Self's Recruiting Strategy For One Thon Maker

  • “Hi, Thon. We’d love to have you at Kansas! We’ll stick you in the weight room and within 4 years you will be able to run our hi/lo offense with your new ‘back to the basket’ skill set! Never mind that you won’t be a low post 5 in the NBA… trivial…”

    Thon Maker

    Or will it be the “new” Bill Self:

    “Hi, Thon. Wow, we love your skill set! Come to Kansas and we’ll plug you in to where you will be in the NBA soon. Where do you see yourself? A 3? Shooting guard? Just because you are 7’ doesn’t mean you have to play in the low post…”

    Any guesses how he is playing this?

  • @drgnslayr THON…the name sends chills up my spine. Let’s get his twitter acct, and do our own recruiting, slayer. We need him next year.


    Remember when we were desperate during the championship game with Memphis and we put BRush out on point on defense?

  • @drgnslayr Yes sir. Simplify the offense : give it to Thon…simplify the defense…let Thon take on their best player 1-5 on defense…

  • @drgnslayr KU also did a box and 1 with BRush checking his guy…

  • I think Self’s pitch is easy. “Joel Embiid came in last year as a skinny 7 footer who was supposed to take two or three years to develop into an NBA ready player. It took him 1/2 a season and was a top 3 draft pick. I will run every play through you as I did Embiid, and Thomas Robinson and the Morris Twins, Darrel Arthur, etc.”

    I like our chances. Even if this year is not representative I think we are still Big Man U.

  • A lot of people don’t even think he makes it to College with all the Schools he been too, his Guardian’s influence in his every move and his reclassification. I’m sure he will be a clearinghouse question mark.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with him in the coming weeks and what his timeline would be for deciding what school he may attend. He would definitely benefit from Hudy from day 1.

  • @joeloveshawks @BeddieKU23

    Even though Thon could definitely use some pounds of muscle and learn back to the basket ball… I don’t think it is realistic to see him focus on that in just one or two years of college basketball. It’s not where his skill set is, and is unlikely to ever be a great post player at the next level. It took years to convert Withey, and Thon is every bit the challenge. Thon has no desire to be the next Withey project.

    His gift is his footwork, ball handling and perimeter shooting.

    We have to throw away his dimensions, and consider him a 6’7" guy and let him be where his skills are. If we recruit him any other way I’m positive it is going to backfire. Thon doesn’t want to be a low post player, nor should he want to be.

    Imagine how well this guy can learn to pass the ball. At his height, he sees a different game. He’s lightning fast and should eventually become a big assist maker in college and the NBA.

  • Banned


    Ah that damn grade point average. Kind of Ironic it means everything for a kid to get into a college, but when they get there no big deal. 🙂

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