KU Sports - Nov 5: Feature on Jamari Traylor; Preview of KU vs FHS

  • “A couple of years ago, Tyshawn and Elijah sat out Naadir’s first game, and Naadir almost got a triple-double — 12 points, nine turnovers and eight assists (in exhibition win over Pitt State in 2011).”

    Head Coach Bill Self

    That’s funny.

  • Obviously this is coach Self’s province here … but I’m not that concerned about Louisiana-Monroe on Friday. I’m more concerned about Duke. My first thought would be that getting Tharpe ready for Duke, and playing more with multiple new teammates in a game situation, is more important than getting Mason ready for Friday.

    Perhaps me not being concerned about La-Monroe is based on the simple fact that I’m not coaching the team … I’m a fan. Coach Self probably envisions some nightmare, upset scenario and is simply living by the “one game at a time” adage. That makes sense too.

    On the flip side, at least Keegan can say he’s right about Mason starting at PG instead of Tharpe. I’m sure this is what he envisioned.

  • RE: KU-Fort Hays State Preview

    Gary Bedore is definitely slipping, “Mason — who scored five points with one assist and three turnovers while playing 18 minutes as Tharpe’s understudy in last Tuesday’s 84-55 opening exhibition rout of Pittsburg State”

    Which game was he watching?

  • I dont need any more evidence that Bedore is slipping…that whole thing (he posted personally) about the anonymous vs. non-anonymous posting, and his logic behind it was soooo naive and narrow-minded, that I couldnt believe it. The fact that an organization protected by the 1st amendment would choose to conditionalize and restrict our “freedoms” was utterly oxymoronic. And they refuse to acknowledge it. That’s why they (Keegan + Bedore) arent working at any national level for ESPN or SportsIllustrated, etc… Been in the game decades longer than Newell or Tait, yet stuck in small town America, while Newell + Tait ROUTINELY spit out way better work. Cant say this any more bluntly without getting small-town-Okie (profane) about it…

  • @ralster , I’m sticking up for the LJW guys. Yes, Newell and Tait are great, but Bedore has been churning out decent copy for a long time, and Keegan is the Sports Editor so he is reponsible for bringing in and keeping the talent we appreciate.

    Bedore has tweeted for years his personal distaste for anonymous Internet posting. As for the others, you have to remember that the LJW has an owner who rumor says is not easy to work for.

    How about we buy the paper and change the policy? Anyone know how much that would cost?

  • Agreed Paris, lots of the LJW sportswriters have periodically made comments about anonymous posting for years. I do agree with ralster that Bedore’s reasons don’t hold water. But at least he has been consistent.

    I really don’t think the sports guys had any say in this decision. It was made high up in The World organization, and I suspect our guys have had to toe the party line. I’d really like to visit Lawrence, track one of them down, and have a frank discussion over beers to see what they really think.

    But here’s some wild-ass speculation. Tait has done the last 2 basketball chats, and some new guy is doing the football chat right now. I propose that Jesse got so fed up with how the new LJW policy has destroyed the commentary that he made a fuss to his employer and they took away his chat, relegating him to some dark corner in the LJW dungeon without internet access.

  • Every time I see that photo at the top I think somebody needs to teach Jamari how to make a better fake smile. Too much vertical, not enough horizontal, to look natural and sincere.

  • Tait just said on the live chat that Jesse took a new job. Last day’s tomorrow.

    Supports my wild-ass speculation above.

  • I emailed Jesse. He said he accepted the KU beat writer position at the Topeka Capital-Journal. Starts Thursday. Probably just a better gig. I might have to start reading there, too.

  • Bummer

  • Wow… That is not a good sign. The Cap-Journal is not known for its sports section.

    Agree, that it may now be necessary to check out occasionally. Jesse may make the sports section relevant.

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