Kentucky loses another to an ACL

  • Like Nerlens Noel last year, Kentucky just lost what’s his name? Poythress? The article I read on it said he was their only true SF in the two platoon system they have going. I really do feel bad for the kid sustaining an injury like that, in a practice no less. But, I really am not that distressed to know that UK will have to alter or drop entirely their platoon system this year. Poythress was their best perimeter defender, or so Ive heard. Will that expose the team for a loss this year? Its unclear to me. Out of all this, I just want to see Calipari fall flat on his tookus.
    I welcome anyone to add their thoughts, speculations, etc.

  • @Lulufulu I would love to see Cali fall on his but too, but I am always sorry to see a kid hurt-no matter who they play door with one exception which doesn’t apply here. To my knowledge this kid plays fair.

    I HATE dirty players and players that cheat. Cheating until you get caught is now common at high school level sports in Texas-even with the girls. Grabbing arms and jerseys to hold them now happens all the time all game long… It sucks, but I digress. I hope Poythress makes a full recovery.

    Kids that take shots at hurting someone should have a multi game suspension, and if they do it again they are out for the year-same with pros.

  • I feel bad for the kid but not UK or the squid. I’m fine with them going undefeated during the regular season and then losing in the first weekend of the dance like mizzery

  • I think what’s especially sad is that this has the real possibility of ending Poythress’ dreams of playing in the NBA. He’s an amazing athlete that’s been saddled with being a tweener, too small for the 4, but not enough perimeter skill to be a 3 (sound familiar?). But it’s tough to come back from an ACL injury, and the way the NBA drafts these days (more on potential of up and coming young bucks than proven commodities), his lack of skill development, age, and now this are going to make it really hard for him to stick. Young men like him sacrifice so much to get that chance. It would be tragic if it never came.

  • I hope he finds a way to make it to play professionally here or there as I do for those who have a reasonable chance, but if that’s not in the cards I hope he can make a living in the game as a coach wherever as I hope for all .

  • Poythress is a junior with good deal of experience something that UK will miss. If you look at the better recent UK teams, at crucial times it was the upperclassmen that bailed them out.

  • Injuries are always the wildcard. UK was more equipped to lose a big than a perimeter player. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they are still deep and talented. Its a bad break for Poythress, who seemed to be a very hard worker. Its unfortunate that he may miss out on a very special season, especially since he was a part of the hugely disappointing season a couple years ago.

    Big test today with UNC. I am curious to see how they adapt and if this makes them vulnerable.

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