KU/ CLONES Predictions

  • I am predicting a wild shoot out in the land of the Uglies. I think we get boatloads of runouts. I think our offense has its best day of the year. Threes will fall like pennies from heaven for the good guys: FINAL SCORE: KU 79 Clones 72.

  • Not to sound irrationally optimistic, but, statistically we are due for a game like you said. RCJH!

  • @KUSTEVE I sure hope you’re right. But I’m thinking today could get ugly for us… If I had to give a prediction, I’d say… KU 62 ISU 75

  • @KUSTEVE Seriously, I don’t honestly envision a win for KU tonight. If KU can keep the game competitive to the last second, or even force OT and still come out with a loss, BUT our coaching staff shows they can adjust on the fly, then I think it bodes well for our season this year. If KU can come out of January at 6-2, I’ll be happy. If KU can play to its strengths this game instead of doggedly feeding the post, and lose a close game, I’ll be happy. If KU can shoot 18 3’s instead of 12, I’ll be happy. If KU can at least attempt to do what you all have outlined in here thus far, I’ll be happy.
    IF KU actually proves me wrong and Wins tonight? Gravy.

    as an afterthought. Have we not seen KU play a game or two Outside In this season? Yes, we have right? What is Coach Self’s normal tendency? Inside Out. The Okie state game was one ugly, feed the post game for KU. Maybe, just maybe Coach Self thought, " hey we have home court advantage and I already know how Ford’s crew is gonna come out to play tonight. I believe we can throw a curve ball to the conference and fake them out by playing Inside Out this game and still come out with a W. Still protect our house. Then, the next game, which will be harder to win at Hilton, we will toss another curve ball and play the game the exact opposite. ISU will scheme to stop us playing Inside Out, but we’ll go all Opposite Day on them."
    I dunno if its sound reasoning or not but we must consider all options.

    One last thought, to me, Basketball is a game of finesse and skill and beauty and toughness which creates a miriad of designs in offense and defensive schemes akin to that of the most priceless works of art in the Louvre. Thats why I love the game. Everything else just pales in comparison in my opinion.

  • @KUSTEVE I’m w/you!! I saw ISU shoot 1-18. If…

  • Banned

    It would seem with the Eye test, this current KU team matches up quite well with Iowa St.

    However Hilton is going to be rocking. Hopefully the newbies are ready?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I think we will take control of the game, and be ahead by 10+ for most of the game. I am not sweating this one.

  • @KUSTEVE I am glad you are optimistic. I hope you are right. I’m afraid this will be a loss. The place will be rockin. They are probably due for a good shooting game. ISU’s problem last year was that they were too fired up, I think, and shot the 3 like crap…we can only hope for a repeat. If we do lose…won’t hurt us in the conference race if we otherwise take care of business. Only upside for us. But…I do need me some of that crimson and blue moonshine yer drinkin’. 🙂

  • Think it will be intense on both ends but think our guys are better prepared to come from behind. Hope Cliff has his breakout game defending the rim. Higgins is officiating. Give this one to KU 74-69.

  • I’m not going to predict a score because I really have no idea what will happen. Half of me thinks we will struggle with the crowd and being on the road, the other half of me thinks that we will do enough to stay in the game and scrap out a win. Will our vets step up or will we rely on the young guys?

    Defensively we should know after the first half what kind of shape we are in. If Naz Long is making open 3’s I don’t see how we respond to that. Against Baylor he was 5-5. Expect Niang and Jones to get theirs. Hogue is a huge matchup for us, he can step outside and has shot a high %. Either Traylor or Ellis will guard him most of the game and neither is a defensive stopper.

    Offensively we will have to shoot 45% and up to win. Besides the Oklahoma St game we had shot the ball okay the last 4 games. I’d say 8 3’s will be a key stat for KU to make outside shots. Iowa St isn’t a good defensive team and never has been. We should get plenty of offensive possessions because Iowa St doesn’t waste time. I’m looking for Frank Mason to have 20 points if we are to win. I can’t trust Selden or Ellis for production in any given game so I’m not even going to bother asking them to shoulder the scoring. Hopefully Oubre has his game, Traylor does what he’s been doing. Alexander comes in and is active on rebounds and Defense and we are able to get momentum plays with lobs.

  • Oh ye of little faith…We’re playing the Clones, not the MJ/ Pippen Chicago Bulls. We’re 1200 lbs of screaming steel, and sex appeal. We’re going to smoke that swiss cheese defense, and slow down that offense.

  • I’m breaking my long radio silence to call this unorthodox W.

    The good guys make more 3s than the bad guys and hang on for the nailbiter.

    KU 73 ISU 71


    Go, man, go!

  • Hmmmm, a prediction… think, think, think. Well, Self is too classy to allow something like what happened to a California basketball team yesterday…

    “Arroyo Valley High girls’ coach Michael Anderson was suspended for two games after the victory last week against Bloomington High. Final score 161-2”

    But it would be rather amusing 🙂

  • 70-67 KU. Perry Ellis Player of the game 22 pts 8 rbs.

    At least that’s what happened in my dreams last night.

    I’ve always been pleasantly surprised with our recent trips to Ames.

  • @Eric

    I like your dreams! 🙂

    I predict a low scoring affair (for these two teams): KU 69 - ISU 63

    The game wasn’t that close, but ISU came on a bit at the end.

    MVP: Oubre pours in 23, Ellis 16, Mason 12, Alexander 10.

  • Defensive slugfest with KU winning by one point, something like 4-3.

  • it depends on whether good KU or bad KU shows up. Good KU wins comfortably, bad KU can lose big. KU has a better chance of winning this game if it stays in the 50s or 60s, the higher the score the better chance for ISU to win. KU’s defense versus ISU offense will set the tone for the game…or KU can score 50 in the first half (remember '88?) and outgun ISU. The line has dropped 1/2 point and it is now 3-1/2 which is less than what I think the home court advantage (typically between 3-6 points) would be for this particular game. As amped up as the crowd was during game day and how important this game is in the conference race, I would say the home court advantage would be 5-6 points.

  • @JayHawkFanToo unless we shut them up!!!

  • @wissoxfan83 I laughed out loud. Love it!

  • Oh well. We have a chance at redemption Monday night…

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