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    I’m not pointing fingers or accusing.

    However after watching the last two KU games. One a loss and one a win. I’m not sure the refs are calling a fair game? Ok I know I’m playing a the ref card, but man come on. In the Iowa St game it took 30 minutes before KU actually shot a free throw. Really?

    Maybe I’m reaching but it seems KU has to get mugged before a foul is called and if they so much as breath on the opposing player they are going to the line. Just my two cents worth.

    Am I crazy or do you agree?

  • @DoubleDD I agreee

  • I agree

  • @jayhawkeyes really cool eyeball

  • @DoubleDD We got mugged in the game against the Clones.

  • I’m stunned at the no calls that Mason gets when driving to the hoop. I saw Ou initiate contact all game and get calls for the slightest contact. Then little Mason goes in does the same thing and its nothing. Either he makes it look more dramatic than it is or these ref’s really are blind.

    I also think on the road, Mason gets called for that charge on the assist to Cliff for his big slam. Obviously Spangler was still moving but that’s a call in Iowa St. we get called for. Obviously we benefited from the no call, but in other’s gyms the ref’s are so biased.

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    Wasn’t really feeling the love at home either. 😞

  • @DoubleDD

    I think there are a couple of issues that stick out on this one.

    First… we lacked hustle at ISU. That was clear in how bad we were pounded in the open court. But also, when teams don’t hustle, they don’t get fouled and shoot FTs either. We didn’t push the contact with ISU, and we should have because this is one of the few teams we have played where we have physical superiority. We rarely tried to score inside, and I’m not just talking about hi/lo to Perry or another post player. We rarely drove the ball in tight, where ISU is vulnerable and the potential to be fouled was high.

    This sticks out as the #1 reason why we weren’t shooting FTs.

    Second… everyone knows that it is the Kansas games that determine the next Big 12 champion. It is ours to lose. Because of that reason, I think the refs are letting some contact slide because they don’t want to be the ones tagged for swaying who the next Big 12 champion will be. They are treating every KU game like it’s the championship game… where it is the norm to allow more contact.

    We got away with some calls last night. There were several times the refs swallowed their whistle on calls that could have gone against us.

  • @drgnslayr

    I agree that we got some benefit of calls but the question with consistency in the calls is another matter. Also ref’s seem to have biases against certain players, or certain situations. And then factor where the game is and its a night and day different crew every game. No universal rule book to follow even though the rules are the same for everyone.

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    I don’t know? There was some calls against KU’s guards that just left me shaking my head, and talking to myself. Maybe I’m crazy but man it didn’t seem like the refs were doing us any favors.

    Think about it like this how many times did you see KU go into the paint with the ball? The KU player goes flying and the ball goes the other way. NO FOUL

    Yet a OU player so much as put his foot in the paint. It’s a foul?

    I know it sounds like I’m making excuses but I’m not just something I noticed.

  • @BeddieKU23 that certain player is the famous actor, Phil forte. He calls everything and the refs always agree!

  • I was particularly upset with the refs at the ISU game not calling the over the back fouls. KU player worked hard to get in position only to have an ISU player go over the back and get a foul called on the KU player. In one possession there were 3 over the back fouls by ISU that were not called; The big dunk by McKay should have been a charge and instead he got not only the points but a free throw to boot.

  • I thought we got ripped at ISU, too. I always feel like it’s home-cookin’ refs in Ames.

    Kelly picked up a few last night that seemed soft calls, but he was hand-checking and those always put a player at risk.

    We are always going to see it biased though. I’m constantly screaming at the refs and I’m sure I’m not always right!

    The really bad call was in the Duke/Miami game when Winslow cheap-shotted the Miami guard ahead of him on the breakaway, sending him flying and injured and they didn’t even get the intentional foul call. That has to be the worst call I’ve seen in college basketball this year… but then… when do the calls ever go against Duke? That’s why most of America hates them… because the system is clearly rigged.

  • I think we were the victims of a little home cookin’ at ISU. It sometimes happens. I think there were calls that were missed both ways against OU.

  • @Hawk8086 I never think calls at home go our way. Hmmm

  • KU players, especially the guards MUST learn to create contact. They can’t try to look pretty and avoid contact by trying to jump away from defenders, expecting to make shots and/or go to the stripe. Mason does it more than any guard on the team. But he has his moments where he’s trying to avoid contact. He’s got to jump right into the defenders. They are jumping out of their shoes to block Mason. They will foul him every time. I see it every single game. Last night it was Graham. Oubre gets it. He’s learned to drive and create contact. They can’t drive right into the center of the defenders either. They have to get an angle and make the defenders move or lean.

    They’ve got to learn that teams, especially ISU (ala, Niang) will set up a charge every single time. They’ve got to learn how to go around Niang. They need to crossover and leave him standing like a fool. Niang sets up for a charge and KU like a moth to a flame charges right into the big lug. He gets that charge called almost 100% of the time.

    Don’t get me started on this airborne passing habit. They are getting caught in the air during a pass. The guilty ones are Mason, Selden, and Graham. They’ve got to stop that crap.

    Enough of ISU for now…RCJH beat UT.

  • @truehawk93 Agreed. I get really pissed when a KU player goes into the air without good options,

    If you leave your feet with the ball with someone in position to defend you -THEN you have a nice open shot with a nice pass/dish/lob option.

    We are getting better as of late but this and TO’s are my biggest pet peeves.

  • @DoubleDD It seems like Wayne constantly gets mugged and doesn’t get calls which may be leading to his lack of confidence at the rim and finishing.

  • @truehawk93

    RIGHT ON! Yes… we could be fouling out every team in the league, if we put just a little focus on it.

    The only thing missing from your post was the shot fake. We refuse to use it like we think it must be illegal! And since we don’t use it, we don’t practice it, we don’t study it… and guess what team in the B12 always fouls on a shot fake? Right… KU! If we incorporated it we would also be practicing against it and wouldn’t fall for every single fake a guy puts on us. Every single time Kansas players fall for shot fakes. If I was playing Kansas I’d tell my guys to use shot fakes every single time before a shot and by halftime we’d be playing the scrubs.

    It is absolutely amazing to think of just some small tweaks we could incorporate that would total change our results for the better! We have 4 McD’s AAs and we struggle to beat B12 teams without a single super stud. We make games so much harder for ourselves by not using some of the very basic elements of the game that were taught in junior high. It’s friggin’ amazing!

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    I’m not sure what is missing in Wayne’s world, but that kid has some serious talent. Hope he finds it.

  • @DoubleDD You and me both and the rest of the Jayhawk faithful. I have a feeling it’s coming and when it finally does click for him consistently the same way it clicked in the second half of the Florida game we will be unstoppable in the Big 12 and against most of the teams in the tourney. We have to use KO’s term “savages” on this team and when they play like it consistently the rest of the field better watch out. We have the talent, we have the ability to win close games, we need to develop that “will kill” mentality and I think Wayne has it and he just needs to find a way to get his groove back.

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