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  • ok guys just have a simple question one and one only just like to hear others input ok? who do you think is worse at broadcasting, I guess color commentator. which do you consider worse. DICK VITALE OR BILL WALTON? yes I know dick vitale goes on his tirades about the ACC or where ever he is atishe best place in AMERICA about makes ya sick sometimes but he really does have some good points some times, then you have BILL WALTON OMG this guy just goes off on some of the most ridicilious stuff nothing pertaining to the game at all and actually even his analysis of the game I feel leave a lot to be desired. which one guys? whichj one is worse? I have to say believe it or not to me BILL WALTON very hard to watch with him

  • @jayballer54 Good question and not easy to answer. I would have to say Vitale is worse. He is obviously very ACC biased (especially Duke) but more importantly he is biased towards the best teams in the country. When Kentucky is playing this year it his commentating is beyond awful as he can’t contain how many times he refers to them as being “special” or “unbeatable” or whatever. It is not fair to the team the better team is playing. He talks far too much about the better teams and not just the players but the coaches and the history and the guy who waters the grass outside of the practice facility at UNC. It is nauseating. If Duke or UNC or Kentucky are playing a bad team and Dickie V is calling the game it is almost as if he is calling the game only for the better school. A great deal about Dickie V bothers me but his biased towards prestigious schools upsets me the most.

    Bill Walton is just a moron which for some reason doesn’t agitate me as much.

  • I can’t hear Bill Walton’s voice echoing around in my head, so I’m going to have to go the other guy, BAYBEEEE.

  • @jayballer54

    I used to hate Vitale. He used to be exclusively ACC… especially Duke. But over the years he has broadened his vision and he talks up teams everywhere. He also raises lots of money for cancer and other foundations, and works very hard at that. So I’ve softened on him.

    I have a very soft spot for the big red head, because I’ve followed him since UCLA. However… he does go off in crazy directions. When he does that he is taking away from the game. Viewers are there to watch the game (and hear the game)… not listen to his nonsense.

    I have the most issues with Bilas. He gets so much of the game right, but in the areas where he blows it, he blows it big, but he has the mind of an attorney so he sounds convincing. Must be the Duke in him.

    The other night, he went off on a rampage about college basketball refs calling charges too often, basically giving the charge call away when defenders flop. Yeah… he’s right. But this is the guy that supported all the new touch foul calls recently. And what lead all the players to the flop is the touchy fouls, because if you don’t flop you are definitely going to get the foul call against you. The game had gone too far in one direction, creating the need to over-compensate in the other direction. At that time, Bilas loved it. He thought he was “cleaning up” college basketball. Truth is… he doesn’t understand the physical side of basketball.

    Now Bilas is screaming for the charge circle to be extended away further from the basket. Another super dumb move… all in the hopes he removes more contact out of the game. Bilas wants basketball to become a completely non-contact sport… totally ruining the game. All because of his days being a soft player. He couldn’t cut it, especially at the pro level because he couldn’t handle contact, so he punishes all of college basketball now. He makes Perry look like Chocolate Thunder!

  • Walton NEVER says anything positive about KU! NEVER! Don’t care for either one, but Walton is the worst!!

  • @drgnslayr

    I like Bilas and at least he can step up and say a lot of things most don’t want to really talk about. He may have spoken too soon to praise the touch fouls, not realizing that in half of a season it would be forgotten anyway. Defenders are definitely back to checking and such, because if they weren’t Lester Medford of Baylor would foul out in the first 10 minutes of each game. One of the worst offenders of the rule I’ve seen.

    The charge rule is like passing interference in football. It will never be an exact science every ref can learn and follow the rules consistently.

    IMO, the charge rule should be taken away completely. Players shouldn’t be allowed to just stand in front of someone without making any attempt on an offensive player to block or steal and get rewarded for it. That to me is nonsense and players safety are in jeopardy.

    Offensive fouls should be still called like hooking a player in the post, creating separation with your off hand for a shot, or simply running someone over. Those calls should still be monitored but now we have a serious problem with Flopping and a rule that takes away from the game.

    As far as the real question, I think Vitale is more annoying to listen to because of his allegiance to Duke and UNC. Half of his segment is spent talking about anything but basketball. Give me Gus Johnson anyday from fox.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Vitale is bombastic and prone to hyperbole and his bias for Duke, and also UNC, is really as or more annoying than his voice; However, he is one of the few commentators that has actually coached HS, College and the NBA and he does have a fair amount of knowledge, even when the delivery can be like nails on chalkboard. He also does a lot of work for good causes including the Dicky V foundation. He lives in Sarasota where my dad used to live so I have seen him around town a few times when I visited dad.

    Bilas is pretty self-absorbed and a little too full of himself/smug and, as others have mentioned, his support for the new contact rules has turned off a lot of fans. Having said that, he is still the best of the bunch.

    I like Fraschilla, He is very knowledgeable and, unlike other analysts, very familiar with KU so his comment tend to be spot on unlike others that only read the Cliff Notes version of the programs before the game and repeatedly misstate facts about the team/program.

    Pants backwards used to be pretty decent but over the years has developed a bias against KU; maybe the “pants backwards” chant has had a cumulative effort.

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