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    My opinion only, KU must not lose more than four games to win or tie for #11. To do this, they must sweep 5 teams. These are TCU, Texas Tech, KSU, OSU and the most difficult would be Baylor, now ranked in the top 25. We must then split with OU, Texas, ISU and WVU. Right out of the gate on Wednesday night, we must go into a Conference opponent’s house and have the second half energy that we had against UNLV.

  • The perpetual face of Scott Drew…


  • The Baylor 1-1-3 match-up zone. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never been impressed with the execution, and thus the coaching of the Baylor zone. They never really seem to have a clear identity, though – shifting to man many times (which they play notoriously bad) – and they seem to give up easy baskets many times in their zone.

    I admit, however, that Scott Drew has won more games than me at the college level and makes millions of dollars, so he must know what he’s doing …

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    I admit, however, that Scott Drew has won more games than me at the college level and makes millions of dollars, so he must know what he’s doing …

    I don’t give him that much credit. Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Watch out! Chancellor Starr might come out of independent prosecutor retirement and spend unprecedented amounts of tax payer dollars to connect you to a you know what. 🙂

  • @wrwlumpy

    Say it ain’t so, lump. Say the Red Headed Stranger ain’t a Failor Graduate! Say he ain’t a Bear!!!

    Did Willie get a degree in accounting? No, probably not. Horticulture? Maybe? 🙂

  • @HighEliteMajor

    What will Scott do if Self turns’em loose to shoot 25 treys?!

  • crazy-crd.png

    Would there have been a Patsy Kline without this tune that Willie wrote?

  • As much as I like “Crazy”, I’m also big on “Walkin’ after midnight” and “She’s got you” and “I fall to pieces” so my vote is yes-there is Patsy KIine without Willie. JMHO

  • This time of year is really tough on me. Zenger and Barry Alvarez continue to schedule games at the same time that my daughter competes on the pitch for her soccer team. (it’s HS soccer season down here in LA) I really want to see this game, but I NEED to see my daughters game.

    It’s been feast or famine with us and Baylor recently. We seem to blow them out or get blown out. Baylor has played well this year, although somehow nearly lost to Southern the other day. I don’t feel real good about this matchup this year. I didn’t see the game yesterday, but reading about it sounds like we didn’t play a complete game at all.

  • Got the same thing going with a daughter in soccer here in Houston. Sometimes the DVR works out. As for the game- I felt we had a couple of runs that UNLV answered-then got in front of us at half. I was a big nervous at 51 all, and then KU started playing a bit better & got some nice separation at the end. I saw more transition buckets this game which was fun and got the crowd going.

  • Devonte seems to be getting better. If he could just let Frank rest for a few minutes…

  • @wrwlumpy I agree with you. That has to be the standard you shoot for. It might take 3 or it might take 5…but I think 4 is your starting point. In theory, no harm in losing to the other contenders on the road…as long as you sweep the other teams and take care of business vs. the contenders at AFH.

  • @wrwlumpy No Doubt! We cannot take any and i mean ANY game for granted this season. The conference is even tougher than it was last year. There are no guarantees this time. Its win or go home each game.

  • @nuleafjhawk Well, me too … that comment was just a veiled reference to the “Self should not be criticized because he’s won so much and is a highly paid.” Of course, Drew has won a lot and is highly paid, too.

  • @jaybate-1.0 – He’ll lose.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Perhaps noxious WEED management/control? Good writer but the nasal voice from hell. IMO the only person ever to butcher “Will the Circle Be Ubroken” & that’s like the UNLV kid shootin 38 pct FTs, damn hard to do.

  • There were nights on the bus when willie actually had conversations with the Baylor Bear.


  • Self said Devonte has been doing light running and cutting and looks like he might be at practice next week.


  • @wrwlumpy @globaljaybird et al,

    Tangent Warning: I’ve been reading a ton of Civil War stuff for something I am working on and ran into a few different sources asserting that Abraham Lincoln was a life long user of pot. Supposedly smoked it in a conventional tobacco pipe. Can anyone confirm this, or not? I don’t find references in any mainstream histories of Abe, so I am still skeptical. But he did suffer acute depression and pot has reputedly been used by depressives throughout history. Maybe I should ask Willie. 🙂

  • Anyone who would have predicted the score in Austin would be accused of Willie’s herbs. WOW Lonnie K. has a got an amazing starting 5. Only the top 5 teams in the rankings have shown any consistency. Bennett at Virginia might be the new Bill Self.

