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    Same size but much faster than the Rams.

    collage.jpg Kurt, Estes and Ernie Famous Alums. I left out Peyton and Reggie White.

  • @wrwlumpy They have one of the best fight songs out there, Rocky Top!

  • Love Rocky Top song that I’ve sung for years, but I doubted it’s the volunteer fight song.

  • they are not a good team but will play Zone D so our shooting from outside must be good again or they will try and grind us into a low scoring game. If we can force them to M2M somehow that would be ideal.

  • @BeddieKU23 a pretty early game for us too.

  • If we can shoot 3 like yesterday and feed Cliff and Perry, we’ll be ok. Our defense was the best I’ve seen this year. Of course there were no opposing giants.

  • @wrwlumpy Let’s try this, if we can hit the threes like yesterday and get the ball in good spots for Ellis and Cliff inside, we’ll be fine for the rest of the season.

    Anyone notice that Self isn’t giving the quick hook for missed threes? That seems a big change in my opinion.

  • Most telling stats of the game: 2pt. FG: 47.2%, 3pt FG: 47.1%

  • @HighEliteMajor Absolutely have noticed. Only a couple of guys are looking over their shoulders when they screw up. Landon is one of them but sure am glad to see him getting some minutes. Not as quick with the footwork as I’d like to see, but maybe the stress fracture is still holding him back. Guys his size are invaluable to set picks for shooters & deadly on the P & R. Still holding hope we can get more from Mickelson. We have some really good assist players & am all for “dancing with the girl that brung ya’.” Pert near tip time. RCJHGOKU !!

  • We look so much better than we did last year at this point. Our guys aren’t even close to what they can be either.

  • Loved the 8 three pointers. Green lights and no benching has really helped. Case in point, Mason shooting and hitting a 3 with less than a minute to play. Playing 3 games in four days explains Svi and Greene alternating minutes and both played great. PERRY IS THE MAN!!!

  • @hawkster88 Totally agree on both points. Makes you feel good about the prospects for this year.

  • Keep gellin’!

    It feels like they are getting a bit better-- running sets… crisp, opportunistic passing. I think they are getting to the point where they can manufacture points by running their stuff.

    But let’s not fool ourselves… these two teams were not the caliber of teams we’ll see in the top half of the B12, and not nearly as familiar with our ‘stuff’. The shooting % from 3pt range is very encouraging. Alexander’s improvement is most encouraging.

    Even if Oubre takes some time to develop, if we have Alexander playing solid and Svi growing in confidence and shooting potency, we can be a contender for the B12 again.

  • Xander was an animal. He’s going to quickly become a matchup problem for most teams (still thinking about Greasy Cal’s team - man I really dislike that guy) especially with Perry stretching the floor the way he’s been. The question and key will be “can Perry consistently” do this.

    Did I mention I hate KY…?

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