Next Up: UT 17-10 (Big 12 6-8), RPI: 40, SOS: 19, ESPN Bubble Team

  • The game against Texas will be a Trap Game. They have everything to play for and they really need this game. They will come out very hungry.

    Although they have lost 3 in a row, all were close games: 71-69 @ OU(#17), 85-77 vs ISU (#14), 71-64 @ WVU (#20), by a total of 16 points to Ranked Teams.

    The stats show they were in all three games:

    vs OU

    Lead Scorers: Turner (17) Yancy (14)

    Shooting % 43.6% (OU 36.1%)

    3Pt% 34.8% (OU 42.1%)

    Rebound +3

    Assist 0

    Steal -8

    Block +12

    Turnover -8

    vs ISU

    Lead Scorers: Yancy (29), Taylor (23)

    Shooting % 40.8% (ISU 46.4%)

    3Pt% 37.5% (ISU 57.1%)

    Rebound +11

    Assist +2

    Steal -1

    Block -1

    Turnover -4


    Lead Scorers: Holland (14), Taylor (13)

    Shooting % 52.5% (WVU 42.3%)

    3Pt% 46.2% (WVU 36.8%)

    Rebound +4

    Assist -6

    Steal -1

    Block +4

    Turnover -8

    From the last 3 games, we can tell that they are sloppy with the balls. They can block and rebound well. They shot a lot of 3Pts. They are inconsistent like us.

    I think if Seldon can keep Kendal Yancy at bay (SO, Guard, 6-3, 200lbs), we should be able to cruise and control the tempo. Like us, the development of their Freshman Post Player is slow and left much to be desired.

    If HCBS allows, it would be a 3Pt battle with both teams hoisting more than 20 trials. In order to win the game, we must have better anticipation in Rebounding. 3Pt is a battle, Rebound will win the WAR! RCJH!

  • I would also like to add that Guard Plays are crucial for this game. I did some stats crunching on Yancy and Taylor and found that they are the Go To Guys for the last 3 games:

    OU Taylor 10/55 shots (18%) Yancy 14/55 shots (25%) = 43%

    ISU Taylor 18/71 shots (25%) Yancy 17/71 shots (24%) = 49%

    WVU Taylor 8/40 shots (20%) Yancy 8/40 shots (20%) = 40%

    Mason, Seldon, Oubre and Graham will have to keep them in check.

  • Rick Barnes is literally playing the next 3 games for his coaching job. No one in Austin believes they can beat us. He has proven again that he does less with all the talent. Javan Felix is scared that one more concussion will end his career and Taylor is trying to do way too much by himself and not feeding the post. Yancy has stepped up so maybe Kelly guards him. I just don’t think we lose at home especially after Monday. We have to come out and pound them from the get go and not let up.

  • My question is this: does Barnes sit Holmes for his blatant elbowing Tuesday of William’s face? Or was being disqualified from Tuesday’s game punishment enough?

  • @Shanghai_RCJH Every game is a must for every team we play. No cakewalks here. 3-0 FOR THE DOUGH!

  • How has he not been suspended for the next game for that is beyond me. The guy from Seton Hall got 2 games for punching a Villanova player in the face. What’s the difference in this one it was clearly a blatant act

  • @Kip_McSmithers But But But Jon Holmes went into the WV locker room after the game and apologized to the whole team. At least that’s how they played it here on all the sports broadcasts last night. That made it nicey nice in their eyes.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    That was really nice of him!

  • From the paper’s Sports Writer:

    Golden’s Nuggets: Haven’t we seen this before, Texas basketball?

    Posted: 5:22 p.m. Monday, Feb. 23, 2015

    By Cedric Golden - American-Statesman Staff

    Rick Barnes’ team has mastered the art of playing to the competition, and not in a good way. The Longhorns have been involved in entertaining contests, but one quick glance at the schedule reveals that Texas has beaten only one good team all season, and that’s the West Virginia Mountaineers.

    Since taking that 77-50 home win on Jan. 17, Texas has lost six of its last nine games, three by three points or fewer. Saturday’s loss to Iowa State stung because this team is wasting some all-world ball from sophomore guard Kendal Yancy, who has become a real force while more experienced players like Jon Holmes and Cam Ridley aren’t giving the Horns the offense they need to be a legitimate postseason contender, or even a postseason participant at this rate.

    If Barnes were summoned to the offices of the NCAA tournament selection committee and asked to plead his case for Texas’ inclusion — aside from being a member of the deepest league in the country — he would be hard-pressed to point to more than one signature win.

    There’s opportunity Tuesday at West Virginia and Saturday at league-leading Kansas. This is where going 0-4 against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State kills the Horns. Last week’s late collapse in Norman is the one that will keep Barnes awake this offseason if Texas finds itself back in the NIT or worse.

    With the Longhorns having four games left and at 6-8 in conference play, I can’t see them going any worse than 8-10 and still getting in without winning the Big 12 tournament. It’s an all too familiar scenario for Texas hoops fans: A great start followed by a late-season swoon. With their 3-8 record in their last 11 games, it’s difficult to envision the Horns putting it together over the next couple of weeks.

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