??? No. I am not a “bucketeer”.

  • @wissoxfan83 lol - all is forgiven my friend. It was an honest mistake. I don’t contribute a whole lot other than hopefully a laugh or two now and then.

    Honestly, I’m not a good enough multi-tasker to do the whole live blog thing. I kind of relish just getting on the couch and watching the game. Until I have to turn…

    I’m gonna try and not do that any more.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I’m not THAT bad!! (The Voice isn’t on Saturday afternoon…)

  • @brooksmd I agree, we are going to try to get to the game. Possibly he needs his grandma there to support him. Not all posters have a Y chromosome. Thanks everyone for the input. Truly, you are nice people.

  • @wissoxfan83 said:

    Speaking of spouses, no intimacy 24 hours before the game.

    (pssst - apparantly 20 minutes before game time is ok…)

  • @nuleafjhawk My wife saw that part of my post and said she’s going to check the KU schedule and keep me to that. Let’s see, how do I delete that part of my post?

  • @wissoxfan83 Just show her my response and hold her to that.

    Hey - we won.

  • @lincase did you go to his game?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 We did get to the game. We were a little late because of the weather. For an 11 year old, our grandson plays good defense, and is a good rebounder, but he doesn’t have much of a shot. . He also suffers from asthma, so he has to rest sometimes. We aren’t alerting Bill Self just yet! Also, he is very smart, and we have hopes of an academic scholarship. They lost the game, but we expected that. It was amazing that they won the first one in the tournament.

    We put the KU game on DVD, and went into a media blackout. What an ending. Thanks for your interest. I really like the people on this site. RCJH!

  • Bucketeer…Mouseketeer… annette-funicello.jpg

  • So, you cute little Trick or Treaters, you’re a Pirate? Where are your Bucineer’s?

    “Under my Buckin’ Hat Lady.”

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