Predictions and Hawk to Rock - OSU in Stillwater

  • So I did this a few games ago, and then kind of backed off because it seems like a lot of people like starting threads regarding the next upcoming game. Absolutely love @wrwlumpy 's threads with the famous alums and the photo montages. But this morning I said to hell with it and decided to put it out there again, so here goes:

    Prediction: KU wins by 12. And the only reason I have it that close is because we’ve had some trouble closing out games. But I think while it might be close early, even through a half, I think we have a double digit lead most of the second half.

    Hawk to Rock: Frank Mason III. Statistically he might not have the best game; that honor might go to Perry or Brannen. But I think the job he’ll do on Forte today will be impressive.

  • @icthawkfan316 Give it up 4 The Bulldog. Rough as a cob, smooth as silk. In your face, in the paint, on the skid on the floor. I’ll take him 4 16pts & 8 reb. More of a General than Bobby himself. RCJH! Add in a few burns for the topping.

  • @icthawkfan316

    Here is my prediction and the only prediction I feel certain about:

    When I make a prediction I jinx the team.

    I think I’m something like 0 for 10 this year.

    My new standby reply is that Tyler Self is due for a monster game!

  • @drgnslayr He, he,he. I think KU wins 68-64 in a close game.

  • OSU 70-66. Devonte’ Graham.


  • Outcome: KU 71-68 (even though I am worried about this game) Hawk to Rock: The Big Dog (Simply because he is due)

  • KU to win by 14. Ellis and Oubre are the Hawks to Rock. 4 in double digits scoring.

  • KU by 3 in OT, and last second 3pt which prevents second OT is by game mvp, Greene.

  • @Shanghai_RCJH I like your picks, but I’m picking just one of your duo and that is KO. And to make it easier on my ticker I think the Hawks jump out by 10 early, build on it the rest of the way and turn the arena into a morgue by the final horn.

  • @brooksmd Just curious does anyone know if the mascot is still allowed to shoot off that obnoxious friggin blank pistol? Talk about LOUD - seats are all on top of the court almost straight up. Built like an old HS gym width & depth wise but they’ve added height since the last time I was there. Only seated about 7,000 in the early 90’s but may be twice that now. Best way to describe it then would be a snake pit, though Uncle Boonies’ money has drastically improved the place since. But that damn mascot continually firing his pistol just put the flippin noise over the top when OSU would get in a tough battle. KU always takes some hard punches in Stillwater. I took my refreshments at Eskimo Joes !!

  • I think its a close game. We’ve played 1 road game with Energy & aggressiveness for 40 minutes. Baylor we had to claw, TCU we were terrible for 30 minutes, Iowa St we had a slew of issues. The first meeting wasn’t our best but they missed shots and we did enough. I expect a low scoring game and that’s why I think its close. We know what we have to do, guard Forte from half court and limit Nash from easy buckets and FT’s. The rest of their team is nothing and it will take 1-2 of their guys to play out of their mind. If we take care of the ball and make shots we should win a close game in a hostile crowd.

  • Hoping Wayne continues his form. He’s my Hawk to Rock in this one!


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  • @FarSideHawk awesome!

  • @FarSideHawk Nice!

  • Time for the Jayhawks to the real Road Warriors!!! Whomever plays great defense on Forte has got my vote.

  • @globaljaybird Yeah, I don’t know. Didn’t they build a building over their old gym to make it bigger a few years ago? My knowledge of Okiehoma is pretty much limit to several 2 to 6 week periods I spent in various stages of inebriation while attending classes at the USPS training facility in Norman. Oh an the ocassional sober visit to the Okiehoma fair if it was going on while I was there.

    And while I have your attention you old fart. I take offense to your reference to those of us who watched pro rassllin’ as “thimble brains.” I will admit to a period of dedicated viewing but it was done as bonding time with the youngest son. And once Goldberg retired he lost interest. Care to join me in a 🍻?

  • KU build a lead and OSU makes a late run but never really gets close; KU by8-10. Ellis has as solid game and Greene could also have field day.

  • I’m going to say 10 pts KU. BG hawk to Rock, Selden D hawk. Strongly dislike osu!

  • @brooksmd Certainly no offense was meant you old geezer ! Should’ve said “peabrain” & let me assure you I’m also included in that mix! Watched many hours of it myself when I was a kid-Lou Thesz, Vern Gagne, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Bo Bo Brazile, Haystack Calhoun, Dick the Bruiser, The Sheik, Fritz Von Eric the whole damn shootin match. One of my oldest friends & best damn welder I’ve ever known in 45 years in the trade was The Avalanche Buzz Tyler. He became Bulldog Bob brown’s tag partner when Bob Giegle got too old to get in the ring. Buzz told me Ernie Big Cat Ladd (AFL Chargers & Chiefs) broke 3 of his ribs the first time they wrestled. I asked him why & in his Jerry Clower South Carolina voice he simply replied, “I guess he didn’t like me!”

  • @brooksmd Buzz carried a picture in his wallet of Billy & Benny McGuire, the worlds fattest twins. He was a pallbearer at one of their funerals. Buzz in the middle with a twin on each side with their arms around his shoulders & at 375 # he looked like a dwarf (no malice intended here either) between them They were over 600# each. Buzz said he was buried in a piano case instead of a regular coffin.

  • And don’t forget Danny Little Bear. He used to come into the ring in full native headdress.

    My brother used to work in the emergency room at the old St. Margaret’s Hospital in KCK, near Memorial Hall. He got to patch up a few of these guys when the action got out of hand. I got to meet the Viking once when he came into the all-night grocery store where I worked. Nice guy.

  • @nwhawkfan Those guys went out on the road & when the show was over, would all get in the same big station wagon, stop at the beer joint, then drive home together. Kinda like believing in Santa Claus, that’s what finally broke my bubble-I was about 8 years old.

  • @globaljaybird Lou Thesz was my mom’s favorite.

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