• Not what you think.

    I don’t care about the stupid Conf. Championship streak. It means nothing. (180 turn for me - for the past few seasons it’s something I’ve coveted)

    I don’t care about any home court winning streaks.

    I don’t care about where we’re seeded in the tournament.

    I don’t care who starts, who finishes or who comes off the bench.

    I don’t care if we run the high/lo offense, if we press full court or spend 34 seconds running the Harlem Globetrotter shuffle.

    What I DO care about is winning. These guys better figure out a way to get the little orange ball 🏀 in the basket more than the other guys.

    Dive after loose balls. Stick on your man when on defense - NOTHING ticks a player off more on offense than to have the defender glued on him like he was his shadow.

    When someone passes you the ball, look the ball into your hands. When you are the one passing it, pass it to your teammate and not the lady in the blue tank top in the third row.

    Stay after practice and shoot 150 free throws.

    Refuse to Lose. Then do what it takes to accomplish that.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    I like it when you get purposeful!!!

    This is the kind hit you have to take to get better.

    These obstacles stand between not greatly talented teams that aspire to greatness.

    UConn last season took some serious lumps before their run in March.

    The '88 team looked like a lock for a time as a champion and then was decimated and reduced to Danny and a bunch of stiffs. But then they became the Miracles.

    All that is happening is that we grow increasingly near the discovery of how much fight is in these guys.

    We are still tied for first.

    We need that first place finish to have our best angle of attack in March.

    But I am not giving up on this team even if they lose the rest of their game.

    The trey guns have rusted.

    But guns can be oiled and their actions restored.

    Come March, we are going to be dangerous.

    We are going to find a way to learn to play around the black hole at our center.

    One way, or another.

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • Your thread needs Theme Music…

  • @KUSTEVE Beeyootiful !

  • @nuleafjhawk I honestly think the conference streak has been an enormous burden on us. We’re not looking to the start of the tournament (like Nova, UK, Wisconsin, and Duke all are), we’re looking at the game against Oklahoma, payback against WV and then the conference tournament. By the time the tournament rolls around, we seem mentally and physically spent. The regular season is preparation for the big dance. I think we’ve lost sight of what’s important. Conference titles don’t measure greatness, National Championships do.

    Honestly, losing it could be a good thing. I think we’ve lost sight of what makes us Kansas. It feels good just thinking it. It’s time to let go.

  • I agree that the streak has been a burden. But, I think the conference championships are important. Many say they don’t mean anything without success in the post season. I disagree. 4 months of success means a lot. Now…we need postseason success also. Frankly, more than we have had. But, the 2008 NC and 2012 runner up make up for a lot of the post season failure. But, I agree we need some post season success soon.

  • @MoonwalkMafia I’ve always thought the conf tournament is anticlimactic. Our guys damn near always take a loss there & go into the dance on at minimum, a one game losing streak which I detest. Is just not the time for a 3-4 day consecutive mini tournament ending on a sour note. Money is so huge for the location that has the site drop so it will likely always be a part of the conf financial plan.

  • Re-post–The Big 12 Conference trophy is made of iron pyrite.

  • all this talk about the conference championship being a burden is just perception to us fans. I’m sure the players from time to time think about the streak but at the end of the day it has no bearing on how we are playing on the road.

    You have Perry trying to take this team on his back like Monday and nobody else on board. Mason & Selden are non-existent in the leadership category. As a team they are not rallying among themselves to pull out wins and that’s a sign of a young immature team without a collection of leaders. Allen Fieldhouse has masked many more issues, without the home field advantage we wouldn’t even be in the conversation for #11. Unless this 2 game home stand finds a way to re-energize these kids the rest of the season will end just like the losses to OSU, WVU, & K-St have been.

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