KSU suspends....

  • Foster and Harris prior to TT game for unspecified violations.

    And Okie St fixing to bounce Texas out of the top 25.

  • @brooksmd Bruce has not only lost control in the gym, but publically on the floor at AFH. We’ll probably see an Exodus of players after the season. Liberace won’t be far behind. He can’t win squat with his own recruits.

  • @globaljaybird Don’t be so hard on ‘em old man. They doin’ the best they can. 🍺

  • @brooksmd Slip O’ the Lip?

    Makes me think of a local sportcaster when stating his partners absence one night, calmly & without even a hint of a grin said plain as day, “I’m Lance Bieker, Jack’s off tonight.”

  • Banned


    For some reason old Jack gets a free pass?

  • Bruce has some problems. I think he is actually a good coach. He just has to prove he can recruit. Foster was a great find for KState. But this is now the 2nd issue with Foster. If it doesn’t get unfrigged up soon, they could be in a world of hurt.

  • @Hawk8086

    Reports from the game indicate that Foster sat on the bench mopping the entire game and his body language was horrible. Would not surprise me if he leaves the program and starts preparing for the draft. He has a lot of talent but his work ethic and attitude are seriously lacking; unlike Marcus Smart, he might not get a chance to rehab his image and NBA teams might be hesitant to take a chance.

    TTU also suspended a player today and Syracuse just self -imposed a ban from post season…lots of developments today.

  • @JayHawkFanToo do you think weber will let him come back? Might be the end of his career,webers that is.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I guess it will depend on what caused the suspension. KSU’s expectations have not been high since Frank Martin left so he might be OK.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 If Weber’s tenure is left in the hands of Manhattan Media, the job is secure. What better front page or nighttime TV sports coverage to rely dependably upon than bi-weekly grousing about the PurpleKitty Hoopsters?

  • “Calling Frank Martin… calling Frank Martin!”

  • @JayHawkFanToo I watched the game last night. Foster and Harris weren’t on the bench but according to the announcers they were at the practice in Lubbock today so they speculated that they were both sent back to the team hotel.

  • I by far am NOT any K-State fan but I do not think this is weber’s fault. I think Marcus Foster is just a problem looking for a place to happen. I actually applaud weber for suspending him indefinitely by the way this time, like the announcers said foster s only hurting his teammates by his actions. to tell you the truth it wouldn’t surprise me they dismiss him from the team maybe not but wouldn’t be shocked. foster only cares about him self what I have heard really not that much of team player and now Malik Harris foster is a cancer and starting to spread not good

  • Bruce Weber isn’t much of a coach in my opinion. He had the same sort of issues at Illinois. This is about what I expected from Weber. One good year, one so-so year and then a series of poor years with player problems that are blamed on guys acting out, followed by him being fired and the program being left in shambles. Apparently the process has accelerated a bit.

  • I would not be hurt if he was still suspended when we come to K-St but I’m almost certain he will be back by default before we go there. Without him they are an offensive mess, Williams is a mid-range guy and Gibson is the perfect complementary big. But who else do they have who can even shoot?

    If he doesn’t change his attitude he’s probably gone and I won’t be sad about that!

  • Got ZERO cares for PurplePussies. Even to those who say ‘we need a strong conf’, I’d reply lets just leave Ksuck out of that discussion. Let that vaunted conf foe be Fred Hoiberg, or Granny Barnes’ stacked deck…or Faylor. Or how about Huggins’ WVa. Those matchups will get us natl press. Not ksu.

    Look, nobody cares about Kstutter outside of the state of Kansas. Not Huggins, not Frank Martin, not Beasley, not Bill Walker, and not even Angel Rodriguez. Not Lon Kruger either.

    My view: beat the livin schitt out of the purple flowers only because they want the stupid rivalry. Teddy Roosevelt philosophy applies: wont say much to their pitiful fans, just bury them on the scoreboard. Football tables will be turned soon enough. I may respect Snyder’s work, but I also know he hates ku directly (so how the hell can I ever root for them).

    My apologies to any ‘house-divided’ ku households.

