Earth Calling National Media: KU's Frosh Are Doing about as Well as UK's Frosh, So Olivia, Oil the Crop!!!!

  • @drgnslayr got me thinking about Kelly Oubre’s and Cliff Alexander’s performances vis a vis UK’s hyped frosh.


    Oubre and Cliff have taken major heat for slow starts and for supposedly struggling.

    UK’s hyped frosh, on the other hand of public relations, get nothing but testicular licks and sphincter kisses by the submissive national media. Let me upper case that: TESTICULAR LICKS AND SPHINCTER KISSES!

    This fecal-oral fawning over UK by national media has gotten to the point, where I suspect that the spouses and significant others of major broadcasters will not suck face with their mates without insisting they use some kind of CDC-approved, Ebola Hot Zone-grade, anticeptic mouthwash to prevent sudden kissing death syndrome from all the private places these broadcasters have been sucking up to.

    PUHLEEEEASE, as the pre-dead Joan Rivers used to say, CAN WE TALK!!!

    I eyeballed the numbers for mpg, ppg, and rpg today.

    The numbers are so close–plus or minus 2 mpg, 2 ppg, 2 rpg–that if you index for the different tempos, KU’s frosh and UK’s frosh would probably be producing about equally.


    I know, I didn’t go all KENPOM. I just eyeballed it. I didn’t take the fifth derivative and grind it 10 decimal places. I was too infuriated.

    And get this: here in standing upright reality (as opposed to down on all fours national sports media reality), Oubre and Cliff really have been playing not so hot…THINK ABOUT WHAT THAT IMPLIES ABOUT THE UK FROSH FOR A SECOND.


    And the KU and UK season RPIs are comparable.

    And UK plays in that weeny basketball conference called the SEC!!!

    Quick, I don’t even have to kiss the suck-ups and I want the mouth wash.


    Get up off your hands and knees, national media.

    Brush your flipping teeth.

    Take off the latex undies, the nipple clips and the blindfolds.

    You look ridiculous in this season long submission session with Master Cal in his size 30 Marlon Brando Wild One motorcycle outfit from B&D Costumes’R Us and his Gang of Not-So-Dominant OADs.


    Help me here!

    The bend overs in the national media need some proper power transference.

    Throw on the Cat Woman Suit.

    Oil the riding crop.

    Teach these national broadcasters a lesson about objectivity they’ll never forget.


  • @jaybate-1.0

    The media is just up to their normal cliche… “Frederick’s of Hollywood” crotchless lip service.

    Meanwhile… back in the Midwest… somewhere between Lawrence and Hell… our Jayhawks are on a date with destiny -


    Forget the pasties and french ticklers… this is a job for napalm!

  • @jaybate-1.0 said:

    producing about equally

    If we compare now yes. But while I don’t know the specific stat comparison back when we played them, I do remember thinking at times we seemed like a high school team playing an NBA team. And then a month later it happened again with Temple. I remember a lot of posters here being completely bummed on our frosh…

    Sure glad we turned it around!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Haven’t we always been the most slighted, disrespected of the blue bloods? #2 all time winningest program until UK vacates a season(s.).

    Kansas just happens to be a low populated fly over state. I hate it but it’s true. And the Bourgeoisie media look down their noses at us.

    That’s why I wanna win a whole bunch of national championships. PLURAL!!!

    It won’t change all their minds but it’s hard to ignore national titles. Big XII titles won’t impress them (shout out to @HighEliteMajor).

    Sorry, I’m sleep deprived and a little delusional after watching The Fall on Netflix!

  • @VailHawk There is a Huge east coast bias, true enough. But if KU wins #11 and #12? Thats Coach Wooden type stuff there.
    I agree though, about the national titles. We need more of those too!

  • @jaybate-1.0 NOTE TO SELF (me that is not that coach dude) DO NOT READ JAYBATE-1.0 WHILE DRINKING COFFEE!!!

    Hot coffee snorted out the nose hurts FYI.

    Thank you and good day!

  • @VailHawk

    Yes, but it is this way for all fathers of anything. 🙂

  • @Kubie

    Good thought. Maybe I should start adding a note at the end of my attempts at humor…

    (Warning: comedy can be hazardous to your sinuses. Do not drink and read. ) 🙂

  • @Kubie

    “Hot coffee snorted out the nose hurts FYI.”

    And if you add sugar… it ruins keyboards!

    (I wonder how I know that?)

    @jaybate-1.0 missed his calling… we all thought he should be a writer… philosopher… motivational coach… No! Those should remain his hobbies. He should have been a computer keyboard salesman!

    I know Apple owes JB a ‘thanks’ from me.

  • @drgnslayr


    Going to get a new keyboard!!!

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