  • @wrwlumpy not really!! It’s rick Barnes, OU is good!

  • We’ve been pretty good against the zone this year. Will that carry over against Baylor who has a bunch of 6’7-6’8 guys. I think the keys to winning will be forcing turnovers to transition points, or secondary break and catch their zone napping. Defensively to limit Prince from shooting 3’s, making 53% on the year. Their post Motley has come on strong lately and is blocking a good % of shots. They rebound well so it will be key if we have to shoot a lot of Trey’s to get the offensive boards. Basicaly we just need to bring it and show right off the bat we mean business.

  • Many of us on this site have confessed to having superstitions regarding the Jayhawks. In 2008, my girlfriend got a Jayhawk doormat for my store in Missouri. We won the Big 12 and the National Championship. The mat has become worn out over the years, but we still got to the National Championship again. The more it has become worn out, the Tournament trips ended earlier. So, today I have replaced the old door mat with a new one. Can you spot the jayhawk on the old one?


  • @wrwlumpy yes, barely!! Cool story!

  • I’ve been listening to Doug Gottleib on WHB and he is saying that Selden is not the leader on this team and that the “straw that stir’s the drink” (Reggie Jackson Quote) is Mason. I must say that all players on this team follow the lead of Frank and know that they will have to play as tough as he does for # 11 to happen. Selden stepped up big time against UNLV, but Mason was the star. Praying for Devonte to make it back. This team will be so much better if Frank doesn’t have to play all of the minutes.

  • @wrwlumpy Agreed. I think our chances at getting to the Final 4 are greatly tied to the healthy return of Graham.

  • @wrwlumpy I’m surprised it took your Missourian customers 7 years to wear out the old doormat. I’d think they’d love to wipe their feet off on a jayhawk.

  • Scott Drew, a poor man’s John Calipari.

  • I remember one of the times I caught Willie live and he was more dead than live.

    He showed up totally wasted. So wasted that he couldn’t sing and his hardcore fans started to boo him. They actually took a one-hour pause during the show while Willie straightened out enough to play. He was still a bit rough on his second go, but finished his performance strong and had the crowd on a long ovation at the end.

  • @DanR The MU toilet paper I had didn’t last a day…

  • @wrwlumpy There’s been a lot of talk about Frank getting too many minutes, but I’m not so sure. After a little bit of research, I noticed that he’s playing almost exactly as many minutes as some other notable PG’s. Darnell Valentine and Jacque Vaughn averaged about 33 mpg during their careers. Other names you will recognize that played from 32-36 minutes: Tyler Ennis, DeAndre Kane, Shabazz Napier, Aaron Craft, Marcus Smart, to name a few.

    I think Frank has done a great job - the only possible drawback is if he gets injured, and injuries can happen at any time.

    I’m not trying to be argumentative, just stating that maybe it’s not such a terrible thing that he’s playing a lot of minutes.

  • @wrwlumpy as posters on here say frequently, I said frank was our leader. Ha ha👋on back!

  • @wrwlumpy

    You certainly got your money’s worth from the old one…:)

  • @drgnslayr

    Calipari can actually coach; Scott Drew? not so much. Baylor played best when Drew was suspended and the assistants coached the team.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Self and Drew may be in the same conference but as far as coaching they are not in the same league. They are both in their 12th year as coaches at KU and Baylor

    Self at KU

    Overall record: 335–71 (.825)

    Conference record: 151–31 (.830)

    Conference Championships: 10 in a row

    Post season; NCAA every year (11)

    Drew at Baylor

    Overall record: 216–161 (.573)

    Conference record: 74–108 (.407)

    Conference Championships: 0

    Post season: 4 NCAAs, 2 NITs

    In the same period of time Self has 119 more wins, 90 less losses, 10 more conference championships and 7 more NCAA appearances; the worst conference finish KU has is tied for second (1 time) on Self’s 1st year and the best conference finish Baylor has is tied for second (also 1 time) on Drew’s 7th years. Sorry HEM but Self and Drew are not even in the same conversation…although I will agree with you that they both make a lot of money.

