Is Self getting burned out?

  • This has been a thought for a couple years now. My love HCBS has not let me honestly assess this idea. But the longer KU plays, the more apparent it becomes.

    At the beginning of the '11-'12 season, Self talked about how pumped up he was because of the talent (or lack of talent) he had. He was excited to coach up lesser talent to see how close they could get to their ceiling. As we all remember, that team, in the words of Roy, would “pull the nails out of the floor because they played so hard”. Self’s face would get bright red those years as he was constantly demanding for more. T’s were not uncommon and he would yank a player the minute someone got burned on Defense (with the shallowest team he has ever had).

    Fast forward 3 years, and those occasions are few and far between. I have thought he is taking a different approach with different team dynamics (which every good coach does), but we are about to start conference and this team still is not gelling.

    I just cannot imagine Self of 3 years ago to let a players make a lazy pass on the wing or take a terrible shot early in the shot clock and not have repercussions. And with the Spurs job soon to open up (because of Pops retirement) or the Thunder head coach position (because Brook’s is on the hot seat), I am worried that we are on borrowed time and Self knows it.

    I am not looking for a lynching board for Self, I am just wanting someone to ease my mind and show me how foolish I am being!

  • @JhawkAlum

    I’ve been wondering this, too.

    I believe Bill still has a burning passion for basketball, and coaching young players. And I think he is very happy with Kansas and his contract.

    But basketball at Kansas has been changing over the period he signed on. The recruiting is far more intense, and the need to recruit harder all over the country is common now.

    Another aspect that is unique to Kansas is the level of fundraising Bill is involved in with Sheahon.

    Bill would have more time and energy if Kansas football was pulling more weight. This has to be the biggest factor because Kansas basketball is pulling a disproportionate amount of the financial weight in the Kansas athletic department.

    Bill isn’t a KU alum, but he certainly goes up and beyond his duties across the board for the university! This is completely understated and Bill doesn’t beat his own drum, but people should be made aware of how much time he gives to the university and other organizations in non-Kansas basketball efforts.

    Seriously, I don’t know how he keeps up.

    We should all support Kansas football, and we all need to realize just how much the football program impacts basketball.

  • My only clue is his son Tyler. Once Tyler was part of the KU team I figured HCBS wasn’t going anywhere until Tyler graduated. Now, if Tyler gets a spot as an assistant coach on the KU staff it buys us more time.

  • @drgnslayr Bill does great things for KU and you are right-he doesn’t beat his own drum and sometimes he does things that few hear about. He is a real class act.

  • @JhawkAlum Well until we hear the news that Self is bailing for the League. Im not going to stop thinking he loves it here at KU.

  • @JhawkAlum


    Self just appears tired of the unlevel recruiting field that Rick Pitino talked about in context of Big Shoe.

    How would you like to be out recruited by Stumpy Miller? If you were Pitino? If you were Self?



    Burn out?


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    I initially upvoted this post but changed my mind and downvoted it!

    (Voting research sans malice)

  • Ok. 🙊🙉🙈

  • I don’t see that at all. He’s just like Harbaugh - the pro athlete attitude would annoy the crap out of him. My 2 cents worth, anyway.

  • Bill is 10-20 years younger than Boeheim, Coach K, Roy and Pitino so I certainly don’t think he is burned out. He has plenty left in the tank if those guys are still coaching and currently still recruiting at the highest level. Bill, Izzo and Coach Cal are all similar ages and I see them being around for another 10 years are their respective schools. The first 4 coaches I mentioned will probably be gone by then although who knows with Coach K. He may never quit.

  • @KUSTEVE Your cousin, Ella Mae died yesterday. I drive by Donna Douglas’ house each day on the way to work. The locals here who knew her say she has always been a gracious and unpretentious type. And yes, she has a Ceeement pond in the back yard!

  • @JhawkAlum Maybe Coach is getting tired of the uphill battle that is recruiting against Nike schools?

  • @joeloveshawks

    “although who knows with Coach K. He may never quit.”

    Seems like he’ll never quit. He grimaces from the bench and you can tell a big chunk of that isn’t because the team is playing bad, he is obviously in pain.

  • If Self leaves, I don’t think it will be burn-out, but seeking a new challenge. But the fact that he’s been here so long leads more to the conclusion that he may stay here like a coach K, or a Boeheim, as mentioned above.

    But this shouldn’t be a worry at all. If he leaves, we’ll be fine. I’m confident in that.

  • @wissoxfan83 I saw that, Wis. RIP, Ellie.

  • @drgnslayr

    Coach K will be the Strom Thurmond of basketball coaches. They will wheel him in and out on oxygen even while in a vegetative state. 😄

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    PHOF! But I still downvoted it just for fun!


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    But seriously, couldn’t you picture Consonants out there cursing at the refs in a Stephen Hawking wheelchair/talking machine combo?

  • @HighEliteMajor said: “If Self leaves, I don’t think it will be burn-out, but seeking a new challenge.”

    That is what scares me. Most often, people don’t leave jobs because they lost their passion, they switch because an opportunity with an exciting challenge has arrived.

    Self was happy at Illinois, but he said what made him come to KU was “I didn’t want to say ‘What if’ and regret it later”. Self is a guy that loves a challenge. Which is why he was so amped for the 2011-2012 squad. The NBA is another level.

    The pros for college basketball:

    1. More control over the talent you have.
    2. The fulfillment of developing not only basketball players, but men.
    3. Has ultimate job security at KU with a fat paycheck every year.

    The pros for NBA:

    1. Doesn’t have the grind of recruiting all year.
    2. Possibility of a bigger paycheck.
    3. Bigger challenge.

  • @VailHawk

    I laughed so hard and I should have had a diaper on!

  • Just saw some info on twitter from Seth Greenberg … UNC was running a 1-3-1 tonight and Greenberg commented that it “fit” UNC’s personnel (yes, Roy was running a 1-3-1). He also said the following:

    “Just like you need to fit your offense to your players it is important to fit your defensive system to your personnel.”

    Quite a contrast to coach Self’s philosophy. Just different ways to skin a cat. But with that, Self’s way should not be presumed correct each and every season simply because he’s won games. Nor should his approach be given any deference from year to year. Other coaches win games being flexible and adapting.

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