    I was at the ku-ksu game, courtside, sec.H. During a quiet moment, a lone KU man shouted out this exact sentence: “Bruce, your team SUCKS!” Half of AFH heard it. I watched the TubbyTechies bury KSU last night. Every KSU miscue or missed bunny or FT, I imitated that KU man’s exact voice & tone: 'Bruce, your team sucks." My 16yr old son was rolling, lol…

    I can say ksu does provide satisfying entertainment, of sorts…

  • @ralster good stuff!!!

  • @ralster Soooooooooooo - do you like K-State or not?💏 . It’s hard to read between the lines!

  • @ralster

    Over the years I’ve thanked the purple pansies several times for making it an easier path for us to be conference champs again. I especially liked Frank Martin and his constant show of respect for Kansas and Self. Frank was always entertaining with his red face and murderous expressions.

    Weber is starting to challenge Frank for “entertainer of the year” in Lawrence, Kansas. His explosion in the first half of our game truly made my day. I’m really starting to love that guy. He is so fun to beat.

    I can’t really knock Snyder. He has done what Kansas should have done… build a program from the ground up. I recall KSU and KU being on a similar status before Snyder entered the picture… actually… KSU was even below Kansas! Kansas State had a cumulative record of 299–510 (.370) in 93 years of play, which was easily the most losses of any team in Division I-A at the time Snyder took over.

    My biggest strike against Snyder is that he attended Mizzou for a year as a student. At least he was smart enough to transfer out after only a year, but I"m afraid the Antlers had already poisoned his soul.

  • I think the Antler’s might be the only one’s in the stands at MU. They have made it an unwelcome place for families who would usually bring their kids to a game. Kim Anderson is a great coach, but his Warrensburg background will never allow him to get into a recruits home.

  • @wrwlumpy

    The antlers were kicked out of a couple of games by the administration, so even MU sees them now as an embarrassment.

  • Travis Ford attended Mizzoo for a year or 2? before transferring to KY. Didnt even learn shiz, which was in abundance at both schools…

    Now he toils thanklessly in Self’s shadow, knowing he was OkiState’s 2nd choice…

  • K-State backers who protested the hiring of Weber are now trying to get him fired. I actually felt sorry for them when the piano player was hired. WHB’s Keitzman, whom I have no respect for, was telling the K-State fans on the radio to at least give Weber one more year. He could not figure out why the Stater’s liked Huggy, and claimed that he was a drunk that bought rounds for the students in Aggieville and left the bar tab for the school to pay, saying that it was in his contract, which it probably was. (See $25,000 bonus for beating KU). Things are bad, really bad for the Fans from a school that once had a great tradition with some of the greatest coaches in basketball, like Hartman, Winters, Fitzsimmons and Huggins.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I think this sums up the antlers in their entirety:


  • @drgnslayr PHOF!!!

  • @drgnslayr About your added antler decoration.

    Back in the old days of the original Louise’s on Mass St. the narrow joint had one long bar and twenty bar stools. Standing room was two deep tops, and walking through was a slow process on a crowded night.

    One of the stunts we came up with was to place a rubber over someone’s shoulder as they passed without them noticing. We called it, “rubbering”. After a while, we came up with new challenges. The biggest, was to double rubber (one each shoulder) a female total stranger.
    I can’t remember if anyone ever accomplished that feat but your fine artwork brought back some good memories.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    I remember several severe pranks we pulled back then that involved condoms. I think it best I keep them a buried secret.

    Hard to forget Louise’s. Is Louise’s West still alive?

  • I am told it is-but I don’t know if it is in the same location.

    I was driving down mass st. last weekend and was pretty sure I saw Louise’s painted on a storefront. I didn’t go back to check it out.

  • @JayhawkRock78 still there, same places. I asked my son.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 If memory serves a dentist office next door on Mass had been leasing Louise’s the space in the 70’s and decided to expand and terminated the lease.

    I have no idea if the Louise’s on Mass is the same local or has the same layout of a long bar and twenty bar stools…

    Could you inquire?

  • @brooksmd I was hoping Liberace would survive…sigh. He has taken the Mildcats down to a pitiful level, and has been an easy win for us.

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