  • @JayHawkFanToo You do provide consistent entertainment, I’ll give you that.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I do present hard numbers though. Just curious, do you believe that Self and Drew are at the same coaching level?

  • @JayHawkFanToo No, I don’t think Drew is near the coach that Self is. But that’s not the point I was making, of course.

    I would ask you then, tell me about coach Self’s failings. Where has he failed in his job? Macro or micro. Free your mind.

  • Interesting matchup tonight, I think they play two small guards (which was our plan until Devonte got injured). I am wondering if our transition game will work well there. My take is if we get near 1/3 of our points from transition, our chance to win is pretty good. RCJH.

  • So I hear that Bill Self is a 2 point underdog to Mr. Drew. The Baylor coaches have watched the UNLV game and are saying to themselves, “We better put more emphasis on guarding the perimeter.” I see more scoring in the paint than before. We are looking for open threes in our attack now and Baylor knows that. It could be a big night for Perry, Jamari and Cliff. Get well soon Devonte!

  • @HighEliteMajor So sorry for the imposition, let me invite myself to this conversation! Evolution begins at the level of the individual, imho, so I think Self is failing on a Micro level. He isn’t failing, per se, but if he doesn’t continue to make changes and evolve with the game I expect him to slowly fall from the top five coaches in College. He developed a system that works, and works extremely well with experienced players who have had time in the system. Now, he needs to be able to adjust to a system that takes less repetition for the talent to learn. I believe he will do it if he still has the gumption for the game that he did 10 years ago.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    “Calipari can actually coach; Scott Drew? not so much. Baylor played best when Drew was suspended and the assistants coached the team.”

    Good point. Maybe I should have said a “much cheaper” version. Both know how to recruit.

    Sometimes it is shocking how Drew manages to lose with the talent he has.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    What do the #'s looks like in the past 5 years? The numbers are misleading because when Drew came to Baylor it was utter chaos. The team was in the cellar ever year so it took him a bunch of years to build them up. He must get credit for getting them where they are now. I’m not defending them in anyway saying Drew has done a better job but Self came into a program that was already elite and in a completely different situation. Drew had to rebuild from nothing.

  • Greenberg breaks down tonight’s game.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Baylor has had talent second only to KU in recent years and in some years better classes as well; however, the best he has managed to do is a second place tie (once) in regular conference play in the same time period as Self.

    Since you asked, here are the numbers for the last 5 years.

    **Self **

    • Overall 156-29 - 84%
    • Conference 73-13 - 86%
    • Conference finish - 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
    • Post-season 5 NCAAs


    • Overall 125-55 - 69%
    • Conference 48-38 - 56%
    • Conference finish - 2, 7, 3, 4, 6
    • Post-season 3 NCAAs, 1 NIT

    …still, worlds apart.

    The conference record is the most telling since they not only play each other but now they play the exact same teams home and away and the strong or weak non-con schedule is not counted. BTW KU has always played a tougher non-con schedule than Baylor.

    Let me ask you the following question. Suppose all top 100 programs lose their coaches and the only 2 coaches available are Self and Drew and you can hire Drew for one half of what you would pay Self…how many programs do you think would pick Self and how many would pick up Drew? My own answer is all 100 would choose Self, even at twice the salary.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Absolutely 100 coaches would pick Self. He’s a Hall of Famer, he’s only enhanced the brand at KU, brought a NC, 10 straight championships the accolades are endless. Definitely the last 5 years still favor Self by a long shot. We are spoiled to have him.

    Baylor has done well and I’m not sure where the program would be if he wasn’t their coach. He’s built his own brand in his own way, he’s recruiting at a high level. Baylor had nothing before he came and corrected the ship. It’s good for Big 12 basketball that they are consistently doing okay.

  • We won- barely in my opinion but,we got the W,

    Nice that Isaiah got recognition.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I bought his tshirt this past summer! What a guy!!!

  • @BeddieKU23

    I agree Baylor has done well. Next to KU, Baylor probably has had the most talent in the League in the last 5-1o years, no question a result of Drew’s recruiting; however, all it has to show is one tie for 2nd place in the conference in all this time…kind of makes you go hmmm…doesn’t it?

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